10 Ways Kaiba Could Have Improved His Dueling Game

There are plenty of great duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world. While Yugi Muto is the best of them all, the only one that has ever come close to standing against him is Seto Kaiba, one of the other greats. However, that doesn’t mean that Kaiba is perfect.

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While Kaiba is a great duelist, he has made several mistakes in his time. Some of them were small, some of them a bit larger, and they left room for him to improve.

10 Added Effect Monsters

While Kaiba has a solid deck that wins him plenty of duels, it does have a bit of a problem. All of his aces are normal monsters. The regular Blue-Eyes White Dragon has no effect, and neither does Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

While 3000 attack sure is a beefy number, there are plenty of cards that have effects to go with numbers like that. Unfortunately, Kaiba doesn’t seem to have any of those monsters.

9 Worked With Yugi During Duelist Kingdom

Joey Kaiba

During the Duelist Kingdom arc of the show, Kaiba was in a bad place. Pegasus had taken Mokuba, and Kaiba was willing to do anything to get him back. And in this mindset, he made some pretty bad decisions. Who could blame the guy?

In fact, this even led to him working against Yugi, despite the two having similar goals. They could have worked together to the benefit of them both.

8 Thought Through His Tactics A Bit More

Kaiba with a gun pointed at him in Yu-Gi-Oh!

During their duel on Duelist Kingdom, Kaiba was about to lose to Yugi. But, he had a backup plan. A dangerous one. He walked to the edge of the castle and dared Yugi to attack, even though the blast could have hurt him. This, of course, worked.

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From there, Kaiba entered the castle and lost to Pegasus. Perhaps if he had rethought his plan, Kaiba and Yugi could have worked together to take down Pegasus and save their loved ones from him.

7 Stopped Yugi From Breaking The Rules

YuGiOh Yugi Muto

Whether he was using Multiply incorrectly, having life points when he should have zero, or fusing his monster cards with spells, Yugi seemed to bend the rules a lot during the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

He did this several times in his duels with Kaiba, too. Kaiba knows the rules of the game better than anyone, and he knew that Yugi did plenty of things that made no sense. He should have called the King of Games out when he had the chance. And even if in-universe some of these moves were allowed, Yugi certainly was helped along by higher powers which made his duels unfair.

6 Not Discounting Yugi

YuGiOh Yami Marik

The Battle City semi-finals were decided upon in a four-way duel, during which the highest-ranking players would face-off, as would the lower-ranking players. Kaiba wanted to go against Yugi to win Slifer the Sky Dragon before going against Marik, as The Winged Dragon of Ra is the strongest of the God Cards.

However, he knew just how powerful Yugi is. Perhaps going against Marik would have been the better move. With two of the God Cards, he might have been able to defeat Yugi.

5 Refused To Trust The Pyramid Of Light

Pegasus Pyramid of Light

During Pyramid of Light, the titular card was clearly influencing Kaiba. There was something wrong with that card, and Kaiba sensed it. Nevertheless, he used it in his battle with Yugi in order to defeat the Egyptian God Cards.

This, of course, unleashed Anubis, who threatened the entire world. Had Kaiba just stuck with Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon, he could have perhaps won the duel and not have unleashed a horrible evil into the world.

4 Not Using Peten The Dark Clown Correctly

Peten the Dark Clown Yu-Gi-Oh!

During Pyramid of Light, Kaiba uses the destruction of Peten the Dark Clown in order to activate Deck Destruction Virus. The card requires a fiend-type monster to be destroyed in order to activate. Peten is a spellcaster.

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As such, Kaiba wasn’t actually able to use this incredibly strong card. He should have read the text a bit more carefully before putting it in his deck.

3 Abided More Closely To The Rules

Obelisk The Tormentor against Marik in Yu-Gi-Oh!

During his duel with Koji Nagumo, Kaiba summons Obelisk the Tormentor on turn one. While this is, of course, just to emphasize the power of Obelisk, Kaiba very clearly cannot do this.

There was no way he was able to get the necessary sacrifices onto the field to make this possible. Koji should have called Kaiba out for the blatant cheating. This kind of strategy could backfire on him in other duels.

2 Make His Tournaments Safer

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai battles Marik

Mai, Bakura, Odion, Joey, basically everyone that loses in the Battle City finals slips into a coma, barely surviving. Nevertheless, Kaiba insisted that the duels go on.

His own life was never in danger, but he needed the God Cards, so he allowed the tournament to proceed as scheduled. This wasn’t a great thing to do to all of the contestants that almost lost their lives. If Kaiba intends to continue dueling, it would be wise for him to think through these kind of choices.

1 Fix His Duelist Kingdom Deck

Kaiba's First Duel in Yu-Gi-Oh!

While this really goes for every character during Duelist Kingdom, what was going on with Kaiba’s deck?

He had cards like Hitotsu-Me Giant in it, which alone proves that Kaiba clearly had no idea what he was doing at this point. Of course, he would remedy this situation during the Battle City arc and onwards.

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