101 Best Bird Tattoo Designs 2022

Tattoos of birds flying bird tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are a number of reasons why people may choose to get a tattoo of a bird flying. For some, it may represent the freedom of flight and the beauty of nature. Others may see it as a symbol of hope or courage, as birds are often associated with these qualities. Whatever the meaning behind it, a tattoo of a bird flying can be both beautiful and personal. If you are considering getting a tattoo of a bird flying, be sure to do your research and choose an artist who you trust to create a stunning and meaningful design.

Placement- Where you should get this design inked

Bird tattoos are usually on wrist bones or ankles but sometimes people want to place these under their shoulders as well as under their ears and under their ear. It’s your responsibility. Nevertheless, if you choose spots easily visible, you will have the ability to be seen easily. Also you may see and be impressed. This reminds us to always be positive and be passionate about love. Humans are wonderful, and when fed with optimism you are happy and satisfied. Choose a place wisely. Choose an easy spot to hide. Tattoo can’t be uncovered without makeup. Just to inform you about this.

1. Gorgeous Peacock

Peacocks are colorful, exotic and very beautiful. This is a must when looking for bright designs. The peacock is highly loved by other birds because of its distinctive appearance. It’s certainly an impressive design. Some people want to put larger peacocks in ribcages while others prefer smaller ones in ankles. It is advisable for people to put a tattoo on their body to enhance their beauty. Peacocks are animals admired for their beauty. It’s like dancing with a woman in her feathers. This represents trust, freedom, knowing, empathy and kindness.


2. Bird of Paradise Tattoo

The bird of heaven tattoo seems to portray an exotic tropical animal but is actually related to a flower. Often referred to in their nicknames, the Strelitzia can create stunning body art because of its colors as well as their symbols. The piece can be missed with vivid shades, but most people like it because it’s associated with beauty and fertility. Alternatively, the ink may be used to honour the passing of the deceased. Besides pictures of birds, it is possible to incorporate a number of other pictures as well.


3. Bird on a Wire

These three silhouette birds are sitting on a wire. It’s a different image if you want something like that.


4. Geometric Designs

This is an unusual design as it appears as if the bird is dead in the design. There could be some meaning behind the design, but it’s unusual nonetheless.


5. Blue Birds

These stunning birds look great together; the color is dazzling.


6. Crazy Crow

An unusual design that has a crow trapped within some puzzle pieces.


7. Tree of Life

In this tattoo design, there are birds flying away from the tree of life.


8. Flying Away

Birds flying is symbolic of life transferring to another place. This tattoo could be about remembering a loved one passing away. The personal message is also a nice touch.


9. The Hummingbird

A sleeve design that has the hummingbird as a focal point.


10. The Owl

This owl looks like an abstract painting; even the one eye is just a screw. It’s an unusual design with a lot of colors.


11. Toucan Sam

If you like Toucan’s, then you are sure to love this colorful design. The bright colors are the best part of the design.


12. Unique Birds

I cannot say enough good things about this unique tattoo design. It’s original and creative and the colors just blow you away.


13. Birds in a Line

These four birds are flying together in a line. It’s a unique design that is a simple creature.


14. Geometric Bird

This insane design is really remarkable. If you want a really cool tattoo design that is going to make people speechless than look no further than this tattoo. It’s amazing in detail and doesn’t require any color.


15. Colorful Peacock

This beautiful peacock looks amazing in all the bright colors. It’s a large tattoo if that’s what you’re looking for.


16. Eagle Tattoo design

Bird tattoos are most popular amongst men. These birds have some masculine qualities. Its symbolism has also appeared on our flag. When a bird is etched onto your ribs, you are reminded that there is a chance to achieve your dreams. This reminder will help you achieve more of the goals in your life every day as you progress. It signifies courage, courage, power. Zues had an eagle working for him. It’s an observant bird that fights for the stuff they’re in. Others have a clue of the danger of not harming the eagle.


