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100 Inspiring Bee Tattoo Designs For 2022

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Body art is a way to give the world a glimpse into the inner workings of your mind, and a bee tattoo can say a lot about you. The insect represents loyalty, hard work, commitment, and perseverance and is a fantastic choice for anyone who values these qualities. It could be a way to honor a loved one or show your dedication to your family. Or your piece could remind you to stay focused and work toward achieving your dreams, and no goal is too big! There are also many designs to choose from, from bright and bold techniques to minimalist options for those who prefer a simple aesthetic. You can add other images to your bee tattoo to make it more special and unique, whether your favorite flower or quotes and dates. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about bee tattoos.

1. American Traditional Bee Tattoo

The American Traditional tattoo style is bright and bold and guaranteed to make a statement. The technique has a rebellious feel, as it was once favored by tough guys and those on the fringes of society, but for many, this is now part of its appeal. Another attractive thing about this artwork is it’s striking, defined by thick bold lines, a vivid color palette of red, green, yellow, and blue, and minimal shading. These pieces follow a specific theme, including animals, making the bee a fantastic choice. If you want body art that will turn heads, consider getting it somewhere where it can be seen easily. And why wouldn’t you want to show off your bee design? After all, it is a creature associated with loyalty, determination, focus, and commitment.

American Traditional Bee Tattoo 2

American Traditional Bee Tattoo

2. Ankle Bee Tattoo

If you are looking for a discreet placement for your bee design, consider getting an ankle tattoo. The appeal of ink here is that it is easy to cover up but can also be shown off. The area is small, so it lends itself best artwork that is minimalistic or simple, and the bee is the perfect option. For women, the ankle is often seen as one of the most feminine parts of the body and can even be alluring. The downside to ankle tattoos is that they will hurt due to the thin skin and proximity to bone. There is also no fat or muscle to provide cushioning. However, because your ink in this area is small, the discomfort will not be for long.

Ankle Bee Tattoo 2

Ankle Bee Tattoo

3. Arm Bee Tattoo

There is no denying that an arm tattoo is an ideal placement because of its versatility. You can easily show off your design when you want or cover it up. This makes it a fantastic location for those who work in corporate environments or prefer to keep their body art hidden. The arm is low on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle, and the area is large enough that you are not limited with bee designs. This could be a large piece that takes up the entire upper arm or something small and simple, which will have just as much meaning. Your bee tattoo will look great on the arm, and it is not susceptible to stretching. It will also not fade as fast as other placements, like the finger or hand.

Arm Bee Tattoo

Bee Tattoos 67 819x1024

4. Bee Hand Tattoo

It is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to a bee design. This is a symbolic choice, representing loyalty, honor, commitment, and dedication. If you want somewhere you can show off this meaningful tattoo; the hand is an excellent place. That said, hand tattoos are controversial because of their visibility. They are hard to miss, challenging to cover up, and rebellious. The stigma that tattoos carry can result in your piece affecting your job possibilities or the way that society sees you. Still, if you love the idea of non-conformity or feel that the hand is the perfect location because it is edgy and cool, why not get inked here?!

Bee Hand Tattoo 2

Bee Hand Tattoo

5. Bee Underboob Tattoo

One of the most alluring placements for body art is the underboob. The location has become incredibly popular for women to get inked and can be seen as a way to celebrate the female form. You can also work with your tattoo artist to get a design that complements your body shape and curves. An underboob tattoo is located underneath the cleavage, although there is some variation with where to get inked, including the side. This is not a placement that the general public sees every day, which makes showing it off more special and intimate. The downside to ink here is that it is considered painful because of the thin skin and sensitivity of the area. You also need to consider that you will not be able to wear tight clothes or a bra over your tattoo for several days to prevent friction and irritation.

Bee Underboob Tattoo


6. Bee and Bear Tattoo

Bee tattoos do not have to be of only the insect, and you can add them to your design. This helps create a unique piece and adds meaning to it. For example, a bee and bear tattoo is a blend of qualities. The bee is associated with loyalty, determination, and hard work, whereas the bear is an animal that represents power, endurance, and courage. Perhaps you feel that you possess all of these traits? Or your piece is a reminder to try and achieve these things in life. It is also an interesting choice because the bear eats honeycomb and thus could be seen as a negative. Perhaps this is a way to remind yourself not to trust those who could take advantage of you. When deciding on the style, you can opt for something bright and bold, like the American Traditional style, or choose a more realistic approach.

