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100 Jesus Tattoos for Those Who Have Faith (2022)

Jesus Tattoos


Tattoos can be of anything, but choosing a meaningful design will ensure you have no regrets. Those who are devoted to their faith and want to honor their relationship with God can do this with body art that involves religious imagery. One of the most popular choices is of Jesus Christ because he is, to many, a symbol of unconditional love and sacrifice. Your piece could include several images, including Jesus and a lamb, the Virgin Mary, quotes and Bible verses, and a cross. Each design is open to interpretation, letting the wearer express themselves. Your inking could bring you comfort, give you hope, and remind you to focus on being a good and kind person. Below are some of the best Jesus tattoos to inspire your next design.


1. Jesus Arm Tattoo

The arm is a fantastic location for body art for several reasons; these include the visibility and versatility of the location. There is a large area to get inked, with some places more visible than others; for example, the forearm is easier to show off a design, whereas you can hide the upper arm better. In addition, arm tattoos are also considered low to moderate on the tattoo pain chart scale because of thick skin, muscle, and fat. This could be the ultimate spot if you have a meaningful tattoo in mind.


Jesus Arm Tattoo


Jesus Arm Tattoo


2. Jesus Cross Tattoo

Getting an image of Jesus Christ accompanied by a cross is a symbolic choice. This appealing design involves several themes for Christians devoted to their faith, including love and sacrifice. The cross is where Jesus died, which many believe to be for the good of humankind and to atone for their sins. Your ink can remind you to live life well and focus on being a good and kind person. Or it could be to honor your relationship with God and how you value your faith. There are many interpretations for what this artwork means and how it can make a powerful statement.


Jesus Cross Tattoo


Jesus Cross Tattoo


3. Jesus Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is ideal for body art that you want to see every day. The lower arm is more visible than the upper arm and allows you to show it off easily, but it can still be covered with clothing when you want to hide your inking. The area is also not considered high on the tattoo pain chart scale and is large enough that you are not restricted with your design. This could be of Jesus carrying a cross or could include a Bible verse that moves you. It is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to this location, and forearm tattoos are excellent for meaningful pieces.


Jesus Forearm Tattoo


Jesus Forearm Tattoo 1


4. Jesus Hand Tattoo

The hand is a controversial placement for body art, once reserved for those on the fringes of society. This is because of the visibility, and it is hard to cover hand tattoos. Although this is an ideal location for a piece you want the world to see and can be looked at all the time as a reminder of its importance, it is also restrictive. Designs here will hurt because of the thin skin, lack of muscle, and proximity to bone. The hand is also a sensitive area because of the high concentration of nerve-endings. In addition, tattoos here fade fast because of the exposure and frequency of use.


Jesus Hand Tattoo


Jesus Hand Tattoo1


5. Jesus Crucified Tattoo

The image of Jesus Christ nailed to a cross will evoke emotions. It can make a powerful statement, and it is rich in symbolism. Those devoted to their faith will know that Jesus was nailed to the cross and left to die, but his death is also marked by a celebration of his unconditional love and sacrifice for humanity. A tattoo of Jesus’ crucifixion can be interpreted in many ways and can also represent death, punishment, and pain. You may be inspired to include a Bible verse that accurately sums up your feelings to add to the overall meaning.


Jesus Crucified Tattoo 2


Jesus Crucified Tattoo


6. Jesus Heart Tattoo

Another image that is often associated with Jesus Christ is the heart. A heart tattoo is universally recognized as a symbol of love, but it also represents devotion and faithfulness in this instance. Your design could be of the sacred heart, or it could be a combination of Jesus and an anatomical image of a heart; this could show how his undying love and selflessness have bettered your life. This is a deeply personal tattoo, and the location of where you get this inked can reflect that; perhaps you want to get it tattooed over your heart or prefer somewhere visible like the wrist, where you can look at it every day.


Jesus And Heart Tattoo1


Jesus Heart Tattoo


7. Jesus Face Tattoo

The image of Jesus is recognizable to those who believe in him and many of those who do not. For the devoted, getting inked with an image of his likeness can be an incredibly meaningful choice, and a great design would be a portrait. Portrait artwork is detailed and realistic and is a highly-skilled style to choose; for this reason, it is essential that you work with a tattoo artist who specializes in portrait tattoos so that they can do your piece justice. Your artwork will need to be placed somewhere large enough to allow for detailing, like the arm, thigh, or back.


