10 Mind Blowing Simple Fairy Tattoos

Simple fairy tattoos are a popular choice for many people, as they can be both beautiful and mysterious. Fairies are often associated with nature, and many people believe that they have magical powers. As a result, fairy tattoos can symbolize both beauty and strength.

Simple fairy tattoos can be designed in a variety of ways, from delicate and ethereal to bold and fierce. Whether you want to celebrate your own inner enchantress or pay tribute to a loved one who shares your passion for all things magical, a simple fairy tattoo is sure to delight.

Simple fairy tattoos

simple fairy tattoos
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Fairies are magical creatures and mythical creatures who are supposed to have magical powers.

Fairies are usually represented as female in works of fiction like magical, fantasy stories and movies. They usually are quite small in stature and have delicate wings attached to their back that helps them fly.

Fairies are considered to be quite attached with nature as they are mostly found in magical, fantasy forests or woods. They also come out during the dark when the moon is shining in the sky. Different fairies have different powers. However, they are considered to bring good luck in your life if you believe in them and their powers. Therefoer, fairies are associated with good fortune and happy events. A lot of women and young girls choose fairy tattoos as they feel that a tattoo of these feminine magical creatures will look quite cute.

Consequently, if you are looking for a simple but magical tattoo, you should take a look at these simple fairy tattoo ideas!

Tiny Fairy Tattoo Designs

tiny fairy tattoo designs
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If you are thinking of getting a tattoo for the first time, you may want to start out with some smaller tattoo designs to understand the amount of pain you can tolerate. So if you are looking for some cute tattoos that are quite feminine as well, why not look at a simple fairy tattoo? These little creatures with their beautiful wings and innocent vibe would look amazing on your body. If you want to maintain a minimal style, then you can also get a simple fairy silhouette tattoo made out of black ink.

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Cute And Funny Fairy Tattoos

cute and funny fairy tattoos
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If you have a sense of humor, you should definitely let your tattoo express it! After all, our tattoos should be an extension of who we are and display the multiple aspects of our personality. While there are many popular variations of simple fairy tattoos, you can also choose an unconventional design that is cute and funny at the same time. If you need some inspiration about funny fairy tattoos, you can also follow the photo above. The wearer has gotten a cute frog tattooed on their arm with fairy wings and fairy dust. You can also choose to replace the frog with any other cute animal that you are particularly fond of and make your own unique and hilariously adorable tattoo.

Lovely Fairy Wing Tattoos

lovely fairy wing tattoos
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In all popular portrayals and characterizations of a fairy, these small, sprite-like features are known to have wings like butterfly wings. These wings help the fairies to fly from one place to another with ease. While these fairies fly, these beautiful creatures are also imagined to be sprinkling fairy dust during their journey. Even in the Peter Pan books and animated series, Tinkerbell was a lovely fairy who easily flew from one place to another with her butterfly-like wings. So if you want to get just the wings of a fairy tattooed, you can also opt for a Tinkerbell tattoo.

Amazing Ideas For Sitting Fairy Tattoo

amazing ideas for sitting fairy tattoo
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There are quite a few popular fairy tattoo designs that can be found on the internet. One such well-liked fairy tattoo design is with the motif of a fairy sitting. In this tattoo design, the fairy is seen to be in a sitting position with the fairy wings spread wide open. If you fall in love with this design, then you can also ask your tattoo artist to make the same kind of design for you.

Beautiful Outline Tattoo Designs Of Small Fairies

beautiful outline tattoo designs of small fairies
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If you have decided that you want a small fairy tattoo, you have to ensure that your tattoo artist follows a simple and minimal tattoo style. For example, you can ask them to make a simple fairy tattoo outline. An outline tattoo idea is perfect for people who do not want extravagant, large or complex tattoo designs. In this tattoo style, the artist simply draws the outline or borders of the figure using neat, precise, and clean strokes. Then the figure is not filled with any ink inside and the outline stays as it is. As the picture above clearly shows, an outline fairy tattoo would look amazing even from afar.