Bee And Bear Tattoo 2

Bee And Bear Tattoo

7. Bee and Honeycomb Tattoo

A product of the bee’s hard work is the honeycomb. A tattoo of both of these things can represent dedication and the rewards that come with it. It can remind you that good things can come for those who work hard and remain focused. It can also indicate the sweetness and goodness that life has. Honeycomb is representative of cooperation, kindness, and teamwork. Not only will your piece be meaningful and unique, but it can also make for a stunning tattoo. You could introduce a geometric element into your ink, creating both the honeycomb and the bee in a geometric tattoo style.

Bee And Honeycomb Tattoo 2

Bee And Honeycomb Tattoo

8. Bee Back Tattoo

If you have a large and detailed design in mind, the back would be one of the best placements. Back tattoos are popular choices for men and women who choose this location because it allows you to experiment with different styles and sizes without restricting your creativity. That said, small pieces look just as great here, so the back is a fantastic spot regardless of your tattoo size. You can easily cover up your ink and show it off when you want. Ink here is also not considered high on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the muscle, fat, and thick skin. However, if your piece covers your spine or hips, this will drastically increase your discomfort.

Bee Back Tattoo

9. Bee Compass Tattoo

A compass is a navigational object representing direction, adventure, and endurance. A compass tattoo is striking and meaningful and looks great on various placements on the body. You can also add to it with other images, including a bee. The pairing makes for an interesting and symbolic piece, combining the qualities of the compass and the insect. Your ink could also indicate a love for nature and adventure. The bee is also sometimes symbolic of good luck, and when paired with a compass, it could offer protection on a journey.

Bee Compass Tattoo

10. Bee Daffodil Tattoo

Bees feed on various species of flowers for nectar and pollen, and the two have a mutualistic relationship. When deciding on a bee tattoo, you can also include an image of your favorite flower. Not only will this make your design more striking and detailed, but it can add to the overall meaning. Daffodils are associated with hope, optimism, and new beginnings and make for a joyous inking. When deciding on the style of your piece, consider a colorful tattoo. Daffodils are brightly colored flowers, and your ink will look fantastic.

Bee Daffodil Tattoo

11. Bee Eye Tattoo

An eye tattoo is associated with mystery, clarity, and protection, and there are multiple ways to design it. If you love bees and the qualities they represent, then you may wish to get creative with your design and combine these two images for a meaningful and striking piece. The combination could suggest that you want to remain focused and keep your sights on what is important in life: loyalty, family, and commitment. The eye can also be used as a symbol to ward off negative energy and safeguard the wearer from those who mean them harm.

Bee Eye Tattoo

12. Bee Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are a popular placement for those who want delicate designs. The finger is a small area, so you are somewhat limited with what you can choose, but a bee will look great here because it lends itself well to simple and minimalistic designs. That said, you should consider the pros and cons of a finger inking, and its visibility can be both the appeal and the drawback. It may be best for those who work in conservative environments to get tattooed somewhere less noticeable. That said, the inner finger is a discreet alternative. The area is also painful because of the thin skin, proximity to bone, and lack of muscle and fat. As cute or cool as finger tattoos are, they do not last long and fade faster than other placements. This is because of the exposure and frequency of use.

Bee Finger Tattoo

13. Bee Flower Tattoo

One of the most common images to get inked alongside a bee is a flower. The reason is that bees and flowers have a mutualistic relationship, both benefiting. It is also a great way to add color to your design or make it more intricate. Flower tattoos are associated with growth, love, and life, and each specific bloom has its symbolism attached to it. When deciding on the perfect flower for your ink, it is a good idea to add your favorite one. Or you could include the bloom with the symbolism or color that appeals to you the most. You can choose a more stylized approach to flowers if you wish for it to serve the purpose of a filler for your piece.

