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100 Best Mandala Tattoo Design Ideas (2022)

Mandala Tattoo

The mandala is a beautiful and meaningful symbol that has cultural importance. The name comes from the ancient language Sanskrit and translates to “circle.” The designs focus on a series of circles and shapes and have been used in rituals, meditation, and religious traditions. The intricate patterns and detailings have also inspired tattoos and have been inked by men and women. They are often associated with balance, eternity, and harmony and can evoke a sense of calm when gazing upon them. The beauty of these designs is that they lend themselves well to many different forms, including nature and animals. Plus, the artwork can be done big or small. Adorning your body with a mandala tattoo makes a statement, but using these sacred symbols without fully understanding their meaning is also controversial. Keep reading to find the best ideas.

1. Mandala Hand Tattoo

The mandala is a spiritual symbol with great importance in several cultures. It is often associated with balance and perfection. There are different ways to interpret this design, making it more personal and unique to the wearer. There are also many locations to get inked, depending on your preference and your chosen piece, but without a doubt, one of the most visible is the hand. Hand tattoos are rebellious, and they make a statement because they are hard to miss. For those who prefer body art that can be covered up, this is not the choice for you. For those who want something edgy and cool, look no further. Ink here will hurt because of the thin skin and high concentration of nerve endings.

Mandala Hand Tattoo For Men

Mandala Hand Tattoo For Women

2. Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo is one of the best options for both men and women to get inked. The appealing thing about this location is that it is low on the pain scale; the closer you ink to the shoulder blade or collarbone, the more discomfort you will experience. It is also easy to cover up or show off. The area can look masculine or feminine, depending on your chosen design. It is one of the most flattering spots on the human body and is not susceptible to stretching the way other areas may. Shoulder tattoos also tend not to fade as fast as locations like the hand or foot, which are frequently used and exposed. The shape of a mandala will lend itself well to the shoulder.

Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo For Women

3. Mandala Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is versatile for body art and can be shown off or covered up, so you decide who sees it and when. If this is your first tattoo or your tenth, this is one of the best places you can pic. This is great for someone who works in a corporate environment but also wants a design that they can look at every day and remind themselves of its importance. The mandala is a beautiful and symbolic option for body art, making it incredibly appealing. You can opt for animal-inspired artwork or a floral piece; there are so many options, each with a slightly different meaning. Other pros of a forearm tattoo include low pain. This is because of the area’s muscle, fat, and thick skin. Both detailed and smaller inking looks excellent here.

Mandala Forearm Tattoo For Women

Mandala Forearm Tattoo For Men

4. Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandalas are symbolic, and for many, they are sacred, but they have also inspired countless individuals who have experimented with various shapes and images. Mandalas can be inked small or large, depending on your preference and your pain threshold. For those who want more intricate and bigger pieces, a thigh tattoo is one of the best spots. The right design can look incredible here, and this is an excellent placement because it is low on the tattoo pain chart. That said, the closer you ink towards the hip bone or the inner thigh, the more discomfort you will experience. The thick skin and muscle provide some cushioning, which is excellent if you intend to get a tattoo that requires a lot of shading or detailing. A thigh tattoo can also be easily covered up or shown off.

Mandala Thigh Tattoo For Women

Mandala Thigh Tattoo For Men

5. Mandala Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are an excellent option for designs that are large and detailed. You can choose a series of mandalas that form an interesting pattern. Or opt for a single, big piece that features in the center of your back. There are many choices for finding the perfect ink for you, and the back is one of the most appealing placements. It is low on the pain scale because it has muscle and fat, which provide cushioning; the closer you ink to the spine, shoulder blades, and hip bone, the more discomfort you will experience. Although you cannot see your artwork every day, some people find this unnecessary because the meaning remains the same. Having a piece that helps you consider perfection, balance, and harmony and makes you feel connected to the universe is enough without having to stare at it all the time.