Jesus Face Tattoo


Jesus Face Tattoo 1


8. Jesus Fish Tattoo

To show your devotion to your faith and make a comment about your thoughts and feelings toward it, consider a Christian fish design. In the Bible, there is a story of how Jesus Christ, the son of God, could feed many with just two fish and five loaves of bread. The image of a fish is associated with Jesus, and your inking can be open to interpretation of exactly what it means. The simple symbol can be placed anywhere on the body as it does not require detail and therefore can be inked small. Some people also choose to add to their design, including the word Jesus, or adding other imagery alongside it; the choice is yours.


Jesus Fish Tattoo 1


Jesus Fish Tattoo


9. Jesus Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are a popular placement for men and women because they are one of the body’s most flattering parts. It is an area that many people want to draw attention to. Still, it is also appealing because it provides enough space for a decent-sized design, including one with detailing, and can be easily covered up and shown off when you want. The area is also low to moderate on the tattoo pain chart scale, although the closer you ink toward the shoulder blade, the more pain you will experience because of the proximity to bone. The shoulder is also less likely to stretch, ensuring your design ages well. If you are looking for a versatile location for your Jesus tattoo, this could be it.


Jesus Shoulder Tattoo


Jesus Shoulder Tattoo


10. Jesus Lion Tattoo

The lion is often inked alongside an image of Jesus for several reasons; for some, the lion is a majestic animal associated with bravery and power. It is considered the king of the animal kingdom, which could symbolize God. The animal could also represent qualities that you aspire to have. Another reason is that the lion is mentioned several times in the Bible, and your inking could be a nod to the particular psalm that moves you. The design is often deeply personal and open to interpretation with body art.


Jesus Lion Tattoo


Jesus Lion Tattoo


11. Jesus Carrying Cross Tattoo

Jesus Christ and the imagery of the cross have been used in many different ways. While he is often depicted as being crucified on the cross, an alternative design could see him carrying it. Again, this piece is rich in meaning and can be open to interpretation, but it is generally associated with trust in God. Your tattoo would represent this, as well as be a reminder that you are strong and can face the issues in your life, or that you have a responsibility to follow through with something. Jesus is a symbol of the divine but also unconditional love and sacrifice. Your inking can also be a celebration of your unwavering faith.


Jesus Carrying Cross Tattoo


Jesus Carrying Cross Tattoo


12. Jesus Back Tattoo

The back provides one of the best locations for body art because it is a large area. This gives you the freedom to create the design of your choosing, including ones with multiple images and a lot of detail. Back tattoos can be easily covered up and are only shown on your terms. This makes revealing them a more intimate and special process and, in some ways, makes your artwork more for you than for anyone else. The back is moderate on the tattoo pain chart scale thanks to the thick skin, muscle, and fat, which provide cushioning. That said, if you ink toward the spine or hip bone, you will experience discomfort. The back is not susceptible to stretching like other areas on the body and is also not constantly exposed to the sunlight. This will ensure your ink ages well.


Jesus Back Tattoo 1


Jesus Back Tattoo


13. Jesus Tattoo Sleeve

A sleeve tattoo is a fantastic choice for someone who wants to make a statement with their body art. Sleeves cover the entire arm, stopping at the wrist. They are incredibly detailed, and the combination of several images makes for a striking and creative design. These pieces can be of anything, but they work best when designed around a specific theme. In this case, that would be religious imagery. This can include images of Jesus Christ, a cross, a Bible verse, and much more. Work with your chosen tattoo artist to find a design that you will be proud to show off. The downside is that these tattoos are expensive and time-consuming to complete, although you will likely find this is worth it.


Jesus Sleeve Tattoo


Jesus Sleeve Tattoo 2


14. Jesus Half Sleeve Tattoo

A half sleeve tattoo is ideal for those who like the idea of the sleeve but are not ready to commit to covering their entire arm in body art. It is still an incredibly creative piece but will not take as long to complete nor be as expensive as a full sleeve. In addition, the half sleeve is also much more versatile and can be covered up easily or shown off when you want. As the name suggests, this tattoo covers half the arm, which can be from the top to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist; the top half of the arm is a better choice if you want to keep your ink hidden.