Bee Flower Tattoo 2

Bee Flower Tattoo 3

14. Bee Forearm Tattoo

A forearm tattoo is ideal for a design you want to see every day. The visibility of this placement is its biggest appeal because you can look at your tattoo and remind yourself of why you got it inked in the first place. Bees are symbolic and beautiful, so it is not hard to see why someone would want to get them tattooed where they can show them off. The forearm can also be easily covered up and is large enough to allow for detailing; this makes it a versatile option. In addition, it is one of the least painful placements for body art. This is because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat.

Bee Forearm Tattoo

15. Bee Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are perfect for small designs and can look delicate and feminine or edgy and cool, depending on your chosen piece. This is a versatile placement that can be easily covered up with footwear, but you can also enjoy showing it off with sandals or at the beach. The downside to getting inked here is that it can be painful because of the proximity to bone, thin skin, lack of muscle, and fat. Your piece is also likely to fade faster than other locations because of the friction caused by rubbing against socks and footwear. It is worth remembering that you will not be able to wear shoes while your tattoo is healing, and this is to prevent irritation and infection.

Bee Foot Tattoo 2

Bee Foot Tattoo

16. Bee Half Wreath Tattoo

A half wreath tattoo is a simple but effective design representing power and eternity. It has ties to Ancient Greek and Roman history, where it was worn as crowns by distinguished individuals. The flowers and foliage you choose to include in your piece can also vary, and each bloom has a different meaning. Adding a bee to your wreath will make it look more interesting and complete. You can keep it small and simple or opt for a larger, more detailed design. There are also several styles to choose from, so whether you want something colorful and bright or minimalistic.

Bee Half Wreath Tattoo

17. Bee Heart Tattoo

The heart is a universal symbol of love, and it is a common addition to many tattoos because it can make them look great and add to the overall meaning. Heart tattoos can also represent passion, desire, and courage, and depending on the color you choose to ink, they can take on a different meaning. For example, a black heart is associated with sadness and loss, whereas a pink heart represents friendship and affection. Bees are connected with commitment, dedication, loyalty, and even family, so your bee and heart tattoo could be a way to celebrate the important people in your life.

Bee Heart Tattoo 2

Bee Heart Tattoo 3

Bee Heart Tattoo

18. Bee Lavender Tattoo

Choosing to add flowers to your bee tattoo is a great choice and can make for a more interesting and colorful design. That said, lavender is an excellent addition because bees are attracted to lavender. The flower is associated with devotion and purity and represents femininity and calmness. This could be the perfect inking to celebrate a loved one or your family as it could show how you need them in your life. It could also be a way to honor someone who makes your life better.

Bee Lavender Tattoo 2

Bee Daffodil Tattoo 2

19. Bee Leg Tattoo

Consider a leg tattoo if you are looking for a versatile placement for your bee inking. The leg provides a large area for your design, which can be big and detailed or small and simple; let your creativity and preference be the deciding factor. The leg is also low on the pain scale because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat. That said, the closer toward the knee or inner thigh you ink, the more pain you will experience. Depending on your chosen design, your tattoo can also draw attention to your muscles or work with the legs’ natural curve, which can be incredibly flattering. Cover your body art whenever you want, or show it off; that is the beauty of this spot.

Bee Leg Tattoo

20. Bee Light Bulb Tattoo

The light bulb is often associated with thought and consciousness. It can also be seen as a source of light and positivity. Designing a tattoo with a bee and a light bulb will look great, but it is also deeply symbolic. It could reflect that you feel passionate about the qualities associated with the bee; these are typically loyalty, hard work, dedication, commitment, and family. It could also indicate that you want to focus on goodness and positive energy in your life. In contrast, a broken light bulb represents the end of something; it no longer works and is unimportant. This could be inked to show that you are closing a chapter in your life and focusing on new beginnings.

Bee Light Bulb Tattoo

21. Bee Line Art Tattoo

There are different styles of tattoo to choose from, allowing you to find the piece that best reflects your tastes. The great thing about a bee design is that it can be created in many ways, from photorealistic styles to minimalist approaches. Line art can be detailed or basic but is made with no color and uses little or no shading. If you prefer a simpler look, you can focus on the basic shape of your inking. This could also be faster to complete and often less expensive.