Mandala Back Tattoo For Women

Mandala Back Tattoo For Men

6. Mandala Tattoo Sleeve

If you are someone who wants a beautiful piece of artwork etched into your skin forever, then consider a sleeve tattoo. These pieces cover the entire arm, all the way down to the wrist, so they can be hard to miss when you show them off. It can also be covered with clothing, so this is not an option that is super restrictive in the way that a hand or face tattoo is. It takes multiple sessions to complete a sleeve, but it is a great way to express yourself and tell a story. They often work well with a theme but are also great with patterned designs like the mandala. Despite being costly and time-consuming, sleeve tattoos are impressive.

Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoo For Women

7. Mandala Half Sleeve Tattoo

A half sleeve is a perfect option for someone who wants a design that is detailed but doesn’t want to commit to getting inked on their whole arm. It is also a cheaper and less painful option than a full sleeve. Plus, it is more versatile as it is easier to cover up, especially if you only ink the upper half of the arm. A half sleeve tattoo is a way to express yourself through body art, and it can tell a story. These pieces often work best when they stick to a specific theme, such as floral or marine life. For mandalas, this could be a series of different patterns or floral designs, which are calming to look at and make you feel relaxed and at peace.

Mandala Tattoo Sleeve For Women

Mandala Tattoo Sleeve For Men

8. Mandala Tattoo Arm

What is not to love about a mandala arm tattoo? The arm provides you with the perfect location for big or small designs and works particularly well with long and narrow ones. Your piece can take up a large portion of your arm. Or be kept simple with an armband design or a single mandala. It is a body part that can be shown off easily but also covered up with clothing, and it is low on the pain scale. This is because of the muscle and fat in the area. Get it done on the lower arm for more visibility. Or opt for the inner arm for concealed and intimate designs.

Mandala Arm Tattoo For Men

Mandala Tattoo Arm For Women

9. Mandala Foot Tattoo

The foot is one of the most versatile placements for body art. It is big enough to allow for detailing, and your piece can extend up your ankle and leg, but small and dainty designs look just as great here. It is also easy to cover up and perfect for those who want to keep their tat hidden. Foot tattoos do hurt because of the thin skin, lack of muscle and fat, and proximity to bone, but they remain one of the most popular areas for men and women to get inked. You should consider the healing time, though, as you will not be able to wear socks or shoes for several days after getting tattooed; it could cause irritation and increase the risk of infection. Ink here also tends to fade faster because of friction and exposure.

Mandala Foot Tattoo For Men

Mandala Foot Tattoo For Women

10. Mandala Neck Tattoo

A mandala neck tattoo is not for those who want to blend into the crowd and should only be inked by men and women who don’t mind the attention that comes with it. The location was once reserved for gangsters, criminals, and those on the fringes of society but is becoming an increasingly popular placement. Although with the right clothing and accessories, you can cover up your piece, in general, it is hard to miss and could influence your career opportunities; this is something to keep in mind if you work in a conservative environment. Neck ink is high on the pain scale, but this is the perfect option if you are daring and edgy.

Mandala Neck Tattoo For Women

Mandala Neck Tattoo For Women

11. Mandala Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are a wonderful option for those who want a stylish and cool appearance. They can have a rebellious feel because of their visibility, and for some, this is part of the appeal. There is no way to hide body art inked here, so it makes a statement and can often be a conversation starter. Mandala designs can be tattooed small, which is appealing because of the limited space. For those who want more detail, you can add to your body art by also getting inked over your hand and wrist. Alternatively, you can keep it simple and more concealed with an inner finger tattoo. You should know that finger tattoos fade faster because of exposure and frequency of use. They are also painful because of the concentration of nerve endings and thin skin.

Mandala Finger Tattoo

Mandala Finger Tattoo For Women

12. Mandala Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are popular among women because they look pretty and feminine. That is not to say that men cannot get inked here too, and the mandala design is a versatile one, but, in general, the ankle tends to be a location that the ladies favor. Your piece can look dainty, and it lends itself well to designs that either wrap around the ankle and the foot or are inked upward or downward. For example, a jewelry-inspired piece that has a mandala medallion. Body art here does hurt because of the thin skin, proximity to bone, and lack of muscle and fat, but it is an appealing spot because it can be covered up easily. Or you can stare at your tattoo every day and remind yourself of why you got it in the first place.