17. Jeweled Owl

A great owl with a lot of detail. The colors are extraordinary, and it is personalized with a name.


18. Mysterious Image

This image of the woods is a little creepy, something you might imagine seeing in a horror movie. Between the forest and the flying birds it gives you a strange feeling.


19. Birds of a Feather

These birds are literally coming apart from feathers. It’s a creative design for someone who is looking for something different. I love the beautiful design because of it’s originality.


20. A Sparrow

This sparrow fits nicely on the foot.


21. Flying Phoenix

Another example of a phoenix tattoo, this one looks as if it’s ready for flight.


22. Bird Scratches

A simple design that is made up of a few scratches. A simple design for someone who wants a small tattoo.


23. Raven or Crow Tattoo design

Body art is a highly regarded art form which has gothic qualities. Gothic youth or people who love to remain secret usually have these tattoos done. It means that mysteries are important in ravens and crows. It’s mostly a dark symbol that signifies death. According to Greek mythology the Ravens are messengers of the gods to humans. Aside from dark touches this is also accompanied by some interesting items. It represents intellect and a way of communication. These are extremely powerful functions.


24. Beautiful Birds

These beautiful birds look great together amongst the flowers.


25. Origami Birds

These birds appear as if they might be kites flying in the wind. They are great designs if you are looking for something different.


26. Blue Bird 

This stunning blue bird has an old-fashioned feeling to it. A great design for the shoulder.


27. Four Birds

A simple design and yet a beautiful one.


28. Shoulder Birds

This is a great tattoo design for the shoulder as it just sits nicely on top. A small tattoo but a beautiful one.


29. Detailed Bird

I love this sketch of the bird as it doesn’t even look like a tattoo. There is a lot of detail to the design which makes for a great tattoo.


30. Stunning Painting

I love these splattered designs because they resemble splotches of paint. The colors are always amazing as well.


31. Like a Drawing

This drawing of a bird was made into a tattoo. There is an amazing detail to it and makes a great sleeve.


32. Bird in a Cage

These great designs look great for the thigh, especially when you add in the great color.


33. Sprinkling Feather

A detailed feather with some birds flying out of the feather. It’s an original design that you are sure to love.


34. Neck Birds

Multiple birds are flying around the back of the neck. I love these designs they are unique.


35. Bird Geometrics

Another really cool looking geometric tattoo. The symbols and shapes go really well with the bird design.


36. Making Their Way

These birds are flying up and down throughout the sky.


37. Small bird tattoo

The only thing that makes you feel good about a tattoo is the small tattoo! The wonderful thing with the small pieces is you’re not restricted to where you can have it – anywhere on the wrists and in the chest. Typically smaller designs also are less revealing and can hide tattoos to keep them hidden. This will work well for a very simple product and will appeal equally if you are looking for a separate design. A few advantages include being less painful and less requiring short-term tattoos.


38. Wings Spread

This small tattoo design could be symbolic of spreading your wings through life.


39. On the Wrist

An elegant design with the birds flying along the wrist in a loop.


40. Friends Together

This tattoo could be representing friendship when two people get together.


41. Floral Design

A stunning tattoo of a bird with a floral design on the inside. It’s a unique way of representing many passions.


42. Owl Designs

An unusual owl design but a creative tattoo.


43. Howling Birds

A unique design that has a wolf howling and birds coming out. It’s a beautiful image for someone who enjoys animals.


44. Splashes of Origami

Another example of the paint splashes design that I love. These birds are origami images and the colors really make the tattoo stand out.


45. Like a Painting

I love this design because it doesn’t look anything like a tattoo, which makes it truly unique.


46. A Statement of Freedom

This tattoo is all about freedom and what better animal to represent that than a bird?


47. Owl in a Mirror

A small design of an owl inside a mirror.


48. Looking Away

These birds have their eye on something, is it good or bad?


