10 Mind Blowing Shoulder Butterfly Tattoos

Shoulder butterfly tattoos are a popular choice for many people, particularly women. They are often seen as a symbol of transformation and new beginnings, making them an ideal choice for those who are looking to start fresh.

Shoulder butterfly tattoos can be small and delicate or large and dramatic, depending on your personal preference. They can also be placed on either the front or back of the shoulder, depending on where you would like to display your tattoo. If you are considering getting a shoulder butterfly tattoo, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, the placement of the tattoo is important. The shoulder is a fairly visible location, so you want to make sure that the design is something you are comfortable with showing off.

Secondly, shoulder butterfly tattoos can be fairly delicate, so they may not be suitable for everyone. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, you may want to consider another location for your tattoo.

Finally, remember that shoulder butterfly tattoos will require regular upkeep in order to maintain their appearance. If you are not prepared to commit to this level of care, then a shoulder butterfly tattoo may not be the right choice for you.

Shoulder butterfly tattoos

shoulder butterfly tattoos
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Since time immemorial, butterflies have always been a predominant element of artistic expression for their symbolism.

For their wide symbolism and significance, butterflies have dominated almost all forms of art. Butterflies are one among the most delicate insects yet are primarily associated with or looked upon as being symbolic of love, happiness, freedom, gaiety, good luck, and new life.

A butterfly’s symbolic connotations are always that of positivity. In different parts of the world, butterflies have different associations. For instance, in India, the presence of a butterfly in a household is believed to be a foreseeing of an upcoming marriage. To the Native Americans, the butterfly acts as a brilliant image of happiness, metamorphosis, and color. For the people of Mexico, a butterfly is regarded as a representative of the God of vegetation, love, and spring. Maidens in the Hopi culture tied their hair into the shape of the wings of a butterfly, depicting their availability for partnership. Also, for the Chinese and Japanese, the butterfly signifies marital bliss and in their culture, a pair of butterfly flying together are a symbol of love. In ancient times, it was believed that a butterfly was the spirit of the dead because it was represented in the art that the angel of death was crushing a butterfly underfoot.

This purple butterfly tattoo will surely win your heart. What follows are some brilliant butterfly tattoo designs for your shoulder that will surely leave you awestruck!

Elegant Butterfly On Shoulder Art

elegant butterfly on shoulder art
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How about flaunting an elaborate piece of beautiful art consisting of a blue and black butterfly in complete synchrony with two monochromatic full-bloomed flowers? Nothing can be more attractive than this on your anatomy- pair it with an off-shoulder dress you are all set to go!

Jet Black Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

jet black butterfly tattoo on shoulder
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Bodywork in black is no new form of art. It dates back for centuries and since then it has been constantly evolving. This particular butterfly tattoo on your shoulder in black is a testimony to the fact that often the simplest art can turn out to be the most beautiful and captivating. This delicate and simple butterfly tattoo on the shoulder in pure black provides the art form an aesthetic appeal making it a very realistic butterfly.

It would take less time to prepare this rich black artwork rather than a colorful one. It is rich in contrast – thus becomes more prominently visible on the skin, even on dark-complexioned skin tones. This particular black butterfly tattoo on your shoulder will pair up and complement perfectly with any outfit and therefore there is no styling complication. Black tattoos last longer than colored ones and thus there is no fear of them fading away in a few years. Therefore, to create this butterfly tattoo design in black on your shoulder with its beautiful intricate detailing of the wings with subtle touches of white is a brilliant idea to get that will render a classy and aesthetic look to your shoulder, making you feel all the more beautiful and confident from within.

Two Blue Butterfly Tattoo

two blue butterfly tattoo
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The next tattoo is that of two blue butterflies in a blue hue. This particular blue butterfly tattoo could be one of the best two butterfly tattoos that you can ever demand from your tattoo artist for your shoulder. Blue is the favorite color of many both for its vibrance and for the feelings of serenity, stability, joy, and calmness that it accompanies. Besides being a natural beauty, a butterfly in blue can represent ideas related to life’s own flavor with great luck as well as rebirth and new beginnings that at the same time, remind us to remain positive in every adverse situation.

The two little butterflies here with their vibrant wings in dark and sky blue, at a little distance from each other, reflect a sense of pure beauty that shall arouse instant admiration. The pair of butterflies seem to be approaching one another maybe to unite in conjugal bliss, which makes the tattoo all the more aesthetic. Pair it up with an off-shoulder top or dress and flaunt your wonderful blue butterfly tattoo and make the world stare at your richness!