Mandala Ankle Tattoo For Men

Mandala Ankle Tattoo For Women

13. Mandala Knee Tattoo

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, and although it has inspired various artwork of all shapes and sizes, if you intend to stick to the traditional circular design, the knee is a location that will suit this well. Knee tattoos are not the most popular locations because they hurt. Regardless of whether you are getting inked on the top, side, or underneath, this is a spot that is considered high on the pain scale because of the proximity to bone and sensitivity of the area. However, the kneecap is the most severe of them all. If you can endure the pain, this is an attractive location as it can be easily covered up or shown off, and your ink will make a striking statement.

Mandala Knee Tattoo For Men

Mandala Knee Tattoo For Women

14. Mandala Butt Tattoo

The mandala is a beautiful and symbolic piece of artwork, but it has also become a popular tattoo choice in recent years. Whether or not someone should wear this design, or be inspired by it for body art, is a hot topic of discussion, and the placement further influences that. That said, both men and women are drawn to butt tattoos because it provides a large area to get inked. It is also one of the least painful locations because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat. The pro of getting tattooed here is that you can easily cover up your design, which makes showing it off personally. It could also be an option to extend your back or leg tattoo for those who want a large and intricate piece.

Mandala Butt Tattoo For Women

Mandala Butt Tattoo For Men

15. Mandala Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos are fantastic for inkings that are meaningful to you, as they sit close to your heart. Deciding to get inked with a mandala or a design that has been inspired by one is a wonderful option for the chest where it will serve much more than decorative purposes. The mandala is creative and intricate, but it also makes you think of perfection and self-reflection. It can be a thought-provoking option. The chest is a painful area to get tattooed, and for some, this can be a way to show that mandala designs deserve respect. The area often has less muscle and fat and proximity to bone, but you can cover it up or show it whenever you wish, making it an attractive location for more conservative people.

Mandala Chest Tattoo For Women

Mandala Chest Tattoo For Men

16. Mandala Collarbone Tattoo

If you are a confident individual looking for a visible but versatile placement, then the collarbone is the choice for you. Collarbone tattoos are cool, but they will hurt. This is because you are tattooing over bone, and there is thin skin and a lack of fat and muscle. How much discomfort you experience will depend on your pain threshold and the detail and size of your chosen design, although most pieces here are relatively small. You can get a mandala directly over your clavicle or decide to get inked just below or above it; the choice is yours. The area is not difficult to cover with clothes which means you will not be restricted if you work in a conservative environment. Or if you simply do not wish for the world to see your tattoo.

Mandala Collarbone Tattoo

Mandala Collarbone Tattoo

17. Wrist Mandala Tattoo

There are few locations better than a wrist tattoo. This is a small area, so it works best with tiny or straightforward designs, which can be looked at every day to remind yourself of their importance in your life. The wrist is a versatile option because it can be covered easily but also shown off. You can play around with different placements, for example, the inner wrist or on the side. Some use the mandala for decorative purposes, but it should also be an incredibly meaningful tattoo choice. Of the many pros to this piece, there is a downside, and that is the pain. The artwork here tends to hurt because of the very thin skin and the lack of fat and muscle.

Wrist Mandala Tattoo For Women

Wrist Mandala Tattoo For Women

18. Mandala Sternum Tattoo

The sternum is an excellent location because it is etched over your heart. This should be a location that is reserved for pieces that are meaningful to you and also because it hurts to get inked here. The thin skin, lack of muscle and fat, and the proximity to bone make sternum tattoos painful. Designs here can be easily covered up and can be a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone or remind yourself of what is important to you. When deciding on your mandala, you could also include other details to make it more personal and unique. You can find a creative way to add a name or turn it into your favorite animal to add to the symbolism. If you are a woman and getting tattooed here, it is essential to remember that you cannot wear your bra for a few days while it heals.

Mandala Sternum Tattoo Men

Mandala Sternum Tattoo For Women

19. Mandala Ear Tattoo

Those who want a tiny inking that makes a statement need a mandala ear tattoo. The ear is small, so you cannot get something particularly large or detailed here. Ear tattoos are a new trend and are popular with women who want something delicate and feminine. You can play around with placement, either opting for the actual ear or just behind it, which is a more discreet choice. It is important to remember that the skin surrounding the ear is sensitive, and your tattoo will hurt. The vibrations from the tattoo machine can also cause discomfort. Your piece will be visible, but those with long hair or fringes can style it in such a way that your ink is more concealed.