Bee Line Art Tattoo 2

Bee Line Art Tattoo

22. Bee Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are rebellious and edgy. It would help if you gave serious thought to this placement before inking because it is challenging to cover up and highly visible. For some, that is the appeal of this area, but it can also affect your job opportunities or how society views you. This is because tattoos, in general, still have a stigma attached to them, and criminals and gang members often favor this location. That said, the neck is a surprisingly versatile spot for body art, and you can experiment with different placements, for example, to the side or covering the entire neck.

Bee Neck Tattoo

23. Bee Quote Tattoo

If there is something you want to get off your chest or words that have positively impacted your life, a quote tattoo is a fantastic choice. Your quote can be taken from anywhere; it can be from your favorite poem, a song that moves you, or from the Bible if you want to honor your faith. There are many different excerpts to choose from, making your piece more individual and special. If you include a bee in your design, it may be a good idea to find a quote that pairs well with this insect. It could describe the qualities associated with bees, or it could be a play on words, for example, ‘bee’ unique. When deciding on the placement, consider how big your piece will be. Larger body parts like the back or leg are excellent for longer quotes.

Bee Quote Tattoo 3

Bee Quote Tattoo 2

Bee Quote Tattoo

24. Bee Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder provides one of the best locations for body art. It is a flattering area on men’s and women’s bodies. For men, the shoulder is associated with strength, whereas for women, it can be delicate or show the power of the female form. Shoulder tattoos can be covered up easily; they are large enough to allow for detail and not susceptible to stretching. In addition, ink here will not fade quickly as it would on the foot or hand because it is not constantly exposed. It is not high on the pain scale because of thick skin and muscle, although inking on the shoulder blade will cause discomfort.

Bee Shoulder Tattoo 4

Bee Shoulder Tattoo

25. Bee Sisters Tattoo

One of the most important bonds in life is the one you share with your siblings. Your brother or sister can teach you a lot about life; you learn how to share, love, and even fight. If you are close to your sister, you may want to celebrate your relationship with a cute sibling tattoo. Bees are a great choice because they are associated with loyalty and commitment, indicating your dedication to your family. They also represent teamwork and dedication, and perhaps you feel that your life would not be the same without your sister in it. She could be your biggest cheerleader or your greatest confidant. You may also want to get matching ink, and the process of choosing your design together can be an additional bonding experience.

Bee Sisters Tattoos

26. Bee Skull Tattoo

The human skull represents death. This may seem like a dark choice for body art, but a skull tattoo makes for an interesting design that often says a lot about your thoughts. Perhaps you are someone who contemplates the balance between life and death, in which case a bee and skull tattoo is perfect; in contrast to the skull, a bee is often associated with life. Your piece can also comment about how all things end and become a reminder to live life to the fullest. In addition, you can use it as a memorial tattoo, honoring someone who has passed. If you choose this meaning, you may wish to add the date of their death.

Bee Skull Tattoo 2

Bee Skull Tattoo

27. Bee Star Tattoo

Star tattoos are associated with direction, hope, and guidance. Your inking can be simple or detailed, and there are many different ways to design them. The great thing about star body art is that it works well with other imagery, and although this is typically moons and suns, you can include a bee for something different. Your piece can look dreamy and represent mystery and freedom, or it could be focused on family. The nautical star is thought to be a way to find your way home again, while the bee represents family. So, the pairing of these images could be a beautiful and thoughtful way to honor your loved ones.

Bee Star Tattoos

28. Bee Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoo designs are popular for both men and women to get inked because they are symbolic. The sun represents warmth, life, and direction. It can be associated with light and keeping negative energies and darkness away from our lives. Adding a bee to your body art can give your piece added meaning. In addition, both the bee and the sun are brightly colored, so choosing to get tattooed with colored ink is a great choice. It can make a striking statement design that demands attention. As such, your tattoo would look best somewhere visible so you can show it off.

