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10 Top Accessories Trends From Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks

Top 10 accessory trends from Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks

A combination of refreshed classics and bold new favorites is popular this year. From an update of the classic beret to the much-loved wide belt of the 2000s, there are plenty of new pieces that will elevate your existing wardrobe. Traditional jewelry like pearls and gold earrings are updated and sure to inspire you. Some of them are the renewed must-haves, and others are made for the daring risk takers of fashion. Here are the latest accessory trends spotted during Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks, and tips on how to find them.

1. Beret with net

The effortless and stylish accessory just got an update this season. Escape to Paris without leaving the country by adding a fishnet beret to your wardrobe. This combination of a fascinator and a hat is great for a tailored ensemble, like a sundress or a belted shirt dress. Keep the silhouette of your outfit and jewelry to a minimum to show off the bold headpiece. To rock the look like a true Parisian, place it over your head, covering most of your forehead and an inch behind your ears. Pull one side down so it sits at an angle.

Beret With Net

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2. Wide belts

The Y2K aesthetic takes a high fashion twist this season. The wide belt is a fantastic way to create an hourglass figure or break up a monochromatic palette. There are many ways you can wear this trend, but the most popular option we’ve seen is with a long blazer, cardigans, sweaters or bodycon dresses. To get the most out of this oversized accessory, go for something black or brown – that way you can wear it with a variety of different outfits all year round.

Wide belts

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3. Purple Bags

This season it’s all about bold pops of color, and there’s no better way to do it than with jewel tones. Purple bags of all sizes will instantly brighten up any outfit, no matter what other shades you add to the mix. Stick to the color wheel and combine it with similar tones, like blue or pink. Alternatively, you can go all out with something on the opposite end of the spectrum, like yellow, green, or orange. If all else fails, a classic monochrome gray, black or white ensemble will let the accessories do the talking.

purple bags

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4. Layered Double Chain Necklaces

When it comes to jewelry, you can never have enough chain necklaces. It’s become a must-have for all fashion lovers, and it’s not changing this season. This year we are layering several chains on top of each other to create a multi-dimensional and chic look. Using different lengths will create the illusion of a longer neck and look great with a plunging neckline. However, adding two identical models can add a punk touch to any ensemble. It’s a classic piece of jewelry that you’ll wear for years.

Layered Double Chain Necklaces

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5. Chunky Platform High Heel Boots

Every few years, chunky shoes take center stage. This season, we’re putting a modern twist on the iconic platforms of the 60s and 70s. From ankle length to something above the knee, it’s a huge trend set to sweep the fashion scene. Whether you love Mod-era go-go boots or adore Prada’s SS22 style, there are so many ways to wear the shoes. Add a trench coat, midi skirt or mini dress to show off your pins and those daring boots.

Chunky Platform High Heel Boots

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6. Pearl Jewelry

As Jackie Kennedy aptly said, pearls are always appropriate. This season is all about cream gems, and there are plenty of ways to add them to your everyday outfits. Wearing them in your hair or as an anklet is the cutest way to rock the trend. Of course, you can still wear them in a traditional way, like earrings or necklaces – go for a baroque or unique shape for a modern twist. Take cute selfies for the Instagram grid by pairing the jewelry with your favorite t-shirt, twin set or cardigan. For a more classic approach, clean silhouettes and neutral shades are your best bet.

pearl jewelry

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7. Colorful Prada Gloves

These bright and bold Prada gloves took to the streets of Fashion Week this year, and we can see why. The fun and fresh take on classic accessories is the perfect way to cover up when the temperature drops, and they’ll instantly brighten up the ensemble. The most popular way to see them stylish is with oversized coats and other bright hues, but you can do it with a monochromatic jumpsuit, sweaters, blouses and everything in between. While the usual fall and winter palette is darker, color blocking is sure to lift the spirits – we expect to see this trend everywhere.

Colorful Prada gloves

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8. Scarf

If you want to convey the vibe you spent summer on the Amalfi Coast, you should add a scarf to your collection. The retro trend has been making waves for a few years, worn by Bella Hadid on vacation, and continues to dominate today. The classic bandana look still works well, but you can take a sheet from Grace Kelly’s book and wrap the ends under your chin and tie them under the fabric at the back of your neck. You can find a wide range of different designs, colors and sizes in vintage stores – designs from Hermès, Versace and Gucci never disappoint.


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9. Green Accessories

Inspired by the beauty of the world around us and a touch of Y2K aesthetics, green is the hue taking over this season. From neon hues to neutral olive and bottle hues, there’s a way to incorporate color into any outfit. Keep things casual with an everyday lime tote bag, or carry a micro-mini bag for an editorial touch. Put your best foot forward in emerald shoes – strappy sandals or chunky boots from Bottega Veneta are a great choice all year round. You can even mix and match different colors with a pair of funky sunglasses, jewelry, or a hat. With so many options available, you’ll want to try them all.

Green accessories

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10. Gold hoop earrings

There are a handful of basic accessories that everyone should own, and gold hoop earrings are one of them. Effortless and timeless, you can wear them with any outfit in your wardrobe and look spectacular. This season it’s all about taking the classic gold hoop earrings up a notch with bold designs. Added twists, embellishments, chains and logos make each pair unique and the best addition to your collection. This accessory is so versatile you can wear it with literally anything – from pajamas to prom dresses, it will work with anything you have.

Trendy golden hoop earrings

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Which accessories are trendy for 2022?

This season it’s all about classic elements with a modern twist. Updated iconic accessories from a beret with netting to gold hoop earrings. Some of the most popular trends on the streets of Fashion Weeks SS22 included all things green, scarves, pearl finishes and purple handbags. There were lots of chunky platform boots and brightly colored Prada leather gloves, to brighten up the cold season.

What are the trends for 2022?

There are plenty of trends that have emerged on and off the track this season. Some of them include beaded embellishments, zipper prints, bodycon jumpsuits and long leather coats. While dark hues are usually reserved for the colder months, it’s all about bringing the sun with you in bright hues, such as purple, green, and yellow.

What is the most popular accessory?

This season, the most popular accessories are those that you can wear almost anywhere, such as jewelry and bags. Classic and timeless pieces like gold and pearl necklaces, earrings and rings are part of the range, as you can wear them to a whole range of events and occasions. Fashion lovers love bags in contrasting patterns or bold hues – they look fantastic with a monochromatic ensemble.

What trends are coming back in style?

Some of the biggest trends of the 90s and 2000s are making a comeback. Every 20 years or so, certain fashion trends come back in a new way. Y2K-era favorites include wide waistbands, low-rise skirts, and contrasting patterns. Dominant trends, such as platform boots, wide leg pants, and color blocking date back to the 60s and 70s, which became popular again in the 90s and 2000s.


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