Jesus Half Sleeve Tattoo


Jesus Half Sleeve Tattoo 1


15. Jesus Chest Tattoo

The chest is a location that should be reserved for body art that means something to you. This is because it is an area that can cause extreme discomfort to get inked because of the sensitivity, thin skin, and proximity to bone. That said, an image of Jesus tattooed over your chest is a way to keep him close to your heart at all times. This is a wonderful reminder of what is important to you and your faith’s role in your life. You can also easily cover your chest tattoo, making it ideal for those who want to keep their ink hidden.


Jesus Chest Tattoo


Jesus Chest Tattoo1


16. Jesus Tattoo On Thigh

Thigh tattoos are ideal for men and women because they are extremely versatile. The area is low on the pain scale as the thick skin, muscle, and fat provide cushioning. This makes it an appealing placement because you can get inked with little discomfort, and there is enough space for larger, more detailed designs. The thigh is also easy to cover, and you can show it off when you want. Placement is just as important as your choice of tattoo, and this is a great one for several reasons.


Jesus Tattoo On Thigh


Jesus Tattoo On Thigh 1


17. Jesus Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

When Jesus was crucified, he was made to wear a crown of thorns. This was to cause him immense pain but also to mock him. When getting inked with an image of Jesus Christ, many people choose to include this crown because of the symbolism associated with it. The crown is symbolic of pain, suffering, sin, and sadness. It reminds us how badly people can treat each other, but you can choose how you react to this. There are many meanings associated with the crown of thorns, but the important thing about tattoos is they should reflect your thoughts and feelings or be a way to express yourself.


Jesus Crown Of Thorns Tattoo


Jesus Crown Of Thorns Tattoo 1


18. Jesus Malverde Tattoo

Although there is much uncertainty regarding the details of his life, Jesús Malverde is a celebrated figure. Born on Dec. 24, 1870, in Sinaloa, Mexico, this man is not the son of God, but he has inspired many individuals who have gotten a tattoo in honor of him. He is also the subject of folklore in Sinaloa and is believed to have helped the poor by robbing the rich. For some, he represents good luck and protection, among other things.


Jesus Malverde Tattoo 1


Jesus Malverde Tattoo1


19. Black Jesus Tattoo

Body art can also be controversial and encourage necessary and important conversations, even if some people are uncomfortable having them. For starters, the question about Jesus Christ’s race and appearance is a hotly debated topic that is unlikely to be settled any time soon. To many, Jesus represents the divine, sacrifice, love, and devotion, and each believer can have a different interpretation of the physical characteristics that he has. If you believe he was a black man, then you can portay him in this way. 


Black Jesus Tattoo


Black Jesus Tattoo


20. Small Jesus Tattoos

Small tattoos can be just as meaningful as large and detailed designs, especially when the subject matter inspires you. Tattoos of Jesus Christ make a statement and can be a way to share your thoughts and feelings about your faith with the world; or as a reminder to yourself. When opting for a small piece, try to keep it simple and avoid too much detail so that it does not look squashed. Images can include a cross, Jesus’ face, or even a silhouette. Smaller designs are also cheaper and will not hurt as much. Plus, you get to pick anywhere on the body to get them inked, including the finger or back of the neck.


Small Jesus Tattoos 1


Small Jesus Tattoos


21. Jesus Name Tattoo

If you prefer a more simple approach to body art, a good choice would be to get a name tattoo. Writing out the name, “Jesus” can be incredibly special to the wearer, and it can be created in various sizes, depending on your preference. If you want something small and discreet, the wrist is a great location, or if you want the word to be large, then the back or on the chest is ideal. There are also several fonts to choose from, allowing you to tailor your inking. You can also add imagery to the name tattoo, including a cross or a heart.


Jesus Name Tattoo


Jesus Name Tattoo 1


22. Jesus Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are reserved for designs that you want to show off. Traditionally, this location has been favored by tough guys and criminals, and body art here is often frowned upon. This is because of its visibility, which is the appeal to some but the downside to others as tattoos still carry a stigma and are deemed inappropriate in some work environments. If you want a piece that stands out and makes a statement then, this is it, but ink here will hurt. This is because of the general sensitivity of the neck and the thin skin, and lack of muscle and fat.