Flower Fairy Tattoo Ideas Done In The American Traditional Style

flower fairy tattoo ideas done in the american traditional style
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The American traditional tattoo style is very popular among tattoo artists and tattoo lovers. This classic tattoo style comprises a unique technique that artists have used for years. In this style, the artist uses thick border lines to draw the outline along with the usage of bright and bold colors. So if you want a unique and unconventional gothic fairy tattoo, you can definitely ask for an American traditional gothic fairy tattoo.

flower fairy tattoo ideas done in the american traditional style ideas
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The images of the fairies in this style is also quite peculiar which cannot be seen in other tattoo styles. So if you have decided you want gothic fairy tattoos in the American traditional style, you should look for tattoo artists who are expert in this art.

Bright And Colorful Fairy Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

bright and colorful fairy tattoo designs for men and women
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Fairies are known for being lively, cheerful creatures who spread magic wherever they go. They are happy and innocent mythical characters who bring joy to small children as well as adults. Consequently, fairies are usually decked up in bright and wonderful colors instead of drab, monochromatic colors like black or gray. The fairy dust that they spread is also multicolored and usually imagined to be glittery in nature. Thus, if you want your simple fairy tattoo to truly represent the wonderful characteristics of fairies, you should ask your tattoo artist to use solid colors and make a beautiful watercolor fairy tattoo.

bright and colorful fairy tattoo designs for men and women ideas
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However, a colorful fairy tattoo will take a lot more time to complete. It will also be more expensive than a tattoo done with black ink entirely. However, you can ask your tattoo artist to use the brilliant colors of a rainbow for the wings of the fairy tattoo to make it even more beautiful and attractive.

If you are in love with the idea of a watercolor tattoo, you should definitely check out beautiful watercolor tattoo rose ideas for your next tattoo.

Cute Fairy Tattoos With The Moon

cute fairy tattoos with the moon
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The sun and the moon have always been associated with magic and nature. The sun is considered to be a strong source of power that keeps things alive while the moon is revered for its quiet beauty and aura of mystery. Therefore, the moon is a popular element of nature among both fairies and witches. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy simple fairy tattoo, you should ask your talented tattoo artist to incorporate the motif of a moon into your beautiful fairy tattoo. A lovely crescent moon outline tattoo along with the fairy tattoo would look very cute on a girl or a woman.

Silhouette Fairy Tattoo Designs That Can Be Placed Anywhere

silhouette fairy tattoo designs that can be placed anywhere
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Whenever we think of getting a tattoo, our first concern is about its best placement on our body. After all, everyone wants their tattoo to be put on a part of their body where they can easily flaunt the tattoo to others. In addition to that, people also worry about the pain of getting tattooed on certain body parts. The placement of a tattoo also depends on the size, design, shape and amount of area it will occupy. Consequently, if you are looking for awesome and feminine back tattoos or neck tattoo ideas, you should get a simple fairy tattoo.

Wonderful Simple Fairy Tattoo Designs For Your Arm

wonderful simple fairy tattoo designs for your arm
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If you are seeking a wonderful tattoo to put on your arm which will be feminine as well as attractive, why not go for a simple fairy tattoo? Most women opt for getting tattoos on their arms as it is the easiest place to get tattoos. On the other hand, an arm tattoo is also the easiest to flaunt and show off. You can either choose the upper region of your arm or below the elbow. Some women also get tiny feminine tattoos on their wrists. The best part about arm tattoo designs is that you can let your imagination run free. Consequently, you can also add flowers to the simple fairy tattoo to make it look even more wonderful.

Fairy tattoos are definitely a popular tattoo design for a lot of girls and women. These cute and simple fairy tattoos are convenient and look amazing as well. So if you are still in doubt over whether you should get a simple fairy tattoo, go ahead and book your appointment!

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