Mandala Ear Tattoo For Men

Mandala Ear Tattoo For Women

20. Mandala Hip Tattoo

The hip is one of the sexiest parts of the human form, and because it is not an area that is on display every day, it makes body art here more intimate. When deciding on the placement for your ink, you may be drawn to a hip tattoo. The appeal is that the area provides a large enough space to get something detailed but works just as well with small and simple designs. The major drawback is the pain involved in the tattooing process, which can be severe. The skin around the hip is thin, and the proximity to bone makes this a sensitive area, especially if you have less body fat. The shape of the mandala looks excellent here, but you can also add to it with a floral-inspired or nature piece.

Mandala Hip Tattoo For Men

Mandala Hip Tattoo For Women

21. Mandala Spine Tattoo

If you are willing to endure the pain, then a spine tattoo is a fantastic choice. Unsurprisingly, ink in this location is incredibly painful because of the proximity to bone, nerves, and thin skin. The result is a tattoo that makes a statement and will look great when shown off. It is also a more private area as it is not visible daily. For some, this makes it more special. A spine tattoo works best with long and narrow pieces, and you can get a series of mandalas down the spine or opt for one large one with added detailing. It is important to remember that if you have problems with your back and may require spinal surgery, or an epidural for pain during childbirth, then body art here could lead to complications.

Mandala Spine Tattoo For Men

Mandala Spine Tattoo For Women

22. Mandala Underboob Tattoo

The underboob is a fantastic location for women to get inked because it is stylish and sexy. It is located underneath or to the side of the cleavage and draws attention to one of the most feminine parts of a woman’s body. It can also be shown off whenever you want or covered up; you will determine who, when and where it is seen. Getting inked in this placement can be particularly painful because of the thin skin and sensitivity. You have to consider that you may not be able to wear your bra for several days while your piece is healing. For a mandala design, this spot is also somewhat controversial. The symbol is important in several cultures, and being tattooed on the underboob can detract from its intended meaning.

Mandala Underboob Tattoo For Women

Mandala Underboob Tattoo For Women

23. Mandala Face Tattoo

There are few placements as daring as the face. When it comes to body art, many people are drawn to locations that offer versatility, and they can be covered up or shown off whenever they want. This is because your design may be important to you, and you want to keep it private or because there is still a stigma attached to tattoos. Opting for a mandala face tattoo shows that you do not care what others think and are a risk-taker. Ink here can look badass, and it makes a statement. It can also be incredibly painful because of the thin skin and concentration of nerve endings. It would be best if you thought long and hard before getting tattooed here, as it could impact your job opportunities.

Mandala Face Tattoo For Women

Mandala Face Tattoo For Men

24. Mandala Leg Tattoo

The leg provides an excellent and versatile placement for body art because it is large enough to allow for detailing. Or your artwork can be small and minimalistic. The leg can also be covered up easily or shown off, depending on when you want to and your clothing. Another pro is that it is low on the pain scale because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle, making this an ideal spot for someone who doesn’t want to endure extreme discomfort. Both men and women can wear a mandala leg tattoo, and there are many options for how you choose to design it. Long and narrow designs are fantastic here, but you can also opt for a single mandala in the middle of your leg for a more subtle approach.

Mandala Leg Tattoo For Women

Mandala Leg Tattoo For Men

25. Bicep Mandala Tattoo

Bicep tattoos are great for someone who wants to draw attention to their muscles. Or it could be an attractive location because of how easy it is to cover up. This is a particularly masculine spot, although women can also get inked here. It is a wonderful way to show off your artwork. You can display your bicep tattoo often and with ease, and it is low on the pain scale because there is muscle and fat. Another pro of this area is that it is not frequently exposed to sunlight, which means it will not fade as fast. The shape of the bicep also lends itself well to the circular design of a mandala; it is the perfect pairing.