Jesus Neck Tattoo


Jesus Neck Tattoo


23. Sacred Heart Of Jesus Tattoo

The sacred heart is a symbol associated with Jesus Christ and is an ideal tattoo for someone who wants to show devotion to their faith. The heart also represents eternal love and the suffering and sacrifice that Jesus made to atone for the sins of mankind. It features a heart with flames and is surrounded by a crown of thorns, with a cross on its top, and often something piercing through it; sometimes this is a dagger, others use an arrow. The inking could also show blood, which is symbolic of pain. This is a design that makes a statement about your thoughts and feelings. You can get it tattooed in color or black ink, depending on your preference.


Sacred Heart Tattoo


Sacred Heart Tattoo


24. Simple Jesus Cross Tattoo

Simple tattoos are great for those who prefer to focus on the meaning associated with their piece rather than the design itself. It also appeals to those who prefer a minimalistic approach and want a versatile tattoo that can be inked anywhere on the body. Your chosen design can be of anything; a cross, a fish, the name Jesus, or a silhouette. That said, the cross is the most popular symbol because it is just two intersecting lines yet has so much symbolism associated with it. The lack of detail that simple artwork has will make them faster to complete and often cheaper. Depending on your preference, you can also get them done, small or large.


Simple Jesus Cross Tattoo


Simple Jesus Cross Tattoo


25. Jesus 3D Tattoo

The 3D tattoo technique is incredibly detailed and will make for a striking piece. The extra dimension used for your tattoo will bring it to life, making it hyperrealistic. To do a 3D tattoo well takes a lot of time and skill, and for the best results, you should work with a tattoo artist who specializes in this technique. You can get it done of anything, but an image of Jesus Christ is a good choice. Your piece will also be time-consuming to complete and come with a higher price tag. You should pick a significant placement to allow for the detail required.


Jesus 3d Tattoo


Jesus 3d Tattoo


26. Jesus Statue Tattoo

Statues are often associated with the divine or could celebrate a person or event. A statue tattoo in Jesus’ honor is another popular choice for body art. Your piece could be to honor your faith and your relationship with God or Jesus. It can show that you are dedicated to your worship or demonstrate how the arts have inspired you. Statues are also associated with protection, and a statue of Jesus could be seen to watch over humanity. It may also encourage you to live a good life and be accountable for your actions, as they are being watched. There are many interpretations, allowing you to find the one that best suits your thoughts and feelings.


Jesus Statue Tattoo 1


Jesus Statue Tattoo


27. Jesus Rib Cage Tattoo

A rib cage tattoo should be reserved for designs that mean a lot to you because this location is one of the most painful to get inked. The thin skin and proximity to bone make tattooing the rib cage high on the tattoo pain chart scale; it is also not advisable as your first tattoo. There are a lot of pros to the placement, though, including the versatility. The area is large enough to get inked with a detailed design, but small pieces look just as great here. It is also easy to cover up and an excellent place for a meaningful design, like Jesus, because it is close to your heart.


Jesus Rib Cage Tattoo (1)


Jesus Rib Cage Tattoo1


28. Jesus Crown Tattoo

Christians consider Jesus to be a king. He is seated at the right hand of God and is powerful and divine. It is not surprising that the image of Jesus can be accompanied by a crown, which can reflect your thoughts and feelings on the matter of Christ the King. The crown can also be depicted as a crown of thorns linked to the pain and suffering Jesus went through during his crucifixion. Crown tattoos are associated with power, glory, self-control, and royalty. Getting this design inked onto your skin could honor your relationship with Jesus. Or it could be because you place your faith above all else. There are various interpretations, making your piece a thought-provoking and interesting tattoo.


Jesus Crown Tattoo


Jesus Crown Tattoo 1


29. Jesus Wrist Tattoo

If you are looking for a placement for your tattoo that you can see every day, the wrist is the ideal location. Wrist tattoos are great because they offer versatility, allowing you to ink something meaningful and remind yourself why you chose this design every day. It can also be discreet if you opt for the inner wrist. The design of your choosing should be small and simple and could be the name Jesus and a small silhouette of him on a cross. Or you could opt for a larger and more detailed design that spreads upward from your wrist and covers part of the upper arm. The downside is that it can be painful because of the thin skin and proximity to bone.


