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10 Stunning latest back neck blouse designs

Back neck blouse designs: With the changing trend, everything is renovating itself according to the newest taste, modernized preferences, and demand of the time. Every sunrise welcomes a new vogue in the cosmos of fashion each day. A tremendous change is visible in the world of Indian attires.

neck blouse designs” src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Back-neck-blouse-designs.jpg” alt=”Back neck blouse designs” width=”618″ height=”348″ /> Back neck blouse designs

Saree, being one of the most favourites of many across the world has marked a newfangled style of its own by introducing fashionable blouse patterns. The variety of blouse patterns includes stylish back necks, chic look sleeves patterns and many more twists & twirls. This article guides you on how to give a ravishing look conversion to your decent saree look with few of the latest swanky back neck designs.

neck blouse” src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/sheer-back-neck-blouse.jpg” alt=”sheer back neck blouse” width=”1024″ height=”576″ /> sheer back neck blouse
  • Boat neck back blouse design:

Let’s begin with the most demanded and evergreen style of back neck designs! Boat neck designs which swirls in the shape of a boat; both from front and back is just the best to give even your simple saree a swag filled look. Do not forget to add a long set of earrings or jhumkas to give yourself a refined look!

neck back blouse design” src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/boat-neck-back-blouse-design.jpg” alt=”Boat neck back blouse design” width=”676″ height=”451″ /> Boat neck back blouse design
src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/boat-neck-blouse-designs.jpg” alt=”boat neck blouse designs” width=”680″ height=”680″ /> boat neck blouse designs
  • Back neck designs exclusively for Silk Saree:

When it comes to traditional silk saree, the blouse neck also needs to be a traditional one. This not only enhances the overall look of rich silk saree but also make you an eye turner wherever you walk. Just be ready to handle lovely compliments in abundance and go blush blush!




  • Sheer back neck designs:

A sheer look is just incomplete without a sheer back neck blouse design. You can beautify the look of this blouse design by adding a queue of buttons or beads in the mid. Even, cornered or centred whiles with some beautiful patches can add a twist to it. This back neck will enlighten your look in evening parties.


  • Knot at back, neck blouse design for back:

If you are the one, who is completely carefree and just wants to flaunt in your best style always, then this knotted blouse back design is the right choice baby. A saree with sleek border and a plain knotted blouse is the perfect combination for a cocktail eve or a corporate party too.



  • Leafy like back neck designs:

This leafy back blouse design is so much in trend! Whether you are a bride who is looking to add on a modern taste to her bridal blouse or a bridesmaid who is all set to wear a stunning saree, this back blouse design will go perfect in both. Make sure to give a bun look to your back hair to flaunt this beautiful back blouse design.


  • Zardosi worked back neck:

Old is gold and the intricate zardosi work defines this proverb in the best way. If you are looking to add a tinge of elegance in your look even by wearing a simple saree, then the best option would be to pick a zardosi back neck. Your taste will speak of style itself. Just give it a go!




  • Tassels embellished sari blouse designs:

Is lehenga on your mind but are you also stuck on its blouse design?

Then let all your worries flee away because we bring you an awesome idea to it. Embellish the back design of blouse with tassels like hangings or you can even use pom-poms for an additional chic look. This unique taste of yours is sure to make your earn words of appreciation.


  • Drop-shaped blouse designs:

The boat neck, when accompanied by the drop-shaped blouse designs, will definitely add seven stars to the overall look of your attire. The embroidered blouses of sarees will go best with this stunning blouse design. So, flaunt your swag in a distinct way.

  • Half a moon neck back blouse design

src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Half-a-moon-back-neck-blouse-design-1024×576.jpg” alt=”Half a moon back neck blouse design” width=”618″ height=”348″ /> Half a moon neck back blouse design

This is one of the latest neck back blouse design that is hitting the modern trend and winning the hearts of many. Termed as half a moon back neck design, is an artistic work of a professional designer and rich taste of someone who loves to bang with flair always. The two-coloured saree blouse will give this design a perfect look.


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