10 Mind Blowing Roman God Tattoos

Roman god tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to express their faith or heritage. Roman gods were believed to be the pantheon of gods who ruled over the world. Roman god tattoos can be inked in a number of different ways, including portrait style, traditional tattoo designs, and even as part of a larger sleeve tattoo. Roman god tattoos can also be designed to include other elements, such as Roman numerals, stars, or crosses. Whether you’re looking for a small tattoo or a large and elaborate design, there’s a Roman god tattoo that’s perfect for you.

roman god tattoos
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Roman mythology is ancient and well-known mythology in the world.

Roman mythology has directly drawn its Gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. Therefore there are so many similarities between these two mythologies.

Romans believed that their Gods and Goddesses help them with their daily activities. Hence each God represents an element of nature. Getting yourself inked with Roman God tattoo designs will bring you closer to the natural elements and Roman culture as well!

Roman God Janus Tattoo

roman god janus tattoo
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Janus is a Roman god who has two or dual faces. He is the God of all new beginnings and endings, therefore he has two heads which is a symbol of duality. He is also the God of gates, doorways, time, as well as transition. The month of January is also named after this Roman God.

In this body, art has been inked on the forearm region with black ink and fine lines. The tattoo artist has skillfully made this Janus Roman God tattoo. Here Janus has two faces as described in Roman mythology. Both faces are placed opposite each other. He has long braided hair as well as a long beard. He is also wearing a left crown which was generally referred to as the laurel wreath. In this tattoo design, Janus lacks eyeballs. His eyes are just white. All the fine lines and wrinkles over his face are made with dots and geometrical lines. Janus represents a very vital real-life phenomenon. In our life, there is an end to every beginning. And this Roman God represents that. If you want yourself embedded to get with such a deep meaning Tattoo then you can opt for this tattoo.

Roman God Of War Tattoo

roman god of war tattoo
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Mars is the Roman God of War. He is the son of Juno and Jupiter. He was the main or the most prominent God who had served in the military. According to ancient mythology Mars used to own a chariot. And that chariot was pulled by two horses and their name were Phobos And Deimos. According to ancient Roman stories, Mars’ son was Cupid, the God of love. Romulus and Remus the founder of modern-day Rome are also referred to as Mars’ sons. This Roman god is a symbol of peace, protection, power and strength. Mars can be also represented by War tattoos. Mars was also the part of famous Trojan War. If there are guys who are willing to get themselves inked with a Roman God Mars tattoo then here we have the ideal tattoo design for y’all.

In this tattoo, the artist has inked an aggressive Mars face on the upper arm. The artist had made use of the black ink to make this tattoo. Here Mars is wearing a heart arm which the Roman military used to wear during the war. He has a long beard and adjacent to it there are leaves. His face has been shaded using dark and light colours.

Roman God Of Fire Tattoo

roman god of fire tattoo
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Vulcan is the Roman God of Fire. His abode is under the islands of volcanos. In Greek mythology, he is known as Hephaestus. He was the son of Jupiter or Zeus and his consort is Venus, the Love Goddess. In Greek counterpart, Venus is known as Aphrodite. He was full of wisdom and was crafty as well. Blacksmith’s hammer is often used as his symbol.

Hephaestus tattoos or Vulcan tattoos are unique and meaningful in their ways. In this tattoo, he can see Vulcan holding a hammer and behind him, there is Electra who is standing with lighting bolts. Body of Vulcan has been done in black colour ink whereas for Electra the artist has used orange ink. This handpiece is made in a very unique style and will look classy as well.

Roman God Jupiter Tattoo

roman god jupiter tattoo
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Jupiter is a very ancient God. He is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Zeus, who used to live on Mount Olympus. In mythology, Jupiter was the God of thunder and sky. He was also considered to be the King of the gods as he was the most powerful God. In Greek mythology, Zeus had the same position as Jupiter. Jupiter is also known as Jove.

In this lower arm piece, only the face of God Jupiter is prominently visible. He has long bread and hair which are made with grey and black shades. His facial features are quite lively. His forehead lines and cheek muscles are well visible. Jupiter tattoos symbolize protection, authority, good luck and experience. Jupiter Tattoo along with Zeus tattoos are very common tattoos that are preferred by everyone.

