10 Richest NFL Quarterback Contracts

10 Richest NFL Quarterback Contracts

10 Richest NFL Quarterback Contracts

The 2020-2021 NFL season is not yet underway, of course, because it’s only in April! However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, no one, not even Roger Godell, is sure whether it will start on time when it starts, or whether it will start at all. The fingers crossed that the world has this virus beat in August so that we can get our football fix from both the NFL and the NCAA. Not only that, but there are also big NFL quarterback contracts and the top-paid 10-quarter guaranteed money is pretty crazy!

Consider the fact that NFL contracts are not very user friendly. Fully guaranteed contracts are almost non-existent. The average NFL career also lasts only three years, so it can be difficult to earn a lot of money – as we know all the stories of former professional football players who broke out after their careers ended. NFL. If you’re a quarterback, the chance of having a guaranteed contract and making money is an easier proposition, as you can see in the 10 quarters below. From Matt Ryan to Tom brady, these athletes will bring home a guaranteed amount ranging from $ 50 million to $ 94.5 million from their current contracts.

Tom Brady arrives in 10e on the list of NFL’s richest quarterback contracts with the $ 50 million he is guaranteed to make with his brand new two-year contract with Tampa Bay. Speaking of Brady, is it going to be weird to see him in a Buccaneers jersey and how long will it take Pats fans to recover from losing their golden boy? Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan has the richest contract of any NFL quarterback. He earns $ 30 million a year and is guaranteed to earn $ 94.5 million on his current five-year contract, which started with the 2019-20 season.

There are a lot of familiar names on the list of players with the richest quarterback contracts in the NFL, so let’s dive into it.

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#ten. Tom Brady – $ 50 million guaranteed

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Total contract: 2 years, $ 50 million

Details: Brady and Tampa have agreed to a fully guaranteed two-year, $ 50 million contract. The contract also includes up to $ 9 million in additional incentives and the Bucs have agreed not to use the franchise tag on it or exchange it when the agreement expires. Brady will be 45 years old when this contract expires, so we can assume that he will retire at that time.

# 9. Alex Smith – $ 55 million guaranteed

Team of: Washington Redskins

Total contract: 4 years, $ 94 million

Details: Smith and the Redskins have agreed to a $ 94 million contract over four years, including a signing bonus of $ 27 million. Her average annual salary over the life of the contract is $ 23.5 million. In 2020, Smith’s base salary was $ 16 million.

# 8. Jared Goff – $ 57.04 million guaranteed

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Total contract: 4 years, $ 134 million

Details: In 2019, Goff signed a $ 134 million four-year contract extension. The contract allows Goff in Los Angeles to play for the Rams until 2024.

# 7. Matthew Stafford – $ 60.5 million guaranteed

Team: Detroit Lions

Total contract: 5 years, $ 135 million

Details: In 2018, Stafford signed a five-year, $ 135-million contract with the Lions that included a signing bonus of $ 50 million and an average annual salary of $ 27 million. In 2020, Stafford will earn a base salary of $ 7.8 million and a training bonus of $ 500,000.

# 6. Ryan Tannehill – $ 62 million guaranteed

Team: Tennessee Titans

Total contract: 4 years, $ 118 million

Details: In 2020, Tannehill signed a contract extension of $ 118 million over four years, with an average of $ 29.5 million guaranteed each year.

# 5. Kirk Cousins ​​- $ 66 million guaranteed

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Total contract: 2 years, $ 66 million

Details: In 2020, Cousins ​​signed a two-year contract extension worth $ 66 million. Overall, his contract is worth $ 96 million over three years.

# 4. Carson Wentz – $ 66.47 million guaranteed

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Total contract: 4 years, $ 128 million

Details: Wentz has signed a $ 128 million, four-year contract with Philadelphia. The contract includes a signing bonus of $ 16.4 million and an average salary of $ 32 million. In 2020, Wentz will make a base salary of $ 1.4 million, a bonus of $ 8 million and a signing bonus of $ 30 million.

# 3. Russell Wilson – $ 70 million guaranteed

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Total contract: 4 years, $ 140 million.

Details: In 2019, Wilson agreed to a $ 140 million four-year contract extension with Seattle. In a funny way, he announced it from his bed with his wife, the R&B singer Ciara. The contract included a signing bonus of $ 65 million and an average annual salary of $ 35 million. By the time Wilson signed the new deal, it was the biggest signing bonus in NFL history.

# 2. Aaron Rodgers – $ 78.7 million guaranteed

Team: Green Bay Packers

Total contract: 4 years, $ 134 million

Details: In 2018 Rodgers signed a new four-year contract with a signing bonus of $ 57 million. The contract will keep Rodgers, 36, in Green Bay for the rest of his NFL career.

# 1. Matt Ryan – $ 94.5 guaranteed

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Total contract: 5 years, $ 150 million

Details: Ryan was entering the final year of his $ 103.75-million, six-year contract when he signed another $ 150-million, five-year extension with Atlanta last year. The new contract included $ 94.5 million. Over the next two seasons, Ryan is expected to make a base salary of $ 8 million and $ 23 million.

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