10 Reasons Fans Of The Office Need To Listen To The Office Deep Dive with Brian Baumgartner

After personally speaking with Kevin Malone’s portrayer, Brian Baumgartner, it is apparent that fans of The Office are in for quite the treat. He spoke in-depth about his brand new podcast through iHeartRadio called, The Office Deep Dive with Brian Baumgartner. It is something that binge-watchers of the show will certainly want to listen to, as it possesses a magnitude of spectacular elements. It is also wonderful because there are many more episodes on the way, as well.

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Although the series itself is not coming back at this said juncture, this podcast is far more than just a consolation prize. It creates an entirely new feel to the show itself with how much Brian plans to reveal about it that fans simply do not know about. It definitely is a very exciting time because of this fact, so it would be disappointing not to give it a try.

During its short run, it is already providing spectacular content and even more is on the way.

10 The Reasoning Behind The Start Of The Show

Kevin, Michael and Dwight talking in Dunder Mifflin

The inspiration of this podcast is that despite The Office being over for eight-years it is still extremely popular. Younger generations are starting to watch the show, thanks to its easy access through streaming services.

Thus, Brian is aiming to explore this element a bit more, while simultaneously speaking with a plethora of fantastic guests that makes this growth of popularity all possible. That alone should gravitate listeners in high quantities.

9 It’s Been Eight Years Since The Finale

Kevin and his coworkers huddling over the computer in the finale

Ever since the series reached its final episode eight whole years ago, fans have been binging it nonstop. This definitely is fun to do, but this podcast creates even more content for The Office.

Thus, it offers that kick that viewers are in need of. It is an entertaining outlet for listeners to catch up with their favorite characters from the series, while also learning new aspects about the show in general.

8 It’s For Everyone

Kevin giving a thumbs up in The Office

A noticeable thing about The Office is that it is growing in popularity as each year passes. Not only are younger individuals starting to watch and love the show, but also people of all ages who may not have given it a try while it was on the air.

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Again, the emergence of streaming services makes this all possible. With the show only seeming to continue to get larger in viewership, it is apparent that this podcast is for anybody who loves the series.

7 It’s Free To Access

A photo of the iHeartRadio logo

Another bonus about this podcast is that it’s free to access. This is definitely a fantastic plus about it, as the listener is able to learn so much about The Office without losing any of their finances.

When seeing as how Brian leads it so spectacularly, while also providing marvelous content, it is such a steal. It is easy to listen to as well, as it is located on not only iHeartRadio, but also Spotify and Apple Podcasts, too.

6 Brian Is A Marvelous Speaker

When speaking with Brian, it is rather apparent that he sounds far different than Kevin. That is not a knock on Mr. Malone, but Brian speaks so eloquently, while also maintaining a high degree of enthusiasm.

Thus, it makes him a wonderful voice for radio himself. This, in turn, allows listeners to become truly captivated with the content that the show presents them. In short, he is simply a top-of-the-line host.

5 All Guests From The Show Are Welcome

The Office cast taking a photo together

This podcast is a fantastic outlet for not only actors from the series to discuss their time working on it, but also every part of the crew. Brian aims to bring upon as many people as possible, whether it be the show’s editors, camera workers, sound people, and much more.

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Brian already has had Ed Helms, Steven Gervais, and Ben Silverman to name a few. Thus, he is already delivering on his primary goal, in terms of the podcast’s interviewees.

4 A Big Outside Name Has Been On, Too

Aaron Rodgers guest starring in The Office

A big surprise from the podcast is that Aaron Rodgers is a guest on it. It is definitely surreal, as Rodgers is one of the biggest names in all of football. However, that does not take away his time from being a massive fan, as he reveals in it that he binged the series twice during the lockdown.

The conversation between the two is truly riveting, as they go into detail about Rodgers’ fandom and his cameo on the series itself. When seeing as how so many people are big fans of the show, perhaps some other huge names outside the series could go on, too.

3 It Provides Light On How Actors Felt While On The Series

The Office cast together on set

With Brian aiming to talk to as many actors from the series as possible, it opens up the door to so many different avenues. This is fantastic, as cast members will be able to open up about their time on the show.

Brian disclosed that he personally felt that the series would be a success from the very start. This was the general feeling that they all had, but each actor has their own experiences through the show, so hearing more about it is truly exciting.

2 It Celebrates The Office’s 16th Anniversary

Michael in the pilot of The Office

A fun element of the podcast is that it recently discussed the show’s remarkable 16th anniversary. It is hard to believe that the show premiered with Kevin and the gang that long ago, but at the same time, is only growing in following.

There is a deep level to this, too, as Brian goes on to explain that the show has existed now for a significant part of his lifetime. In fact, with him being 48-years-old at this said moment, it is exactly one-third of it.

1 It’s A Trip Of Nostalgia

Kevin dropping his famous chili in Dunder Mifflin

With this podcast bringing on so many people who made The Office possible, it is natural that it will possess a lot of nostalgia for everyone involved. Probably more so for the actual participants in the series, but listeners will get a degree of it, too.

It is understandable that specific scenes of the show will be brought up, so it really is something that fans will be able to appreciate. It is also always nice to hear about the personal experiences of favorite actors and actresses, and this podcast does not fail to provide that.

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