1,000s of board game prices slashed for Prime Day — from $1

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Board games are the great equalizer when it comes to entertainment because at least everyone has played some version of Monopoly at one time, which prepares them for almost any other board game. Even better, they’re a great option for staying away from electronics and screens, especially for kids, and if the power ever goes out, you’ll still have something to occupy your time. With so much going for them, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of board games to choose from, ranging from the simple to the incredibly complex, and in almost any theme you can think of. For example, even Monopoly has themes ranging from Game of Thrones to anything you can think of.

Of course, not all board games are cheap, and if you’re buying one, you’ll probably want to buy several. Luckily, Amazon is having a huge sale on thousands of board games right now, and you can pick up some great games relatively cheap. Although we’ve collected some of our favorite deals here, it’s worth checking out the full sale using the button below; We’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

Why you should shop Amazon’s board game deals

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is an Amazon board games sale On Large scale, It absolutely is, and there’s something for everyone. if you like great people monopoly, battleshipOr Signal, you will find it. There are also alternative versions

, For example. Or, for Middle Earth fans, there’s always


But hardcore board game fans want something new and unique. Don’t worry, that’s also available in abundance.



All are here – and many versions of them. You may also be interested in games like

Marked down from $11 to $44 – normally $55.

One game in particular that caught our attention, although not necessarily popular, is from Hasbro and Avalon Hill

, it’s a discount on time baldur’s gate 3 Recently released behind us. Normally $56, the board game version is just $41 right now – saving you about $15. It’s a narrative board game with endless replayability that takes you away from your desktop or PS5, wherever you are playing Baldur’s Gate these days.

Seriously, we could keep waxing poetic about all the games included in this sale.




, they are all here. Go see for yourself, especially if there’s a board game you’ve been wanting for a while but were waiting for a big sale like this to buy.

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