10 Sexiest Hairstyles for Men That Drive Women Crazy

Haircuts for sexy men

There is no denying the power and charm of a good hairstyle. From sophisticated short haircuts to rugged man buns and bold faux hawks, there is an endless variety of ways to style men’s hair. Ultimately, whether you’re a polished businessman or a laid-back surfer, a sexy hairstyle is the way to go if you want to capture the attention of that special someone.

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1. Bro Flow

After a cool and carefree sexy hairstyle? Then the bro flow might be the perfect cut for you. While other hairstyles such as the undercut and the pompadour look sleek and sophisticated, the bro flow projects a rugged and laid back aesthetic. So if you’re looking to cut back on your morning routine a bit, look no further than bro flow.

Brow flow

2. Man bun

A modern classic, the man bun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As supple as they are fashionable, updos flatter almost anyone and can be customized to suit the shape of the face. To achieve this style, comb your hair back with your fingers and secure it with a hair tie. The length of your locks will determine how high you can wear your bun. But for the best practice, go just below the crown of the head. While guys with defined bone structures can wear the look as sleek as they want, for the most part a looser bun is more flattering.

Good man

3. The Modern Pompadour

The pompadour is a classic and versatile styling, making it a very popular choice for men. The cut is characterized by hair combed up and out of the forehead, and usually features short hair on the sides of the head with longer hair on top. Some men opt for very short, buzzed sides, while others prefer a scissor cut for a softer look.


4. Caesar Cup

A Caesar haircut is one of the oldest and most traditional haircuts, but the style continues to be a popular option for men today. While Julius Caesar is said to have chosen this cut to conceal hair loss, the look has become incredibly popular with men of all ages and hair types. The cut features a cropped length of hair that is styled forward with small horizontally cut bangs.


5. Buzz Shot

If you’re ready to trade in your long locks for a haircut that requires a little less maintenance, then the buzz cut is the perfect option for you. It’s a classic style that pairs particularly well with a beard. The haircut can be recognized by its short length over the entire length, which is cut very close to the head, usually using electric clippers. Trendy cuts don’t require a lot of styling, but they do require regular trims.

Fashionable cut

6. The undercut

When it comes to sexy hairstyles, the undermine is one of the most popular options. First, the cut is versatile and works incredibly well for straight lines, curly or wavy hair types. The other benefit of the undercut is that you can wear it in different ways. The look, which includes both faded and unplugged styles, features long hair on top while the sides and back are very short.


7. Quiff

The banana is a very versatile and sexy hairstyle that suits most, if not all, men. However, they work best for those with round face shapes. Unlike a pompadour, a banana is created by first brushing all the hair forward before styling it into a wave shape. As a hairstyle it is sure to turn heads. Finish the look with a bit of pomade for added volume and shine.


8. False Hawk

The faux hawk, which aims to mimic a mohawk without actually being one, is a modern take on the classic punk trend. The hairstyle features short sides and a long hair band on top that is shaped upwards. Less intense than a classic mohawk but just as cool, a faux hawk is an amazing choice for men. Eye-catching, sexy and youthful, the look commands attention without appearing overdone.

false hawk

9. Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is a longer version of the crew cut. The style starts with a cropped cut on the sides and top, but unlike a bob cut, keeps the front hair long enough to be parted to the side. This versatile hairstyle is particularly suitable for men with a strong jawline or high cheekbones. Overall, Ivy League haircuts project class, sophistication, and professionalism.

Ivy League

10. Slick Back

Slicking your hair back is undoubtedly one of the coolest hairstyles out there. This simple and sexy look can make anyone look mature, sexy and professional. There are many ways to style this hairstyle, but if you’re looking for something more modern, why not try a fade? For those with longer locks, the slicked back is an especially great option for more formal occasions. You can create the style by brushing all your hair back, using pomade to set the shape.

Sleek Back Hairstyle


Which hairstyle is the most attractive for men?

The most attractive hairstyle for men is the one that suits your face and your style. However, there are trendy cuts that can suit most men. Try an undercut for a look that’s both classic and modern. Alternatively, quiffs, pompadours, and Ivy leagues are all a similar, sophisticated vibe that can work across the board and be versatilely styled. Finally, a crew or buzz cut is a neat, low-maintenance style that can suit most men.

Are guys with trendy haircuts attractive?

Fashionable cuts are very attractive for men. This is a classic style, low maintenance and easy to maintain. Plus, a fashionable cut lets your handsome face do the talking by drawing attention to the eyes and jawline, accentuating a man’s best features. It is also a great option for balding men.


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