Apollo Tattoos

apollo tattoos
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Apollo is the Roman Sun God. He is also an oracular god. He is also the God of Light, poetry, music, dance, diseases and healing. There are many Apollo tattoo designs available in the tattooing industry but here we’ve chosen the best Apollo Roman God tattoo design. As per Greek mythology, he was the son of Zeus.

In this sleeve tattoo, the entire body of Apollo has been inked. He is a young man with short hair. He is just wearing a piece of cloth that is covering a few portions of his body. Behind him, there is a bright sun, which is his planet. This sun is enhancing the beauty of this mythology tattoo. He is holding a shield and a long arrow. If you are in search of neat tattoo designs then you can opt for this.

Roman God Sleeve Tattoo

roman god sleeve tattoo
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In this sleeve tattoo, the artist had inked two strong Roman gods. In the above portion of the tattoo, there is Jupiter with his thunderbolts and below there is Pluto with Cerberus. The entire tattoo has been done in black ink. This is a very tough tattoo that would suit the guys.

Medusa Tattoos

medusa tattoos
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Medusa is one of the well known Roman mythological creatures. Her head was full of venomous Snakes and it is believed that whoever saw her had turned into stone. She used to be a beautiful woman but her story went downhill due to a curse given by the Goddess Athena that turned her into a monster. Medusa tattoos are an apotropaic symbol which is generally used for protection and to keep negative energy away.

There are many Medusa tattoo designs but this design is unique as it shows her as a normal woman with a lot of Snakes on her head. There is a fierce expression on her face which acts as the monster counterpart. Only half of her body is inked on the arm. If you wanna keep evil energy out of your life, then you can opt for this tattoo. In this back tattoo, the face of Pluto has been inked. Along with his face, there are his weapon and the three-headed dog that he owns. Here Pluto has long locks and beards. Both of his eyes are without eyeballs and there is a scar on his right eye. He is holding his weapon

Roman God Mercury Tattoo

roman god mercury tattoo
10 Mind Blowing Roman God Tattoos

Roman god Mercury is the God of travellers, thieves, tricksters, shopkeepers and merchants. His Greek equivalent is the Messenger God Hermes. The planet Mercury has been named after him.

In this mythology tattoo, the artist has made two tattoo designs on each leg. The right leg consists of the Mercury Tattoo. Here he is wearing a loose piece of cloth along with a pair of shoes. Around his waist, he has a sword and he is holding up the caduceus in his left arm. He is quite young and that is quite visible on his face. This tattoo has a very beautiful nature and flower background.

On the right leg, there is a tattoo of Venus the Goddess of beauty and luxury. Her Greek equivalent is Goddess Aphrodite.

Roman God Of Death Tattoo

roman god of death tattoo
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Pluto is the God of Death in Roman Culture. He used to reside in the underworld with his wife Persephone. In the Greek equivalent, Pluto is known as Hades. Pluto tattoos or Hades tattoos are often associated with the afterlife in a positive aspect.

There are many small as well as big Pluto tattoos available in the tattooing industry. Here is one of the big Pluto tattoos that might be loved by you. In this back tattoo, the face, weapon and animal of Pluto have been inked. Here is his face he has a tough expression with eyes that lack eyeballs. There is a scar on his right eye. Along with that, he has long locks and a beard. Here he is holding his weapon which looks like a pitchfork and is known as a bident. Underneath these, there is a dog with three heads. This dog is Pluto’s pet and it guards the gate of the Underworld. And this dog is referred to as Cerberus. Around Cerberus, there is a broken chain. This is one of the most detailed Pluto tattoo designs one will ever come across.

Roman Sea God Tattoo

roman sea god tattoo
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The sea God in Roman history is known as Neptune. In Greek mythology, Neptune is known as Poseidon. He resides in the ocean and his symbols are horse, dolphins and trident. There are plenty of Neptune tattoos or Poseidon tattoos available in the tattooing industry. But here we’ve handpicked the best design for y’all. In this Neptune tattoo, the only face has been embedded on the upper arm. He is holding his trident in one hand as well. His beard and locks are in the shape of sea waves which is a sign that he is the king of the sea.

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