Mandala Bicep Tattoo For Women

Mandala Bicep Tattoo For Men

26. Mandala Elbow Tattoo

One of the most badass locations for body art is the elbow. Elbow tattoos are not for the faint-hearted; designs here hurt a lot because of the very thin skin and proximity to bone. It has previously been a location favored by those on the fringes of society and has a reputation for being preferred by prisoners and gang members. That said, the attitude towards tattoos is changing in recent years, and this is now an excellent spot for your inking. It can show that you are not afraid of the pain and that you are strong and determined.

Mandala Elbow Tattoo For Women

Mandala Elbow Tattoo For Men

27. Mandala Stomach Tattoo

The stomach is one of the most painful areas for a tattoo and is considered high on the pain scale. It is also susceptible to stretching if you become pregnant or put on weight and tends to look best on those with a slim or toned physique. That is not to say you cannot get inked here if that is what you wish; a little extra body weight may make the process slightly less painful. Despite the drawbacks of a stomach tattoo, it is also an attractive location because of its versatility. It is large enough to allow for a detailed piece, and you can easily hide your tat. You can opt for a mandala-inspired design that focuses on the belly button. Or allow the piece to cover your entire stomach!

Mandala Stomach Tattoo For Women

Mandala Stomach Tattoo For Men

28. Mandala Elephant Tattoo

Elephants have inspired countless pieces of body art because they are majestic and powerful animals. They are associated with wisdom, strength, intelligence, and prosperity and look fantastic when inked on the body. There are various elephant tattoo styles to choose from, but if you want to opt for a detailed design, then a mandala elephant is an excellent choice. Mandala artwork in the shape of an elephant is stunning. It could be a perfect choice for a man or a woman but has a feminine feel. This is because the herd always has a matriarch.

Mandala Elephant Tattoo For Men

Mandala Elephant Tattoo For Women

29. Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower tattoo represents growth, enlightenment, and beauty, and when created in a mandala design, it makes it even more beautiful. Mandalas are associated with balance, harmony, eternity, and perfection, and the combination makes for a striking and deeply symbolic piece. The lotus is often also used as a metaphor for resilience and strength. It can be a reminder to keep on living even when life seems challenging or impossible. This is because the flower grows in conditions that many of us would deem unfavorable, yet it still rises through the muddy waters. When deciding on placement for your piece, it depends on how big and detailed you want it to be. The back is a fantastic location for those who want a large design, whereas the wrist or arm is excellent for smaller tattoos.

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo For Women

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo Men

30. Mandala Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are associated with growth, life, love, and beauty. They are popular choices for both men and women and can be adapted to suit various designs. A mandala flower adds a unique element to your chosen bloom, making it more visually interesting and symbolic. There are many shapes of flowers to choose from, including roses or daisies, each with its unique meaning. Your flower can accompany a mandala, or the shapes and patterns can be created to take on the form of a flower. There are many options to choose from, allowing you to work with your tattoo artist to achieve something special. You can also add color or try out the watercolor tattoo technique for a more striking finish.

Mandala Flower Tattoo For Women

Mandala Flower Tattoo For Men

31. Mandala Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo is a powerful symbol associated with femininity, hope, mystery, and family. It can represent the good and the bad and serve as a reminder that light is found in the darkness. Or that despite a challenging time, a new day will arrive. This is an incredibly symbolic choice and makes for a fantastic inking. It takes on even more meaning and power when created in a mandala. Some men and women may also wish to add other details to their piece; this could include a nature design, which is also a symbol of life.

Mandala Sun And Moon Tattoo For Men

Mandala Sun And Moon Tattoo For Women

32. Watercolor Mandala Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo technique is a vibrant and interesting one. It can make even the most basic designs come to life, and it does this by combining bright colors. Your chosen shades are expertly blended to make it look as though it were painted on a canvas. This can have a stunning finish. Although the inking can be time-consuming to create and more expensive, it is something to consider if you want an amazing tattoo. There are several ways to incorporate the effect; some people prefer to do away with the black outlines entirely, while others add the colors as a background to their black ink. This could look like a splash of paint. Regardless of what you choose, the result is bold.