Bee Sun Tattoo 2

Bee Sun Tattoo

29. Bee Sunflower Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo is filled with positivity and hope. The flower represents many things, including devotion, adoration, and everlasting love, and depending on how you choose to include it in your body art; it can take on various meanings. Some people wish for the bloom to reflect their relationship with their faith, and perhaps they see themselves as the bee; hardworking, committed, and dedicated. Your piece could also focus on goodness and how you prefer to look on the bright side of life. In addition, it can honor a loved one or family member and show your appreciation for them being in your life. There are many options for styles, but getting colored ink to show off the brilliant yellow of the piece will give it even more meaning.

Bee Sunflower Tattoo 2

Bee Sunflower Tattoo

30. Bee Tree Tattoo

The bee is connected to hard work, loyalty, and dedication, and it can be combined with several other images to add to its meaning. If you want to focus on a nature theme, an excellent way to do this would be to add a tree. The tree could be one of your choosing, perhaps it is a specific tree that you climbed on during childhood, or maybe you have a favorite camping area filled with pines. In general, tree tattoos represent growth and life and can also be linked to eternity and wisdom. Depending on your design, it could take on several of these meanings.

Bee Tree Tattoo

31. Bee Wreath Tattoo

A wreath can be an interesting addition to your bee tattoo and is often associated with victory and achievement. There are several ways to design it, and you can choose the foliage and flowers or opt for the standard image of a wreath. There is also the choice of including a full or half wreath; although the meaning associated with both of these things is similar, the overall look of your piece will be different. You can add your bee to the center of the wreath to show that you view it as important. Perhaps this is because you value the qualities of hard work and determination above all. Think about the meaning you want your tattoo to have, and then have fun with its creation.

Bee Wreath Tattoo

Bee Wreath Tattoo 2

32. Bee Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are an excellent location for a piece you want to see every day. The appeal of this placement is its visibility, and you can show off your artwork whenever you want. If you opt for a small or cute design, it can also be discreet, especially if inked on the underside of the wrist. Having a bee tattooed here can remind you of the importance of being loyal or committed to those you love. Or it could be a way to inspire you to work hard and achieve your dreams. The downside of a wrist tattoo is that it will hurt because of the thin skin and proximity to bone. That said, because artwork here is usually on a smaller scale, your discomfort should be over quickly.

Bee Wrist Tattoo 2

Bee Wrist Tattoo

33. Bee Behind The Ear Tattoo

Behind the ear tattoos are an excellent location if you want something small and discreet. The placement is so tiny that only minimalist designs look good here, and a bee is a fantastic choice because it can be simplified easily. If you have long hair, this makes the location even less visible and can easily be covered up. The only downside is the pain associated with the spot. In addition to causing pain, the vibrations from the electric tattoo machine can also result in discomfort.

Behind The Ear Bee Tattoo

34. Bumble Bee Tattoo

Like the honeybee, the bumblebee is also rich in symbolism. It is associated with power, duty, optimism, and commitment and is an excellent choice for someone who wants a design that conveys these qualities. The bumblebee is often seen as gentle and good and could be inked as a way to honor someone special in your life. When deciding on your design, there are several styles to choose from, and you can add various imagery to make it more personal and unique. Some people focus on flowers or honeycombs, but you can also add other animals, quotes, or dates.

Bumble Bee Tattoo 3

Bumble Bee Tattoo

35. Cherryblossom Bee Tattoo

The bee is a fascinating insect representing loyalty, commitment, and hard work. There are so many ways to personalize your design, including the flowers you choose to add to it. The cherry blossom is gorgeous and symbolic of life and its impermanence. It is a spectacular sight when the pink flowers bloom, but they only do for such a short time that we often think about how fleeting our existence is. This can make an important comment on the importance of living well and embracing each day. It can also represent love or Japanese pride, a great option if you love the country or want to celebrate your ancestors. Although there is still a stigma attached to body art in Japan, the Japanese tattoo is a popular one, defined by its use of bright colors and bold appearance.

Cheery Blossom Bee Tattoo

36. Colorful Bee Tattoo

Some tattoos just look better in color. If you love bright and bold ink or have a design in mind that would benefit from color, then this is the right choice for you. It can be more noticeable against your skin, but different hues also have symbolism associated with them. For example, yellow represents joy and optimism. Color is an excellent choice for bee body art and will demand attention. It is also great if you add different flowers to your tat. The downside to colored ink is a greater risk of allergic reactions, and it can be more expensive and time-consuming. A colorful tattoo will also fade faster than standard black ink.