Jesus Wrist Tattoo


Jesus Wrist Tattoo


30. American Traditional Jesus Tattoo

The American Traditional tattoo technique is bold and unmissable. Initially favored by sailors and those on the fringes of society, the style has become more mainstream. Also referred to as Old School or Western, it is defined by bright colors and thick bold lines. The color palette is limited, usually red, green, yellow, and blue. In addition, this technique is ideal for someone who wants their artwork to stand out and demand attention. It is a different approach to most images of Jesus Christ and can have a rebellious element.


American Traditional Jesus Tattoo 1


American Traditional Jesus Tattoo


31. Jesus And Mary Tattoo

The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and a symbol of love, motherhood, and the divine. Choosing a tattoo that combines her with an image of Jesus Christ can be a comment on faith and devotion. It can also be about purity, family, and immaculate conception. To make your piece more personal, you could also include your favorite Bible verse or accompany it with the name of your own loved one. There are many ways to design this tattoo to make it unique and to reflect your feelings as an individual.


Jesus And Mary Tattoo


Jesus And Mary Tattoo1


32. Jesus Leg Tattoo

The leg is an appealing location for body art because it is low on the tattoo pain chart scale. This is because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat which provide cushioning. That said, some areas on the leg will cause discomfort, including the inner thigh and knee. Leg tattoos also offer a lot of versatility, and you can cover the entire limb with a leg sleeve or keep it small and simple. Another pro to the placement is that it is easy to cover up or show off with ease; this is great for a meaningful piece you are proud of. When deciding on your design, you can get creative by combining several images or including a Bible verse or quote.


Jesus Leg Tattoo


Jesus Leg Tattoo


33. Jesus Wept Tattoo

There is mention of Jesus weeping for Lazarus in the Bible. Although believers can interpret this differently, among the most popular interpretations, including that Jesus Christ was an individual who felt deeply. Although he is the son of God, he can also show his own emotions. He is someone who is compassionate and good and deeply cares about humanity. It is for this reason that he sacrificed himself, and that is why an image of Jesus’ face is associated with unconditional love and devotion. If you are choosing this image for your inking, it could be that you want to remind yourself to be more understanding and caring of others. It may also be to encourage yourself to feel more openly.


Jesus Wept Tattoo


Jesus Wept Tattoo


34. Jesus Anchor Tattoo

Anchor tattoos are associated with strength and resilience. Sailors have used the large metal object to stop vessels from drifting in the current and it represents stability. It is not hard to see why people are drawn to anchor tattoos because of the rich symbolism, but adding religious imagery can alter the meaning and make your design more personal. Many people choose to combine an anchor and a Jesus’ face. Not only does this make for a striking piece, but it is also meaningful and could be because you believe Jesus Christ brings safety and comfort, and you find this in your love for him and faith. Maybe you want to indicate hope, showing that your beliefs make you feel positive and calm. You are on the right path, and this design can remind you of that.


Jesus Anchor Tattoo


Jesus Anchor Tattoo


35. Jesus Praying Tattoo

Depicting Jesus Christ in prayer is a way to honor your faith and show your dedication to it. It shows that God is divine and mighty and that if you trust in him, all else will be taken care of. There are several interpretations for what prayer means, but for most people, it brings hope. It is a way to see them through a bad time, or it offers the opportunity to be thankful for what they have. You can choose to add other imagery to your piece, including a rosary, a cross, or a heart. Each image you include will affect the overall meaning of your design, adding to it and telling a story.


Jesus Praying Tattoo


Jesus Praying Tattoo 1


36. Jesus Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos are popular because they are unique to the wearer. Words can inspire us all in different ways; they can motivate us, encourage us, bring us hope and make us feel safe and loved. Your favorite quote can be taken from anywhere, but you should stick with religious texts when focusing it on Jesus Christ. This could be something that has been written in the Bible, or it could be a piece written about Jesus Christ and how his love has impacted your life. You can write it yourself, or the work of others can inspire you. How long your quote is will determine the placement; if you need more space, the back, rib cage, or thigh are great locations. If it is a short piece, you can opt for the wrist or forearm.