Mandala Watercolor Tattoo For Men

Mandala Watercolor Tattoo For Women

33. Mandala Moon Tattoo

A moon tattoo is a powerful and symbolic choice. It is associated with transition, mystery, growth, and creativity, and depending on which phase of the moon you choose, the meaning of your piece will change slightly. If you want a design that represents hope and change, then a crescent moon is a perfect choice. In contrast, a full moon is associated with the supernatural and magic. The moon is a simple shape, which lends itself well to various styles and techniques, including a mandala. Some people are inspired by the mandala patterns and choose to recreate this in the shape of a moon, adding other elements, such as stars or floral details to make their piece even more unique.

Mandala Moon Tattoo For Women

Mandala Moon Tattoo For Men

34. Mandala Sun Tattoo

Without the sun, there would be no life. The star at the center of our solar system is a universally recognized symbol of great importance in various cultures and ancient peoples. It is recognized as a powerful life force. It is associated with light and energy but can also be a symbol of hope. A sun tattoo serves as a reminder that a new day will arrive even after a dark and challenging time in your life. There are many options for designs, and a meaningful and beautiful way to get your sun would be with a mandala-inspired piece. This helps achieve a sense of harmony and balance. The intricately woven patterns are pretty but also have a calming effect.

Mandala Sun Tattoo For Women

Mandala Sun Tattoo For Men

35. Mandala Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo represents growth and transition. It is one of the most popular images to get inked because of its beauty and meaning. The appealing thing about this winged insect is that it has many different forms and comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to choose the piece that appeals to you most. Butterflies can also bring hope and be a symbol of resilience and even love. In a mandala form, they are even more striking and can remind you to stay focused. Live life to the fullest, and forget about what is holding you back. It is not hard to see why men and women are drawn to a mandala butterfly tattoo.

Mandala Butterfly Tattoo For Men

Mandala Butterfly Tattoo For Women

36. Rose Mandala Tattoo

The rose is one of the most beautiful and symbolic flowers you can choose. It is associated with pleasure and pain, beauty, life, and love. The rose tattoo could be a reminder to keep your heart guarded or that there are two sides or consequences to everything. The bloom serves as body art inspiration for men and women and is also incredibly versatile. The different colors have meanings attached to them. For example, red is linked to passion and seduction, while yellow is the color of friendship and joy. Black is for grief and loss. A rose can be inked as a filler to a larger tattoo or done in various styles, including the mandala, whether you choose to get a realistic rose surrounded by a mandala design. Or opt to create the intricate series of patterns within the form of the rose; that is up to you.

Rose Mandala Tattoo For Men

Rose Mandala Tattoo For Women

37. Small Mandala Tattoo

The appeal of small tattoos is that you can get them inked anywhere on the body. Not only that, but they are also less expensive, will hurt less, and can be covered up more easily. Mandalas are designs that lend themselves well to big and small tattoos, but smaller options often need less detail. This is not always the case, though, and you can work with your chosen tattoo artist to find something that best suits your style. Tiny inking is the perfect choice for a man or woman who doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves and their body but still celebrate the things that are meaningful to them.

Small Mandala Tattoo For Men

Small Mandala Tattoo For Women

38. Sunflower Mandala Tattoo

The sunflower is a bloom that symbolizes hope, optimism, and love. It can also be associated with faith and adoration, as the flower grows toward the sun, representing god and his love. It is a fantastic tattoo for someone who values these qualities and wants a meaningful design etched on their skin. The beauty of this flower is that it can be done in various styles, and if you want a detailed and intricate pattern, there is no better choice than a mandala sunflower tattoo. You can opt for black ink for a more subtle approach or add color for a vibrant and eye-catching piece. When it comes to the placement of your design, consider somewhere you can see every day, like the forearm or wrist. This way, you can remind yourself of the importance of your inking but also feel focused and calm when looking at the mandala.

