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10 Mind Blowing Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Shoulder tattoos have been gaining in popularity among men in recent years. There are many reasons why a man might choose to get a shoulder tattoo. For some, it can be a way to express their personality or show their commitment to a certain lifestyle.

Shoulder tattoos can also be a way to memorialize a loved one or commemorate a special event. Whatever the reason, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting a shoulder tattoo. First, it is important to choose a design that is appropriate for the location.

Shoulder tattoos are often very visible, so it is important to select a design that is not too controversial. Second, shoulder tattoos can be difficult to hide, so it is important to consider how this will affect your job or social life.

Finally, shoulder tattoos can be painful and require significant healing time, so it is important to be sure that you are prepared for this before making the commitment.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men
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Shoulder tattoos for men are growing increasingly popular as there is a constant influx of tattoo tropes that make up different shoulder tattoos, each unique from the other.

Like shoulder tattoos for women represent femininity, for men shoulder tattoo designs mean assertive masculine power. The shoulder is a large canvas space that can accommodate tattoo designs on the top, front of the chest, and the back around the shoulder blades- all representing a seat of strength and dominance.

But what made shoulder tattoos for men so popular? One major advantage of getting a shoulder tattoo is that tattooing the outer shoulder is practically painless due to the thick layer of muscle and fat that acts as a protective shield. However, as you gradually move towards the neck, you will feel pain drastically shoot up owing to the numerous nerve endings near the clavicle area. But the most popular tattoo ideas for men’s shoulders pay no heed to this little obstacle.

Similarly, a shoulder tattoo cost will entirely depend on the kind of design, and the time required to style it. On average, an experienced tattoo artist may charge a couple of hundred dollars for a small to medium size shoulder tattoo, while a full-fledged design extending throughout the shoulder region and upper arm may even shoot up to a thousand dollars. But a shoulder tattoo is a timeless piece and is well worth all these investments. Ready to get your shoulders jabbed? Keep reading to find our best shoulder tattoos for men and the many tips and tricks on how to use your broad shoulders for an awesome tattoo!

Mythical Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Mythical Shoulder Tattoos For Men
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Shoulder tattoos offer a huge area for experimentation, so it is wiser to opt for a relatively large tattoo design over here. This shoulder blade tattoo paints a portrait of Icarus’s fall using modern realism and blackwork. The Icarus myth is a well-known instance and this narrative tattoo helps to paint a vivid picture of the same.

Mythical Shoulder Tattoos For Mens
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This shoulder blade tattoo chimes in a similar myth from the Greek roots. Inspired by ‘Saturn Devouring His Son,’ the artist etches a gore portrayal of the painting in order to keep up with the intensity of the theme. The painting alludes to the Greek myth where Titan Cronus devours his children due to a prophecy that warned him against his offspring. These myths make a meaningful tattoo on the shoulder blade area and are further intensified with the use of black ink.

Small Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men

Small Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men
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However, if you are someone who has some special affinity for hassle-free designs, a simple shoulder tattoo is what you need. Here, the tattoo artist constructs a shoulder tattoo design with geometric symbols and curved lines. This one serves a combination of different shapes, colours, dot work and fine lines to beautify a rather mundane design.

Small Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Mens
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Similarly, this rounded shape abstract tattoo simply sits on the shoulder joint but still serves equally good looks. The gradient in black heavily relies on hand-poked methods and follows a gradual darkening of solid black shapes as the circle reaches the endpoint. Though these shoulder tattoos seem banal, the placement with the colour gradient steals the show. If you are opting for your first tattoo on the shoulder blade or the upper arm, it is safe to side with a small shoulder tattoo just to test the waters.

Cool Shoulder Tattoo Ideas With Bird Motif

Cool Shoulder Tattoo Ideas With Bird Motif
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An eagle shoulder tattoo is one such necessary idea that immediately erupts when talking about the star shoulder tattoo designs for men. Taking up the entire upper arm and shoulder blade, this eagle tattoo on the shoulder exhibits a grand show of minute detailing. Eagles are a well-known symbol of freedom and this shoulder tattoo places the bird right at the top to signify just that.

Cool Shoulder Tattoo Ideas With Bird Motif ideas
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Unlike an eagle, the crow is an infamous symbol known for its ominosity. The scavenger also occupies the same position, but a shifting mood is prominent in the latter. The black smoke of clouds present here set a definite tone for mishaps and even ill omens.

Badass Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men

Badass Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men
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The perfect formula for a rad shoulder design is to get a skull shoulder tattoo. Skulls reek of death and destruction and when used alongside any other motif can turn the meaning into something dangerous. Here the artist morphs two equally horrifying images of an octopus and a skull into one gothic skull tattoo design. This shoulder to half sleeve tattoo specifically centres around tireless shading and intricacies to achieve such an enigmatic result. even realistic anatomical skulls

Badass Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men ideas
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Or you can push the bounds even further and get yourself a tribal design using gothic skulls. This half sleeve shoulder tattoo presents a demonic skull with snake-like bodies surrounding the head. These half sleeve to shoulder tattoo designs for men are the badass tattoo designs you need to try with improvisations that match your fancy. Try some Celtic symbols, Mexican sugar skulls, or Nordic symbols to get yourself the best tribal shoulder tattoo that suits your demeanour.

