10 Underrated Scenes That Should Have Been Iconic (According To Reddit)

There are countless moments in The Office that are shared online time and time again as new and longtime fans rewatch the series. Large moments like Kevin dropping the chili and Dwight setting the office on fire are widely celebrated, but there are even more underrated moments that don’t get quite the social media traction that they might deserve.

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The small looks to the camera and subtle reactions to daily situations are nuanced and sometimes easy to miss, but make the entire scene perfect. As much as fans love talking about the bigger Office moments, it’s the small ones that deserve recognition.

10 “My Cousin… Mufasa”

Ryan pretends that the lion king is his story on the office

In “Grief Counseling,” Michael’s old boss dies unexpectedly and he becomes overly emotional about how disposable his life was. He decided to call a meeting in the conference room so everyone could vent about the losses in their lives.

As always, no one wanted to participate, so workers like Ryan, Pam, and Kevin recited storylines from movies and waited for Micahel to catch on… Ryan retold The Lion King as his own story and Michael had no idea.

9 It’s The KGB!

Michael and dwight do a kgb knock knock joke on the office

In “Golden Ticket,” Michael was trying to get people to fall for his knock-knock jokes. Pam pushes him aside but Dwight was eager to play along. Dwight pretends to be the KGB and slaps Michael across the face, which annoys him. He quickly shuts down all knock-knock jokes in the office. That is until Jim jumps in…

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As soon as Jim said “Ding-dong,” Michael’s face lit up. Jim said it was the KGB at the door, which prompted Michael and Dwight to yell at each other over who was going to answer the fictitious door because the KGB was on the other side.

8 Whoever Or Whomever?

pam and michael get into a debate over whoever and whomever on the office

When Michael attempts to show the office how to use PowerPoint, it proves that he’s never used PowerPoint before and had no idea what he was talking about. Ryan was infuriated, and the two men argued in front of the office. But when Ryan said “Whomever in the office,” Michael corrected him and said the proper term was “whoever.” This launched a debate in the conference room because no one knew the correct word.

When Pam said the proper use of the word, Kelly compared its usage to Ryan using her like “an object.”

7 Dwight Treating Phyllis Like A Horse

In “Cafe Disco,” Phyllis pulled her back after dancing too hard with Michael. Dwight stepped in and treated Phyllis privately because he didn’t want to scare others from dancing with Michael.

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As a farmer, Dwight treated Phyllis exactly how he would have treated a farm animal. He massaged her back with otter oil, fed her carrots, and said “Woah, girl!” when she tried to move too quickly. It’s one of the most underrated moments in their friendship.

6 “Pippity Poppity”

In “The Negotiation,” Darryl asks Michael for a raise, but if Michael were to allow that, Darryl would earn more than him, the regional manager. Darryl was shocked by how little Michael was making after 15 years with the company. He encouraged Michael to march down to corporate and ask for a raise himself.

To give Michael more confidence, Darryl “taught” Michael some phrases he could use that would verify his “street credibility.” Hilariously, the words were made up, but Michael believed them to be real and used them.

5 The Odd Dancing Between Ryan And Gabe

ryan and gabe talking to robert california on the office

In “Pool Party,” Ryan and Gabe are in this weird competition over Robert California’s affections. The two happily toured his home with Jim, Oscar, and Toby, and were trying to impress him the whole night. They drank wine straight from the bottle and things got weird as the night went on.

In the ending scene, Gabe, Ryan, and Robert were all tiredly dancing in a dark room. But when Robert eventually fell asleep, Ryan and Gabe refused to stop this weird competitive streak and continued dancing while looking annoyed.

4 Erin Took Andy’s Words Too Literally

Erin tells andy that his mother is dead as a joke on the office

When Andy became regional manager, Erin became his version of Pam; his righthand woman. But when an important client came in, Andy asked Erin to interrupt the meeting with a fake phone call so that he could turn it down to show his loyalty to the client.

Erin missed the memo, however, and didn’t take no for an answer. She told Andy that the police were on the phone and that his mother was dead. All the while the client was sitting there with a shocked expression. Andy had no choice but to answer the phone and act as his mother had died. It was one of the most uncomfortable moments in the series.

3 Chunky Lemon Milk

Kevin malone thinks the old milk is lemon flavored on the office

In “Couples Discount,” Andy was coming back from his boat trip and the office was gearing up to shun their so-called manager. Kevin’s mind, however, was elsewhere.

He told the cameras that for the past three months, he’s been sneaking sips of Andy’s milk and that it was “really yummy.” But now that Andy is back, Kevin would have to stop drinking his “chunky lemon milk.” Oh, Kevin.

2 Creed Thought Someone Would Park His Car

Creed thinks the office has a valet on the office

In “Search Committee: Part 1,” the office was scrambling to find a new regional manager that would last. In the meantime, Creed was appointed the interim manager because he had been there the longest. But just as fans suspected, Creed had no idea what he was doing or what being the manager entailed.

As he showed up to work, he parked his new car in front of the building, threw his keys in the distance, and yelled “keep it running!” Creed literally thought Dunder Mifflin had a valet of some kind.

1 Kevin’s Grand Entrance

kevin malone getting ready for a motivational speech on the office

Andy tried being more assertive at work and creating his own business seminar in the conference room as a way to create more leads. He needed some help from his coworkers and asked a few of them if they could say some words at the seminar.

But when Jim pulls out, Andy panics and has Kevin say a few words. To pump himself up for the speech, Kevin played “Crazy Train” and entered the seminar like a superstar. Sadly, the song didn’t work. Kevin was so nervous that he basically had a panic attack.

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