Colorful Bee Tattoo

37. Cute Bee Tattoo

Some tattoos are edgy and cool, and others are dainty and cute. The appeal of a bee design is that there are so many ways to create it to suit your personal preference. This could include opting for a cartoonish approach, adding bright or bold colors, or keeping it simple and focusing on the basic form. Get creative with how you wish to portray your bee, including adding details that make it more special and unique.

Cute Bee Tattoo 2

38. Geometric Bee Tattoo

The bee looks fantastic as a geometric tattoo design, and the honeycomb already has a geometric element. The technique has a very modern feel and can be simple or detailed, depending on your preference. This style of tattooing focuses on the shapes and outlines and is often created with only slight shading. That said, it can easily be mixed with other techniques. For example, you can create half the bee with a geometric approach and keep the other half normal. This will make a striking contrast. If you choose a design with a lot of detail, account for this when you decide on your placement.

Geometric Bee Tattoo 3

Geometric Bee

39. Mandala Bee Tattoo

Mandala tattoos have become incredibly popular because they are mesmerizingly beautiful. They are created using shapes and symbols to form a circular pattern, and mandala artwork can also take on several forms, including a highly detailed bee design. The mandala represents harmony, tranquility, and balance and will take time to complete because of the details. The appeal is that looking at your piece is about more than just the beauty, and the way the patterns are created can make you feel a sense of calm.

Mandala Bee Tattoo

Mandala Bee Tattoo 2

40. Minimalist Bee Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos have become increasingly popular because they simplify your chosen design. The result is simple but cool, focusing more on the subject matter than the style. This approach has little detail, almost no shading or color, and is often created smaller. The appeal is that the crisp, clean lines look great and can be completed quickly. There is no limit to what you can or cannot ink, with the right tattoo artist creating anything from flowers to animals. A bee looks excellent in this style, and the focus will be on the symbolism of your tattoo rather than its style.

Minimalist Bee Tattoo 2

41. Neo-Traditional Bee Tattoo

If you want a striking piece that will demand attention, look no further than neo traditional tattoo. The style is bold, bright, and features thick black lines. It is similar in appearance to American Traditional tattoos. Still, it is more detailed, using more colors, whereas the American Traditional is often a limited color palette of blue, green, red, yellow, and black. A bee design is an excellent choice for this technique, and you can experiment with different colors; it does not have to be the standard black and yellow combination only and can incorporate blue or red.

Neo Traditional Bee Tattoo

42. Queen Bee Tattoo

The Queen bee tattoo is a design that has powerful symbolism attached to it. This option is excellent for a man or woman but celebrates female strength and energy. It is also associated with fertility. It is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to this piece because of its meaning. Your tattoo could be a way to honor the close women in your life or remind yourself of your strength. This design often shows a single bee and a crown, indicating royalty. That said, you can get creative with your artwork, and another option would be to include several bees with the queen appearing larger and mightier.

Queen Bee Tattoo 5

Queen Bee Tattoo

43. Realistic Bee Tattoo

The bee lends itself well to many different styles, giving you freedom with how you wish it to look. Some people prefer bright and bold artwork like American Traditional or Japanese tattoos, while others decide on a more realistic portrayal of the insect. Realistic tattoos are stunning and look as though you have a photograph etched onto your skin. It is important to research and find a tattoo artist specializing in this style for the best results. It can be incredibly hard to perfect photographic images, and for this reason, they are also often more time-consuming and expensive to complete.

Realisitc Bee Tattoo 3

44. Simple Bee Tattoo

Simple tattoos focus on the basic form of your design and are often small with little color or shading. There is an obvious appeal to this approach, and it still has the same meaning as something more detailed. This is an excellent option for someone who has a more minimalistic aesthetic or if you are easing into tattooing and want to start with something that will be completed quickly and with minimal pain. Another highlight of simple inking is that it can be less expensive and often more discreet.