49. A Bird Sitting

A simple design for the wrist, a bird sitting.


50. Flying on the Wrist

A great tattoo design if you are looking for something small.


51. Shoulder Crow

A very dark and mysterious design. You have to love it as it would be impossible to cover up. I love how the wing goes the whole length of the arm.


52. Bird Silhouette Tattoo

Many dream of going up the sky with flying equipment. It is because birds tattoos are very popular, so it’s possible that many designs will be different for each person. Choosing bird silhouettes is a fantastic option for the person seeking simple tattoos that are flexible in design and interpretation. Without naming any particular species, the story is broader than it is and often links spirituality and immortality. Body art is a fantastic conversation starter, so be prepared for a place that is obvious for people who are interested.


53. A Colorful Flock

The great thing about this flock of birds is the color choice. It really stands out compared to the black designs. I love how the color changes as well.


54. Neck Bird

This bird design looks amazing on the back of the neck.


55. Shoulder Designs

These flying birds look great on the front of the shoulder and collarbone area. It’s an amazing design.


56. They Come Together

A stylish tattoo design that is only complete when your hands are together. A  truly original design.


57. Bird Sleeve

This sleeve design has a bird amongst the branches. You even get to see some fruit.


58. Flying the Back

A stunning design that has birds flying across the girls back. I love the design because it speaks of freedom.


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59. A Robin

A large bird that has a lot of detail. It’s a great overall design.


60. A Bird’s Eye View

This is a very unusual design that obviously has a message behind it. I love the bird on the eye of the girl. The rest of the design elements tell their own story. What story does it tell you?


61. Bird in Pieces

A four-piece bird image that has the ability to give me the creeps.


62. Multiple Bird Tattoo Designs

There are two different bird tattoos on the body. The owl design is rather large and bright. The eyes of the owl look like headlights. The other bird design is much smaller in front of a red sun.


63. A Personal Message

A sunflower with a message as well as some birds with a message.


64. Twisted Crow

This crow has a twisted neck, one that has an unusual angle.


65. Small Tattoo

A small tattoo that sits alongside the waistline, a sweet design.


66. Patchwork Art

This amazing design looks like patchwork art. The colors are quite beautiful together.


67. Stunning Creation

A rather large design that takes up the entire upper half of the arm. There are many different colors involved that look amazing.


68. Painted On

Stunning pictures that look like pieces of art. The colors are quite incredible, and it looks like a smudge design with paint.


69. Outlines for Birds

A simple outline of a bird for your hand.


70. Abstract Art

This bird’s wings are fluttering like crazy as if the bird is trying to get away as fast as possible. The colors are bright and beautiful, an amazing design. It’s a large tattoo on the chest and the tattoo us incredible.


71. Free Birds

On the one hand there is an open cage and on the other is birds flying free.


72. Soaring Bird

One single bird is soaring across her arm.


73. Unique Owl

This amazing owl design is large and very striking. The eyes are mesmerizing and look as if it might be out of a Wizards book.


Parrot Tattoo design

It’s an excellent tattooing idea. I am a talker so I wanted to let everyone I met know it was the perfect idea. The only animal to speak to you is extremely interesting and cools the animals even more. Because parrots are colorful animals you should ask the tattoo artist for a new idea. Add some colorful accessories to it to make it more attractive. Meaning: Parrot means playful, funny, friendly, and happy. You’re a Pet Friendly. Some say they’re rebels like pirates. This helps explain similarities between names.

Little birds flying away Tattoos

These tattoos are minimalist and cute. The bird is normally carried on a wrist because it is tiny. Especially in young girls. All in one easy thing. Birds flying with complete liberty are inscribed in black ink. Meaning The design shows that the wearer can explore all aspects of life freely, just like bird flying, without any regard to the environment. These tattoos carry personal messages. This reminds me of the death of someone you love because the birds will disappear. They leave you curious and intrigued.


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