10 Top Tattoo Ideas Like Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ tattoos are comparatively small and unique if compared with other celebrities. What does Britney Spears tattoo say?

tattoo ideas like britney spears
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When it comes to tattoos it should be mentioned that tattoos are nothing but a form of body modification that is performed under the dermis layer of one’s skin with the help of ink and needles.

Whilst tattoos were considered taboo and worn by tribal people, one can easily witness that there is an immense growth in the tattoo culture nowadays. Standing at the threshold of the 21st century, one can see there are myriads of tattoo designs flaunting the tattoo bearers and overwhelming the market.

Tattoo culture is growing at a rapid pace and celebrities like Britney Spears are emerging with such wondrous designs that will surely leave one awestruck, growing an urge to get themselves inked with one such design like the Britney Spears tattoo where language is written backward or hand tattoos.

When it comes to Britney Spears’ tattoos, be it permanent ones or temporary tattoos they behold deeper meaning and put in front the values and ideals of the celebrity just like the left wrist tattoo, a Chinese symbol for her.

What kind of tattoo does Britney Spears have? Let’s quickly jump into the article to learn more about the discreet tattoos possessed by Britney Spears.

Britney Spears Fairy Tattoo

britney spears fairy tattoo
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The tattoo design has been well inked by the tattoo artist and falls under the category of a fairy tattoo. It is worth mentioning that, unlike Britney Spears’s fairy tattoo, this particular tattoo has been inked by the woman on her left foot. Inked in black, the tattoo is giving the lady a different look. Talking about the fairy tattoo of Britney Spear, a stark difference can be observed as this cute little fairy all though it’s like her but is quite different. Britney Spears got a cute little fairy tattoo which is magical. The fairy comes in different colors. Moreover, the little fairy has been drawn in the form of a little girl of about three or four years of age. This is adding an extra charm to being magical creatures who can add happiness to one’s life.

The fairy tattoo of Britney Spear is beautifully executed and consists of a black outline. Moreover, this permanent tattoo has got a daffodil flower for the frock of the fairy. The fairy has blonde hair and strong wings inked in pink, purple and green.

Britney Spears who had earned enormous success in her music career tattooed this when she was of 18 years and showed this in public on May 5th, 2000. The tattoo carries its meaning and perfectly reflects her youth along with uncertainty as well as her strong desire to fly high music career. You can also get yourself inked with this Britney Spears tattoos idea.

Chinese Tattoo On Right Hip

chinese tattoo on right hip
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The lady has inked this beautiful Chinese symbol on her body and can perfectly be called a Chinese tattoo. Chinese tattoos well execute the Chinese culture and each and every word carries its own meaning. Before inking with Chinese writing or any foreign language tattoo always check its meaning.

Just like this small tattoo, Britney Spears also inked herself with Chinese writing and a Chinese Tattoo in February 2001. It is worthy to unleash the fact that, it was her second tattoo which he made in Los Angeles. She inked this one on her right hip and was ought to depict ‘mysterious and amazing’.

Whilst it is good to have a foreign language tattoo, it is also necessary that the tattoos reflect the same you wanted to. As Britney Spears tattoos go, this meant something else and she replaced it with a flower.

Britney Spears Right Foot (Butterfly)

britney spears right foot (butterfly)
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Britney Spears continued with her outdoor theme. It was in 2003, that the lady inked on her right foot a dainty butterfly with the image of a vine. Un