10 Scenes That Live Rent-Free In Every Fan’s Head

Arrested Development wasn’t much of a success when it first aired, but it has since become a cult classic. It’s filled with running gags, subtle hints of foreshadowing, and situational as well as slapstick comedy. But the best thing about this hilarious sit-com is the show’s quotes and silly characters.

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With so much material to go around, there are more unforgettable scenes in this show than in most others. Every scene is pure comedy gold – until Netflix took it over in season 4, that is. Fans of the show find themselves quoting it every chance they get, so most of the scenes that live rent-free in their heads reside there because of the show’s impeccable writing.

10 Buster Gets His Hands On Unlimited Juice

Buster finds out about the unlimited juice at the party on Arrested Development

Buster Bluth didn’t have an easy life. He was micromanaged by his mother, he was incapable of taking care of himself, and he lost an arm to a seal. He was essentially a child; after all, his favorite indulgence was juice.

One time, he found out that Gob brought two buckets worth of fake blood (corn syrup and red dye) to a party. “We have unlimited juice? This party is going to be off the hook,” he said. And indeed it was; no fan could forget red-lipped Buster squealing “Juice!”.

9 Lucille Orders An Ike & Tina Tuna

Lucille orders an Ike & Tina tuna on Arrested Development

The queen of brutal burns and backhanded compliments couldn’t hide her privilege even if she wanted to. One time, Lucille and Lindsay went out for dinner to Klimpy’s, a family restaurant that Lucille found absolutely abhorring.

After placing an order, Loretta the Waitress asked Lucille “Plater, platter?”, to which Lucille famously replied, “I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.” It’s not the first time Lucille evaded a question, but it’s definitely the most memorable one.

8 Tobias’ First Audition

Tobias’ first audition as an actor on Arrested Development

Tobias decided that he will become an actor at the end of the pilot episode of Arrested Development. Needless to say, nobody was thrilled about his career choice, especially not his wife Lindsay.

Tobias eventually landed his first very audition. “Oh my god! We’re having a fire … sale,” he yelled, over-doing the simple one-liner and ruining his chance of ever getting hired. What’s worse – it was Lindsay who got the job and she wasn’t even auditioning.

7 When Buster Talked To Lucille As Franklin

Lucille, Buster and Franklin in Arrested Development

Buster was generally a well-behaved person, but deep inside, he harbored a lot of rage. One time, he went on a cursing spree that shocked the rest of the Bluth children as well as the audience. Another time, he spoke his mind through Gob’s puppet Franklin.

True fans of the show know the scene by heart. From the shocking words that ‘Franklin’ spoke to Buster looking at him as if it wasn’t actually him who just disrespected his mother, the scene is comedy gold.

6 Gob Stutters & Proposes To Ann

Gob stutters as he tries to break up with Anne on Arrested Development

As far as Gob’s girlfriends go, Ann was probably the most inappropriate pick of them all. Firstly, she used to date George Michael, and secondly, she was way too young for Gob.

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While attempting to break up with her, Gob started to stutter. Not much could be deciphered, except “Should the guy …”. He ended up accidentally proposing to her and she gladly accepted. He realized right away that he had once again “made a huge mistake”.

5 Lindsay Accidentally Seduces George Michael

Lindsay accidentally hits on George Michael on Arrested Development

In a scene that can be considered Arrested Development at its finest, Lindsay misunderstood George Michael and thought that he wanted his teacher to fill the role of his mother. In reality, George Michael was in love with his teacher. “There’s nothing wrong with that. Although, I must say I’m a little hurt that you didn’t consider me,” she told him as she played with her hair.

George Michael was visibly mortified. What’s even funnier is that he had to live with thinking that his own aunt would gladly hook up with him. Lindsay, on the other hand, thought that she just did a really nice thing for her nephew. The levels of cringe and comedy have rarely been higher, and that’s why this scene lives rent-free in every fan’s head.

4 “Speech, Speech, Speech!”

Michael gives a speech on Arrested Development

The Bluth family is outright ridiculous, which is perfectly captured in “Marta Complex”. During a family gathering, Gob started chanting speech for no particular reason and everybody else happily joined.

The scene went on for an uncomfortable amount of time, as nobody was supposed to give a speech in the first place. Michael eventually decided to give the speech since nobody else was going to do it. “Typical,” snarled Gob.

3 Welcome To The Theater!

Tobias is the main source of the show’s physical comedy. He once boasted of his cat-like agility, but as fans know, Tobias is one of the clumsiest characters on Arrested Development.

Early on in the series, he got an opportunity to direct a high school play. “Hello everyone, and welcome to the theater,” he magnificently greeted the students, while climbing up the stage. He sat on the stage, rolled on his back, and sprung back up as if what he just did was nothing out of the ordinary.

2 George Sr. Teaches His Last Lesson

George Sr. teaches his last lesson

George Sr. had a curious way of teaching his children valuable life lessons. Typically, they involved someone’s arm being ripped off. The final lesson George taught Michael was not to teach lessons.

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The lesson that Michael was trying to teach George Michael was to not use drugs. There was a whole lot of commotion going on: Gob hired strippers to pretend they’re the police, but when George Sr.’s fake police arrived, everybody was convinced they were truly busted.

1 Gob & The Final Countdown

Will Arnett as Gob Bluth - Arrested Development Character Guide

Fans of Arrested Development can’t hear Europe‘s iconic song ‘The Final Countdown’ without having a vision of Gob with a knife between his teeth and cards in his hands.

The song plays in the opening act of Gob’s illusions, so it could be heard on several other occasions throughout the show. What might be even more memorable than Gob himself is Lucille’s obvious disappointment in her oldest son.

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