Jesus Quote Tattoo


Jesus Quote Tattoo


37. Jesus Rose Tattoo

Your design may focus on Jesus with a rose, a piece that is rich in symbolism. He wore a crown of thorns during the crucifixion, but the bloom is also associated with his wounds. There are various colors to choose from, with red indicating blood and white representing innocence. In general, rose tattoos are inked because they are associated with the balance between pleasure and pain. They can remind us to guard our hearts or be wary of who we trust. These ideas can also be reflected in your artwork. Adding a rose can also be a great choice if you want colored ink and make for a bright and bold design.


Rose Tattoo


Jesus Rose Tattoo


38. Jesus is King Tattoo

To Christians, Jesus Christ is king. In the kingdom of heaven, he sits on the right side of God, who is the almighty. It is not royalty like kings and queens on earth, but something greater. The interpretation of Jesus as King can mean different things to various people. Choose a design that best reflects your thoughts and feelings by incorporating other images into it, including doves, Jesus, the sun’s rays, and a cross. Each image will add to the overall meaning of your piece, making it more unique.


Jesus Is King Tattoo


Jesus Is King Tattoo


39. Tribal Jesus Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have great importance to the specific culture, with patterns and symbols telling a lot about the wearer. This could be anything from social status to achievements. In modern body art, tribal artwork can be used to honor your heritage, but it has also served as inspiration for a more stylized form of this tattooing, defined by thick black lines. Although most people focus on a series of shapes and patterns with importance, some people may also wish to get an image of Jesus Christ done in this style. It is not the most common approach, but it works for some. The meaning and the decision behind opting for tribal-style is open to your interpretation.


Tribal Jesus Tattoo


Tribal Jesus Tattoo1


40. Jesus Holding Baby Tattoo

There are many images of Mary holding a baby Jesus or St Anthony of Padua holding Christ as a child. These are the most common representations, and this child can represent many things, including love, lessons, and endurance. This is open to interpretation depending on your understanding of the scriptures. You may also opt for an image of Jesus Christ holding a child, which could again represent love and innocence, and goodness. It could signify that you are a true and devoted follower. It may also be inked as a memorial piece for a loved one you have lost, and find it brings you comfort to know they are in Heaven.


Baby Jesus Tattoo


Baby Jesus Tattoo


41. Jesus Tattoo Stencil

The minimalist approach to body art is great for those who want something simple but still meaningful. Opting for a stencil or outline of Jesus Christ is a way to convey the meaning associated with your chosen design, but without having to spend hours at the tattoo studio getting it inked. Your piece could be of anything; Jesus on the cross, praying hands, or the outline of Jesus Christ with his arms spread open. Depending on your preference, you can also choose to get it tattooed, big or small.


Jesus Stencil Tattoo


Jesus Stencil Tattoo


42. Jesus and Devil Tattoo

A tattoo that depicts Jesus and the devil is a design that focuses on the battle between good and evil. Jesus represents all that is good with the world, while the devil represents sin and destruction. Your inking could be about finding a balance between these two or overcoming the struggles and temptations that you face in life. This tattoo will make for a thought-provoking piece that can have different interpretations for each person. If your faith plays an important role in your life, this could be a way to show that.


Jesus And Devil Tattoo1


Jesus And Devil Tattoo


43. Jesus and Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos are a popular choice for many people because these celestial beings are associated with goodness, hope, direction, and protection. Angels are messengers from God, and when combined with an image of Jesus Christ, your inking will focus on the religious association. Angels are commonly tattooed for memorial tattoos, honoring someone you have loved and lost. Perhaps your design is a way to bring you comfort, knowing that this person is now with Jesus. Or maybe you view them as your guardian angel, watching from above and helping to keep you safe and guide you.


Jesus And Angel Tattoo 1


Jesus And Angel Tattoo


44. Jesus Stomach Tattoo

For some, a stomach tattoo is an ideal location because the area is large enough that you have space to create a piece that uses a lot of detail. The stomach can also be covered easily, making the placement great for those who want to hide their ink. There is one major reason to be hesitant to get tattooed here, though: the pain. Getting inked on your stomach can be excruciatingly painful, especially for those with slimmer builds. It is a good idea not to choose this spot if this is your first tattoo; get an idea of your pain tolerance before committing to an area known to be high on the tattoo pain chart scale.


