10 TV Shows To Watch If You Love Chaos

Chaos can be stressful in everyday life, but on television, it’s a main source of entertainment. When characters find themselves in situations that spiral out of their control, it often leads to some of the most amusing plot lines. Things don’t always go as planned, which is what helps make a television show unpredictable.

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There are some series, in particular, that thrive off of chaos and disorganization. Viewers never know what’s going to happen next because nothing is off the table. In these shows, characters are thrown into complete mayhem that only gets worse the more they try to take back control.

10 Supernatural

Dean and Sam go on a game show.

Because of the paranormal element, anything can happen in Supernatural. In one of the most chaotic episodes – and there’s a lot to choose from – Sam and Dean are dropped into an alternate reality where they’re the actors of the show, rather than the characters, creating plenty of opportunities for the series to make fun of itself.

When the tricker traps them in the world of television, Sam and Dean must participate in a game show where every wrong answer earns them a whack in the downstairs area. The brothers’ adventures don’t always have any rhyme or reason, but the craziest episodes are the most entertaining.

9 It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Dennis and Dee on the drop tower.

Unlike other sitcoms, there’s no line that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia won’t cross. Because the show is centered around a group of degenerates, the characters have no sense of morality and care very little about the consequences of their actions.

It’s considered by many to be a political satire, so the series is able to get away with a lot of crude humor that otherwise wouldn’t fly today. The gang gets caught up in drug deals, murder plots, and kidnappings, yet they always live to tell the tale.

8 The O.C.

Ryan and Taylor on a road trip.

Teen dramas are often messy, but The O.C. is on an entirely different level of madness. Throughout the shows’ four seasons, homes are destroyed, main characters die brutal deaths, and the core four end up in absurd situations.

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There’s never a dull moment in the series, and every time viewers think they finally have a breather in between crises, something even worse comes to pass. The O.C. feels less like a teen drama and more like a series of chaotic events.

7 Veep

Selina is shocked over Gary's news.

HBO’s comedy, Veep, centers around Vice President, Selina Meyer, and the members of her administration. However, everyone on the show is a horrible person who doesn’t care about making positive changes in the country.

They’re all wildly disorganized, crude, and spend most of their time bullying each other rather than doing actual work. Selina finds herself at the center of multiple scandals, and her slew of embarrassing moments often make headlines. It’s impossible to watch the show and not wonder how the characters have reached this level in their careers.

6 Good Girls

Beth, Ruby, and Annie plan their next move.

Three mothers’ lives spiraled out of control when they were short on money and decided to raid a grocery store. The abundance of cash they stumble upon during the robbery belonged to Rio, a dangerous gang leader who wasn’t happy about being robbed.

The women of Good Girls are forced to join Rio’s money-laundering operation, while simultaneously deflecting the police and parenting their children. Things get even more complicated when they’re caught up in a string of murders, and Beth begins to fall for the gang leader who continues to threaten their lives.

5 Superstore

Jonah and Amy participate in a baby shower.

The number of shenanigans that ensue at Cloud 9 brings Superstore to a whole new level of comedy. Whether Jonah and Amy are challenging each other to dares, or Marcus is flooding the store by stuffing food in the toilets, there’s never a dull moment.

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The employees at the big-box store are forced to endure tornadoes, blizzards, robberies, and a Black Friday that Garrett compared to The Purge. Because of the intensity of the episodes and the love story at its center, Superstore is not an average workplace sitcom.

4 The Boys

A fight breaks out among The Boys.

In a world where superheroes are corrupt, there’s bound to be some unruliness. Not only do Supes give themselves free rein, but they also have a say in the country’s politics and rule with an iron fist.

The only way to stop a person with superpowers is by pitting them against someone even stronger, and it’s not easy to find a superhero who’s willing to rebel against Vought. The Boys is all about giving viewers the full effect and doesn’t skimp when it comes to showcasing the turmoil that Supes leave in their wake.

3 Seinfeld

Kramer, George, Seinfeld and Elaine

For a show about nothing, a lot happens in the 90’s sitcom. Seinfeld follows stand-up comedian, Jerry, and his chaotic group of friends as they deal with the nuances of life. Because of the group’s troubling sense of morality, they find themselves in bizarre situations that tend to blow up in their faces.

There’s nothing the characters won’t do to get out of something, and since their plans are completely irrational, they’re usually left worse off than they were before.

2 The Umbrella Academy

Cha Cha and Hazel come after The Umbrella Academy.

The plot of the show is all over the place, but somehow, it works. Characters travel through time and space, a grown man ends up in the body of a child, and the members of The Umbrella Academy all possess different supernatural abilities.

Figuring out how everything fits together is a challenge, yet the complete ludicrousy of events makes the madness feel warranted. The bond between the Hargreeves family is at the center of the show, but the familial dynamic is surrounded by utter mayhem.

1 The Good Place

Jason makes a flame thrower.

The Good Place is a show specifically designed to stress out overthinkers. There’s no rhyme or reason to anything that happens in the afterlife, which gives the showrunners creative license to do just about whatever they want. In order to enjoy the show, viewers need to accept that some things simply don’t make sense.

There’s no point in trying to figure out how much time passes in the series, as the words “Jeremy Bearimy,” are used to visually represent the timeline. The dot on the “I” stands for Tuesdays, July, and the moment where “nothing never occurs.”

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