Simple Bee Tattoo

45. Small Bee Tattoo

Small tattoos can be just as appealing as larger, more detailed designs. These pieces usually focus on the basic elements of your chosen image, for example, a tiny bee outline. The great thing about smaller inking is that there is no restriction with where you can get it done, letting you choose places like behind-the-ear or the finger. Your ink will also be discreet and easier to cover up, making it perfect for those who do not want anything too flashy or noticeable. Other pros include the cost and the quick time it will take to complete. If you are experimenting with body art and if this is your first tattoo, this is a wonderful way to ease into it.

Small Bee Tatoo 3

Small Bee Tattoo 2

46. Stick and Poke Bee Tattoo

Stick and poke tattoos are great for the individual who wants something different. They are created using a hand-held needle and rod gadget and are less precise than electric tattoo machine work. This is part of the appeal, though, as the slight imperfections make these designs unique. Another pro is that your ink can hurt less. The appearance is distinctive, and while most people opt for something simple, you can also create large and detailed stick and poke pieces. Although there is a trend of tattooing yourself, it is best to leave it to the professionals; tattooing comes with a risk of infection if not done properly and in a sterile environment. There is also a rebellious feel to this technique, and it is not mainstream, again, that can be appealing.

Stiick And Poke Bee Tattoo 2

Stiick And Poke Bee Tattoo

47. Swarm of Bees Tattoo

The bee has a lot of positive symbolism associated with it, but for those who want something powerful and aggressive, an alternative would be a swarm of bees tattoo. When honey bees swarm, they are heading off to establish a new colony. Your inking can be associated with adventure, new beginnings, rebirth, preservation, and hard work. The honey bee is also willing to die to protect its queen and the hive, which could comment on how you feel about your loved ones.

Swarm Of Bees Tattoo 2.jpg

Swarm Of Bees Tattoo

48. Vintage Bee Tattoo

If you like an old-school look of tattooing, then use this to inspire your bee tattoo. Stick to a muted color palette or details that have a dated feel. Opting for a vintage approach could be done by creating your ink in sepia colors to represent old photographs. Alternatively, you may be inspired by a bee design from the past, perhaps a brooch from the Victorian era. There are so many ways to combine your love of vintage and bees, and you can work with your tattoo artist to come up with a design that best suits you.

Vintage Bee Tattoo

Vintage Bee Tattoo 2

49. Watercolor Bee Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are vibrant and cool; the style blends colors to make it look like the paint is drying on a canvas. The result is striking, and designs are often created without detailing or thick black lines. Alternatively, it can be used as a backdrop. This effect lends itself well to nature and animals, and a bee will work well with this style. It is the perfect option for someone who wants body art that will make a statement, and you should consider getting it inked somewhere visible to show it off. The approach can be less painful than traditional tattoos, although the downside is that it will fade faster. It can also be incredibly time-consuming and expensive to complete.

Watercolor Bee Tattoo 2

Watercolor Bee Tattoo

50. Bee and Name Tattoo

Your bee design can be personalized to reflect how you feel or honor important people in your life. This can be done by including the names or significant dates to your piece. A name tattoo can be written in a font that is meaningful to you or the handwriting of someone special. For dates, consider the roman numeral system. We do not use this numeric system daily, making it more unique. It can also add an element of mystery to your design, as the date may not be obvious at first glance, and people will have to do a double-take. Roman numeral tattoos are great to celebrate important moments in your life, including the birth of a child. Or it could be used for a memorial design for a family member; bees are an excellent choice as they represent family and commitment.

Bee and Name Tattoo


What does a bee tattoo symbolize?

The bee is much more than just a cool insect to get tattooed, it is also symbolic. It represents commitment, hard work, loyalty, and dedication. It can also be associated with family and selflessness as the honeybee dedicates its life to bettering its hive. This makes it ideal for a sibling tattoo or a memorial piece. You can also add to the meaning of your body art by choosing to include other images. These could be anything from flowers to animals like a bear.

Why is everyone getting bee tattoos?

The bee is a popular tattoo because of the symbolism associated with it. The tiny insect represents many things including commitment, family, perseverance, optimism, hard work, and loyalty. Getting a tattoo of a bee can show that you admire these qualities or it could be a celebration of the bond you share with those closest to you. There are many designs and styles to choose from, and each inking can be different and unique to the wearer.


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