10 Unusual Craft Breweries with the Most Interesting Features

10 Unusual Craft breweries with the Most Interesting Features

Craft breweries are doing everything they can to make their beer products more interesting and distinct. Part of this entails adding unusual features and flavors into their beer products. As you will see from this listing, there are many ways how people can enjoy quality craft beer products.

Craft breweries

Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer

Apparently you can get sriracha sauce on anything. Rogue introduced a sriracha-inspired stout beer with the Huy Fong hot chili sauce. The beer has a spicy tone to it.

Wild Beer Co. Of the Sea

Wild Beer Co. produced the Of the Sea beer with an interesting sea-inspired flavor. The beer is produced with two forms of seaweed, lobster bisque, and sea herbs. Cornish sea salt and star anise are used in the seasoning process.

Smartmouth Saturday Morning IPA

The Virginia-based Smartmouth brewery introduced the Saturday Morning IPA as a beer with cereal marshmallows included in the mash. Toasted marshmallows are also included to create a Lucky Charms-inspired beer that is, as the company calls it, “magically ridiculous.”

Stedji Hvalur

Hvalur is a beer from the Icelandic brewery Stedji that is made with whale testicles and sheep dung. Whale testicles are added to create a porter flavor, while sheep dung produces a smoky tone. This is all made with pure Icelandic water, which is believed to be the freshest in the world. That might make the excrement a little more noticeable depending on who you ask.

Wynkoop Brewing Company Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

Another testicular-based beer, Wynkoop in Denver makes the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout beer with bull testicles. The testicles add a savoury flavour all around.

Stone Brewing Full Circle IPA

Stone Brewing makes this Full Circle IPA beer with recycled wastewater. The beer was introduced as a means of controlling water usage during a drought in the brewery’s headquarters in San Diego.

Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah

The Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghost Face Killah proudly endorses this beer from Twisted Pine. The beer features the ghost, habanero, serrano, and Anaheim peppers in a wheat ale base.

Rogue Ales Beard Beer

The idea of a beer that features stuff from a man’s beard is unusual, but that is what Rogue Ales has made. Wild beard yeast is used to produce a pineapple-like flavour.

Fossil Fuels Jurassic Saison

Fossil Fuels was formed following the discovery of yeast DNA in an old piece of fossilized amber. The yeast in the beer comes from a 45-million-year-old piece of amber, thus producing what might as well be the oldest beer in the world.

Sankt Gallen Un, Koro Kuro

What is it about excrement and beer on this list? If the sheep dung beer didn’t appeal to you, maybe this beer from Sankt Gallen in Japan would be more interesting. This beer features fermented coffee beans that have passed through an elephant’s digestive system and has been gathered through its excrement. This is an intriguing option, but it may be too difficult for some people to have.

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