Sunflower Mandala Tattoo

Sunflower Mandala Tattoo1

39. Geometric Mandala Tattoo

Geometric tattoos focus on shapes and lines to create a detailed and mesmerizing finish. The style lends itself well to the mandala and can attract positive energy, making this a meaningful and symbolic choice. Geometric styles, like mandala-inspired tattoos, are often associated with balance and harmony and can evoke a sense of calm when gazing upon them. They can help you to reflect upon your life. The style can be created in several ways, including a more abstract approach with symbols and patterns. Or they are taking the form of flowers or animals. When choosing where to get inked, consider the detail involved in your piece and pick somewhere big enough to do it justice.

Geometric Mandala Tattoo For Women

Geometric Mandala Tattoo For Women

40. Color Mandala Tattoo

Color tattoos are striking and vibrant, and they are a great way to draw attention to your chosen design. The appeal of a color mandala tattoo is that it can highlight the detailings even more by making your piece more noticeable. There are some downsides to colored ink: it does not look great on all skin tones, whereas black is more visible and less expensive. It can also fade slightly faster and can be more maintenance than black ink. That said, there are few better ways to make a statement than with a bold and bright piece. Plus, it allows for even more creativity in terms of design and finishes.

Color Mandala Tattoo For Men

Color Mandala Tattoo For Women

41. Simple Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas are much more than decorative patterns; their shapes and circles have an important meaning associated with them. Deciding on a simple approach is great if you prefer a more minimalistic aesthetic and focus on the meaning behind your tattoo rather than the design itself. This can be difficult to achieve with a mandala because there is so much symbolism in the detailing that simplifying it can be challenging. That said, you can try to keep it smaller instead of combining several images, focusing on a single one.

Simple Mandala Tattoo For Men

Simple Mandala Tattoo For Women

42. Mandala Owl Tattoo

If you want an owl tattoo, why not make it even more unique by adding mandala shapes and circles to it? The mandala is complex and intricate, with its pieces forming beautiful patterns that are as symbolic as they are beautiful. On the other hand, the owl is a bird associated with mystery, wisdom, and magic. It is important in Native American culture, where it is believed to be the guardian of knowledge and is linked to the spirit world. Your owl tattoo can be done in a wide range of designs, making your piece more personal and tailored to your style.

Mandala Owl Tattoo For Men

Mandala Owl Tattoo For Women

43. Traditional Mandala Tattoo

Few tattoo styles are as eye-catching and bold as the American traditional tattoo technique. It is defined by its themes, thick black lines, and a limited but bright color palette of green, red, blue, yellow. Popular themes include nautical and zoomorphic, but this style can be applied to any image, including a mandala. This design tends to be a little simpler, which is appealing to those who prefer minimal shading. The style can also have a rebellious feel to it because of its origins. It was once only inked by sailors and those on the fringes of society, which is why it creates a more edgy appearance. This is the perfect option for a man or woman who wants to stand out of the crowd.

Traditional Mandala Tattoo For Women

Traditional Mandala Tattoo For Men

44. Half Mandala Tattoo

We can see why adorning your body with a mandala tattoo design would appeal to anyone who loves body art. It is beautiful, and it draws the eye in. The symbols are associated with perfection and eternity and mean “magic circle.” They have become popular in the mainstream and are inked by tattoo lovers in various forms, including the half mandala. It is a simplified option that looks best against areas like the wrist or the end of the forearm. However, it is controversial to use these sacred symbols without fully understanding their meaning, and it can be considered cultural misappropriation.

Half Mandala Tattoo For Women

Half Mandala Tattoo For Men

45. Mandala Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The dreamcatcher is a beautiful handwoven object designed to keep negative thoughts and bad dreams away. It has great significance in Native American culture but has become popular worldwide because of its beauty and rich symbolism. It looks like a spider’s web and is hung above the beds of small children to help filter out the bad thoughts and experiences. A dreamcatcher tattoo makes for a powerful choice and can bring protection or remind you to focus on the good in your lives. The dreamcatcher has inspired artwork and body art and can be created in various styles. Some people favor the patterns and shapes of a mandala, which adds to the overall meaning.

