10 Popular Food In Jaisalmer That’ll Tingle Your Taste Buds

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Jaisalmer is a popular tourist destination of Rajasthan. This historic city is incredibly rich in its culture and heritage. Its rich culture can be seen in the richness of authentic food here. This charming city also known as the Golden City is a paradise for food lovers – especially if you like spicy food or Rajasthani cuisine. Food in jaisalmer It is worth trying to give you the right taste of Rajasthani culture. This incredible royal city is famous for its natural beauty, safaris in the Thar Desert and attractive royal architectural monuments. The city is not only popular among Indian tourists, but is also a popular destination for international tourists.

10 famous types of food in Jaisalmer

Culturally rich, the city is rich in incredible food and cuisine offerings for its visitors. Here is a list of some delectable food in Jaisalmer:

1. Pajo Kachori

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This is a very attractive offering from the city of Jaisalmer. This incredibly highly flavored snack is made from corn flour with spicy Delish onion stuffing. Kachori is fried in deep oil and is usually served with hot kadhi or potato saji or green chutney. One of the most popular and delectable snacks in Jaisalmer – this meal is toothsome and highly inviting. The charming evening meal in Jaisalmer is perfect with a cup of tea.

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2. Gatta Vegetable

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It is the most popular Rajasthani dish and you can get an amazing version of it in Jaisalmer. This Uttam Kadhi is made with gram dal or gram flour in spiced curd curd. This delicious dish is eaten with rice or Rajasthani bread. Savory Besan Gatta or Besan Shells – soft, juicy and incredibly tasty to eat. This popular vegetable curry has now become very popular in North Indian homes. Tantraising saabji is perfectly mixed with hot garlic naan or tandoori chapati.

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3. Makhania Lassi

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This is an incredibly tasty lassi. Lassi with thick curd is filled with dry fruits including raisins, cashews, dried cherries and almonds. Lassi is so thick that you may have to use a spoon to delete it. Filled with butter and cream – this lassi is just heavenly. A highly inviting, sugar coated drink will leave you seeking more. Toothsam makhania lassi can be found very easily in eateries and cafes in Jaisalmer.

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4. Dal Bati Choirama

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Dal Baati Chorma which you will find in Jaisalmer is the real Rajasthani flavor that is peerless and you will not taste it anywhere else. It is one of the most popular Rajasthani dishes and is a complete meal in itself. In the summer, most of the restaurants will also have cold spicy buttermilk with dal-baati chokha and some delicious mango pieces. Coarsely spiced lentil dishes are served with thick hot wheat shells – a delicious dish. This dish is also incredibly nutritious to eat.

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5. Kerr Sagri

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Ker and Sangri curry vegetables are delicious dishes that you will find here only. The reason is that Ken and Sagri are unique rare legumes and vegetables that are found only in desert areas. Local spices are added to make this vegetable. This dish is usually eaten with bajra or wheat bread. This food is an extremely popular offering in restaurants in Jaisalmer. Besides being savory, this dish is also very high in nutritional value.

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6. cannabis lassi

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If you want to get high in Jaisalmer – there is no better option than savory sweet hemp lassi. Lassi prepared from local hemp – cannabis – is highly popular in this part of the country. There are some shops in Jaisalmer city which can legally sell and are authorized to sell hemp lassi.

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7. Mirchi Bhajia

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If you like spicy food – nothing can be found compared to Mirchi Bhajia of Jaisalmer. Mirchi bhajiya is a type of deep-fried pakoras with long thick green chillies as its stuffing. An incredible snack – Bhajiya is very sour when eaten with sweet sour chutney.

Mirchi Bhajia which is a form of chilli pakoras is very tasty and will leave your taste buds with its pungent taste. If you can tolerate some spicy food then this breakfast is a must try.

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8. Chance of Jaisalmer

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Chana Jaisalmer Ke is a popular savory food of Rajasthan, which originates from Jaisalmer. This dish is mixed with gram gram peas with gram flour and curd (kadi). It is a type of hard preparation in which black peas / black gram are added.

This incredible and popular dish is usually decorated with green dhania, red chilli and some desi ghee on top of it. It is consumed with rice or roti. The dishes are also known as Jaisalmer Kala Chana Kadhi.

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9. Saffron Frosting

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This incredible drink is filled with dry fruits – including almonds, poppy seeds, pistachios, rose water and its specialty – saffron. The drink is usually served with cream – heavy milk cream, rose petals and dry fruits dressing. The drink is so jagged that you will want to keep it often during your stay in Jaisalmer.

It is quite popular during the cool summer period, but is also consumed during the winter days. Saffron cold is the most attractive feature here and can be found in the menu of most restaurants in Jaisalmer.

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10. Rajasthani Lala Mass

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Rajasthani Lala Mas is the most popular non-vegetarian dish, with its origins in Jaisalmer. This feature of Jaisalmer is actually red meat prepared in spicy curries. One of the best and most popular non-vegetarian dishes of Jaisalmer – this is not to be missed if you are a non-vegetarian and are visiting Jaisalmer. The highly delicious food is made with tandoori roti, garlic naan or rice.

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This charming royal city of Jaisalmer is also a paradise for food lovers. In Jaisalmer you will love the delicious food and the dishes and you want that you have a lot of cuisines and dishes. This royal city also offers visitors some royal food options. Plan your Jaisalmer trip with TravelTrangle today and experience the spectacular and thrilling landscape, architecture and taste of food to see this city.

Travelers Frequently Asked Questions for this delightful city of Jaisalmer

Q. How far is the city of Jodhpur from Jaisalmer?

A. Jaisalmer is about 275 km from Jaisalmer.

Q. How far is the Thar Desert from Jaisalmer?

A. The desert starts from the outskirts of the city. About 40 km from the city of Jaisalmer are the main desert sand dunes.

Q. Is it safe to travel to Jaisalmer?

A. Yes, Jaisalmer city is quite safe for tourists to travel. You will find a good number of local and international tourists in the city. The city is quite hospitable for tourists.

Q. How far is the nearest airport to Jaisalmer city?

A. Jaisalmer city has its own airport. The airport is about 17 km from the city center.

Q. Which is the best time of year to visit Jaisalmer?

A. Winter is the best period to visit Jaisalmer. Winters in Jaisalmer are quite pleasant. The nights are slightly cold during the winter season. Jaisalmer also has an extreme winter season. Summer in Jaisalmer can be a bit hot.

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