Jesus Stomach Tattoo 1


Jesus Stomach Tattoo


45. Jesus Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos appeal to those who want to show off their body art. The location is incredibly visible, making this both a pro and a con; you get to show off a piece that means a lot to you. You can also look at it every day. The downside is that it is hard to cover up artwork here, which can carry a stigma. Although inking your finger can be edgy and cool, it will also hurt because of the thin skin, nerve endings, and proximity to bone. In addition, tattoos fade quickly here because of the frequency of use and exposure.


Jesus Finger Tattoo1


Jesus Finger Tattoo


46. Jesus and Bible Tattoo

Focusing your tattoo on the imagery of Jesus and the Bible will serve as a celebration of your faith. Or it could be a more abstract representation, focusing on the Bible with rays of sunlight, representing God or Jesus Christ. This is an excellent choice for someone who is devoted and feels inspired by the scriptures; alternatively, instead of showing the whole book, you may want to use an image of a page from it. It could also be a way to remind yourself of what is important in your life or how you need to remain on the right path. In addition, you may want to include a quote, giving the piece even more context.


Jesus And Bible Tattoo


Jesus and Bible Tattoo


47. Jesus and Lamb Tattoo

Jesus and the lamb are two symbols often depicted together. It can have a range of interpretations, including that Jesus was given by God to be sacrificed; the lamb is often used for sacrificial purposes. This was done to atone for sin or ask for forgiveness. In contrast, an image of Jesus holding a lamb can show a gentle and loving nature, which he was known for. He was also believed to be free of sin and pure.


Jesus And Lamb Tattoo


Jesus And Lamb Tattoo


48. Jesus and Eye Tattoo

The eye is seen as a symbol of protection and represents God watching over humanity. The all-seeing eye is also associated with guidance. An eye tattoo combined with an image of Jesus Christ will make for a religious design that could remind you to focus on the good and follow a righteous path. It could also bring you comfort, knowing that you are not alone and that there is a higher power. Your inking is a way to honor your faith and show your devotion. If you want to remind yourself of this every day, choose a location that is visible, including the forearm or thigh.


Jesus And Eye Tattoo


Jesus Eye Tattoo


49. Jesus and Light Rays Tattoo

Light rays are associated with God. Light is a symbol of belief, goodness, grace, and the glow of sunlight is often depicted as God watching over the faithful or reminding people that he is there; this can bring religious individuals comfort and solace, knowing there is a higher power to care for them. Jesus Christ is also a symbol of divine and unconditional love and righteousness. Therefore, it is not surprising that these images would be combined, which also adds to the overall meaning of your piece.


Jesus And Light Rays Tattoo


Jesus And Light Rays Tattoo


50. Jesus and Halo Tattoo

The halo featured around the head of Jesus Christ is a symbol of his holiness and divinity. The light radiating from him can also be a sign of hope and God’s grace. Your tattoo can be a nod to the importance of your faith and the role that Jesus plays in your life. It could be a way to honor the sacrifices he made for humanity or serve as a reminder to try and live a life without sin; in the Bible, Jesus sacrifices himself to atone for the sins of humanity. When designing your piece, you can get it inked in color or black. Color may be an excellent choice to make the tattoo pop against the skin. However, color tattoos can be restrictive and do not work well with all skin tones.


Jesus And Halo Tattoo


Jesus And Halo Tattoo



Did Jesus have a tattoo?

The consensus is that Jesus Christ did not have a tattoo. The confusion may be because of a reference made in Revelation 19:16, which states, “And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.” This is open to interpretation, and while some may feel that this is proof that Jesus had a tattoo, others think this does not mean he had literal writings on his leg.

What does a tattoo of Jesus mean?

A tattoo of Jesus Christ represents faith, unconditional love, sacrifice, and hope. It is believed that Jesus died on the cross to atone for the sins of humanity. Getting inked with an image of his likeness is an appealing choice for those devoted to the Bible and its teachings. Your design can also include other religious imagery, including a cross, a sacred heart, or praying hands. You may also wish to add a quote or a Bible verse, personalizing your tattoo and adding to the overall meaning.


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