Mandala Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men

Mandala Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Women

46. Floral Mandala Tattoo

A floral mandala tattoo is an excellent choice for men and women. Mandalas can take on various forms, but one of the most common is a floral design. Many people also choose to use the patterns to add to floral images, making for a unique piece that appeals to their style. In general, flowers are associated with life, growth, and beauty. Combined with the balance, harmony, and perfection that a mandala symbolizes, it is not hard to see why this would be an appealing design for your next tattoo.

Floral Mandala Tattoo For Women

Floral Mandala Tattoo

47. Lion Mandala Tattoo

The lion is a fearsome creature that is also respected and admired. The big cat is considered the ruler of the animal kingdom and is associated with strength, royalty, wisdom, and bravery. A lion tattoo for anyone inspired by these qualities, and you can get creative with how you wish to portray it. Some opt for a mandala tattoo, using a series of intricate patterns and symbols to create a gorgeous, detailed design that will make a statement, regardless of where you choose to get it inked.

Lion Mandala Tattoo For Men

Lion Mandala Tattoo For Women

48. Mandala Crescent Moon Tattoo

The crescent moon represents change, growth, creativity, and mystery. It is a fantastic option for a tattoo because of the meaning associated with it. It is a popular choice for someone who has experienced a change in their life. Or those going through a significant transformation and want to honor that with their body art. The moon’s shape is simple, so if you wish to create a more detailed design, an excellent way to do this would be to use a series of patterns and shapes. A mandala crescent moon is striking and special, linked to personal growth. Each mandala design is different, and this will make your piece even more unique.

Mandala Crescent Moon Tattoo For Women

Mandala Crescent Moon Tattoo For Men

49. Mandala Skull Tattoo

Does it get more badass than a skull tattoo? The skull is a universal symbol of death and can be an intimidating image to get inked on your skin. It has negative and positive associations. For some people, a skull design shows that they are not afraid of death or that nothing scares them. The skull works well in various styles and techniques, including a mandala, adding even more meaning to your piece. Depending on how you choose to combine these images, it could be a softer approach, making the skull less scary looking. Or it could have the opposite effect, creating an edgy and cool tattoo.

Mandala Skull Tattoo For Women

Mandala Skull Tattoo For Men

50. Mandala Elephant Head Tattoo

The beauty of mandala tattoo designs is that they lend themselves well to many different forms, including nature and animals. The elephant is a symbolic animal that is associated with wisdom and power. It is an appealing option because of this mighty creature’s meaning and beauty. Although you can choose to get inked with a mandala elephant, using its whole body, another option would be to tattoo its head. The head can be linked with a path to enlightenment and is a symbol of luck or protection. It also looks fantastic when accompanied by a mandala, giving it a more detailed appearance.

Mandala Elephant Head Tattoo For Men

Mandala Elephant Head Tattoo For Women


What is the meaning of a mandala tattoo?

The mandala is a meaningful symbol that has cultural importance. The name comes from the ancient language Sanskrit and translates to “circle” or “magic circle.” The designs focus on a series of circles and shapes that form intricate patterns and can be created in various forms. Deciding on a tattoo that the mandala has inspired will represent eternity, harmony, and balance. If you combine other images, such as a skull or an elephant, the meaning will be altered slightly.

What style of tattoo is a mandala?

The mandala is a style that involves a series of overlapping circles and shapes. It has been adapted to suit individuals, with each tattoo having its unique finish. The intricate patterns lend themselves well to many different forms; this includes nature and animals. They can also be created big or small and in black ink or color. This makes it a versatile and meaningful option for body art.

Do guys get Mandala tattoos?

The mandala can be inked by both men and women. It features a series of intricate patterns that form a shape or image. Some designs may appear more feminine, while others have a masculine finish depending on your taste. Men who want to show off their mandala tattoo should get it done somewhere visible, such as the leg, arm, or wrist.

What does a mandala flower symbolize?

The beauty of these mandala tattoo designs is that they lend themselves well to many different forms, including nature and animals. That said, a flower is one of the most popular and versatile images. It can be inked by both men and women and is associated with enlightenment, growth, and change. The flower can be a filler for a bigger piece, accompany a mandala design, or the mandala patterns can be created inside the shape of a flower. A mandala flower adds an interesting finish to your chosen bloom, making it visually striking and symbolic.


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