Japanese Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men

Japanese Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men
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Painting a shoulder to chest tattoo is a prominent theme in Japanese traditional tattoo designs for men. This shoulder blade tattoo design covers the entirety of the back and extends for a half sleeve tattoo design. The abstract cloudy pattern in black is an easily recognisable symbol and thus fits as a perfect occupant.

Japanese Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Men ideas
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On the other hand, this shoulder to chest tattoo likes to play with dragon shoulder tattoos and a tiger shoulder tattoo. Tigers are a potent symbol of a protector while a dragon tattoo ensures the good health of the whole civilisation. Both of these tattoo designs are positive and make impeccable shoulder tattoos for men.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos For Men
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This Celtic shoulder tattoo runs high from the top of the shoulder to the half sleeve, covering the entirety with tribal patterns in black. A tribal shoulder tattoo like this one can be a great tool to carry cultural heritage, alongside making a statement shoulder tattoo.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos For Men ideas
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Similarly, this traditional shoulder tattoo features a bright torch detailed with a number of indigenous patterns. The colour gradient complements the spirit of tribal tattoos for men and maintains a balanced visual aesthetic. You can recreate your own tribal shoulder tattoos with a Polynesian shoulder tattoo and the Hawaiian tribal tattoos.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men With Animal Motifs

Shoulder Tattoos For Men With Animal Motifs
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Shoulder tattoo ideas have often featured serpents for their killer looks. When mounted as a shoulder blade tattoo, the serpent will fit right in along the many curves and dents of this shoulder to chest tattoo. The shoulder tattoo showcases a seemingly plain snake tattoo design crafted solely out of linework and shading. Instead of a lethal animal, the snake is seen as a well-regarded symbol of fertility across many cultures.

Shoulder Tattoos For Men With Animal Motifs ideas
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This dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade is another good example of how you can utilise the space with some Oriental symbolism. Adhering to the norms of Chinese calligraphy, this shoulder blade tattoo is painted in black brush strokes to bring out the essence of the symbol in Chinese traditional culture. You can try more such shoulder blade tattoos using different symbols from a variety of cultures for a meaningful tattoo design on your shoulder.

Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Men
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Believe us or not the best shoulder tattoos for men come out of the prettiest natural symbols. For instance, this shoulder to neck tattoo features a number of butterflies fluttering amidst the smoke. The colours are apt, the placement is perfect, but out of a tattoo trope that is supposedly reserved for women.

Beautiful Shoulder Tattoos For Men ideas
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Similarly, this geometric mandala shoulder tattoo strikes the harmonious balance between being too technical and too ‘girly’. This ornamental flower shoulder tattoo banks on the interplay between dot work and bold black lines.

Abstract Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Abstract Shoulder Tattoos For Men
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Use your shoulder blade area for a flowy tattoo design and you would never pick anything else! Is this a dense trail of smoke, or is it an abstract loop of desert sand? We will never know, and that is the beauty of abstract lines. These shoulder tattoo ideas are every bit contemporary and will look good on all body structures.

Abstract Shoulder Tattoos For Men ideas
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Is it a thunderstorm or roots protruding from the neck? The artist here keeps the design simple but spreads the design enough to cover up a generous portion of the shoulder.

Fun Shoulder Blade Tattoos For Men

Fun Shoulder Blade Tattoos For Men
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Shoulder tattoos can make the funniest scenes that you could have ever imagined! This one shows how a cat would screech down your shoulder blade with no remorse and care. Well, that’s about cats. The cartoonish representation mingled with a blank reaction from the feline is all that is needed to crack up anyone in their right mind. The inconsistencies of the red ink further mark a real-life picture of a striped body that will almost have you horrified before bursting into laughter!

Fun Shoulder Blade Tattoos For Men ideas
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It is fun when you get to play around and experiment with different shoulder tattoo ideas. For instance, this tattoo artist aims for a mechanical man wrapped up in a ball, exhibiting every sign of a sci-fi. The black and red combination fits the mood of the body art while presenting one of the best shoulder tattoos for any man to style on his body.

Shoulder tattoo designs for men are a blessing in disguise! Sure, sleeve tattoos are cool and all, but a shoulder tattoo has more to offer! Shoulder tattoos hurt less, provide ample room for experimentation and creative outlet, and are not getting out of style any time soon. What are you waiting for? Take a look through these suggestions and get to inking:

  • Clock shoulder tattoo
  • Compass shoulder tattoo
  • Matching shoulder blade tattoos for men
  • Small shoulder blade tattoo with an astronaut
  • Angel shoulder tattoo for men

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