Black Butterflies Tattoo With An Additional Flower

black butterflies tattoo with an additional flower
@inkhome via Instagram

“Two heads are better than one” and thus what can be deciphered is that two butterflies on the shoulder will account for a greater mystic beauty.

This is one of the most wonderful butterfly tattoo ideas. The butterflies here are too simple, at a little distance from each other, portraying just black outlines of the creature yet something about them is exceedingly appealing. The few minute star-like patterns surrounding them camouflage any bareness that the butterflies can exhibit and only adds to their aestheticism. Besides, the half rose in red with specks of white accompanied by two sprouted green leaves, making the entire piece of art picturesque. Red flowers have always brilliantly contributed to the beauty of any art. Flowers always attract compliments, therefore adding it to your tattoo would be an excellent idea. Rose and butterfly together can represent turning over a new leaf in any relationship. This tattoo design is a high recommendation for all those who fall for simplicity yet crave a tinge of color.

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo With 3D Effect

monarch butterfly tattoo with 3d effect
@unik_inktattoo via Instagram

Monarchs are eternally royal and everything related to them is bound to be regal. The intricate and delicate creation of this monarch butterfly tattoo with all its minute details beautifully created makes it all the more regal and thus justifies its monarchial stature. The amazing amalgamation of the green and blue hues go perfectly with the outline in black ink of it and added to it are the specks of white that give the tattoo the perfect piece look it deserves. Also, the subtle 3D effect is a great idea gifted to it, making it all the more appealing and luminous which makes it one of the most realistic butterfly tattoos.

The timelessness and permanency of this classic art will surely fetch you a thousand compliments. Go for this monarch butterfly shoulder realistic tattoo design with its vibrant colors without hesitation if you also have fervor for feeling royal in yourself and wish to be the monarch of your own world for, after all, you are all that in life will ever matter!

Multicolored Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

multicolored butterfly shoulder tattoo
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How about wearing a tattoo that’s too vibrant to be described? This idea is a perfect piece for women.

This realistic butterfly tattoo with its bright colors could be your first tattoo as well. The tattoo here is a simple butterfly, slightly tilted, in a resting position, faulting its rich colors. The butterfly wings have been perfectly carved out with great attention evidently paid to the most minute of details that makes the tattoo a product of expert artistry. Multiple colors- red, orange, black and blue have been employed to create this tattoo and the final finishing touches are given by skillfully using specks of white, thus, rendering the entire tattoo a stature of grandeur. This tattoo alone can stand all-powerful by itself, so perfect that it hardly needs some other art or element to accompany it. Pair it with any apparel of your choice, and you are good to step out with confidence!

Red Butterfly Sketch Tattoo

red butterfly sketch tattoo
@_sticknbolt via Instagram

Nothing about this tattoo is too elegant or vibrant yet this tattoo carries within it the idea that simplicity is the essence of life. Plus, the color red can never be too bare. The small starry figures add a tinge of flavor to the butterfly sketch. If you want to get a tattoo for the first time, this can be a really good start too!

Colorful Floral Winged Butterfly Tattoo

colorful floral winged butterfly tattoos
@jaybholetattoo via Instagram

This is one among those traditional butterfly tattoos that can never really go out of trend, for it’s evergreen and all-encompassing.

The colors employed here are the most unique ones. There is a magical use of strokes here that has created the mark. The wings here are too craftily designed with the most unique of colors. The butterfly here is apparently about to fly which can keep the wearer inspired always, never to stop flight. Everything about this nice butterfly tattoo comes together to make it one of the most beautiful butterfly tattoo ideas of all time.

Aesthetic Floral Blue Butterfly

aesthetic floral blue butterfly
@bikaner_tattoo via Instagram

The light and dark blue hues of the butterfly with its black outline stand out. This tattoo has been effortlessly drawn. The colorful bunch of flowers accounting for a wing of the butterfly makes the tattoo all the more aesthetic in appeal and thus makes it one of a kind.

Tiny Butterflies In A Row

tiny butterflies in a row
@Iiromani.tattoo via Instagram

If you are someone who falls for small and simple things of life, then this series of three simple plain black Butterflies with darkened outlines tattoos is just what your heart will fall for.

The butterfly with its many forms has always been a popular tattoo choice. Be it a small butterfly tattoo on your wrist or a large butterfly tattoo on any part of your anatomy, it’s bound to create a mark. A series of tiny tattoos are also a fashion today. Here are some more tattoo ideas that you can wear on your body and flaunt as around.

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