10 Polyamorous Fan Ships We Wish Were Real

If there is a popular television series or movie, there is fanfiction. Where there is fanfiction, there are “ships”. A common term used among fans who want characters to be together romantically, fandoms have all sorts of creative ideas that range from romance between popular characters to enemies to polyamorous throuples known as OT3’s.

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The Walking Dead is perfect for unique and fun ships because of its large and continuously evolving ensemble cast of survivors. Relying on each other for food, safety, companionship, and love, amidst all of the complications of love triangles, polyamory could keep a lot of hearts from being broken, and perhaps even make some of the groups of survivors stronger.

10 Shane x Lori x Rick

shane lori rick the walking dead

Sometimes known as “Grimalsh”, this fanship is one that would have solved a lot of problems. Shane and Rick were best friends and worked together at the Sheriff’s department prior to the outbreak. Both sharing strong leadership skills, the two had a strong bond and trust between them.

Upon Rick’s supposed death, Shane and Lori formed a relationship, only for Rick to come back from the dead. If there hadn’t been the bitterness and jealousy between them, they could have functioned as a loving, protective family for Carl, and Shane and Rick could have become co-leaders, sharing the burden between them, and tempering Shane’s erratic tendencies.

9 Daryl x Glenn x Rick

Daryl and Rick have grown throughout the series and have become as close as family. Prior to his death, Glenn was also on their list of close and trustworthy friends. The leader of the group, Rick is constantly under stress, and Daryl is hot-headed and eager to run head-on into battle, even if it puts himself in danger.

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Glenn is the level-headed one of the three, who not only serves as the group’s moral compass, but as comic relief as well. He has a way of turning stressful situations lighthearted, and that balance is definitely something that both Rick and Daryl could benefit from in a relationship.

8 Negan x Rick x Daryl

negan rick daryl the walking dead

Fandoms like few things more than conflict in their romance, and pairing up Negan, Rick, and Daryl is a way to be sure that sparks fly! Negan has done their group a lot of harm, but over time, it’s been proven that he has a lot of genuine respect for both of them. They are survivors. They are strong. They do it without relying on cruelty as Negan does.

He has a lot to learn from Rick and Daryl, that could build from the deep admiration he has for them. He even might want to be more like them, even though deep down he feels that he doesn’t deserve their friendship, much less romantic feelings.

7 Jesus x Aaron x Daryl

jesus aaron daryl the walking dead

Daryl’s sexuality has been a long and complex discussion within The Walking Dead fandom, and his friendship with Aaron led a lot of people to shipping the two of them together. This isn’t a bad choice. Aaron is kind and immediately recognized that Daryl was hesitant to intermingle in the group. Instead of ignoring him, he sought out his friendship and met him on his level.

Jesus and Aaron formed a relationship as well, and aren’t incredibly dissimilar. Neither men are too boisterous of personalities that would make Daryl uncomfortable, not to mention that he is also great with kids, and would protect Gracie with his life.

6 Carol x Rick x Lori

carol rick lori the walking dead

Each of these characters has a unique and powerful bond, formed through survival and years of knowing each on a deep level. Rick and Lori were married. Carol and Rick have trusted each other with their lives, and Lori’s friends with Carol not only helped her through the loss of Sophia but her abusive situation with Ed as well.

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Though this pairing may have never had a shot in canon, in Issue #16 of the comics, fans might be surprised to hear that Carol actually requested a threesome with Rick and Lori…so anything is possible.

5 Glenn x Sasha x Maggie

glenn sasha maggie the walking dead

Glenn and Maggie started their relationship from a fairly solid, healthy place, and continued to build it into something stronger from there. The same can be said for Maggie and Sasha. Their friendship was intrinsic to who they were.

They helped each other through trauma and loss, understanding each other when they were upset, or couldn’t talk things out. Glenn would bring the necessary lightness to both Sasha and Maggie, while sometimes Glenn needs to be more serious and these two would have no problem reminding him. They have so much love to give, for each other, and for the group.

4 Andrea x Michonne x Rick

andrea rick michonne the walking dead

Potentially one of the strongest and most likely to be canon throuples in the show would be Michonne, Andrea, and Rick. Separated from the rest of the group, Michonne and Andrea bonded for months, surviving a harsh winter together and leaning on each other to survive. This creates a bond that is not easily broken.

Andrea also previously had a friendship with Rick, who supported her after the death of her sister, and later formed a romantic relationship with Michonne. The comics tell a different story, and Rick and Andrea are together for years until her untimely death. Combining personalities, friendships, and survival skills, this relationship makes perfect sense.

3 Negan x Carol x Daryl

negan carol daryl the walking dead

In a way, all three of these characters are outsiders. Negan is a past enemy that is seeking community among Alexandria. Carol has been banished and chosen to leave the group on separate occasions. Daryl chose to live a life of hermitage after Rick’s disappeared.

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They understand being alone, and they also understand wanting to feel the warmth of having a family and a community. Negan clearly respects both Carol and Daryl, and Carol is one of the few members of the group that doesn’t see the past villain entirely in black and white, but rather, in shades of grey. Setting aside their past history, the three might actually get along, and if anything, they would knock Negan down a peg when he needed it.

2 Daryl x Michonne x Rick

daryl michonne rick the walking dead

Friendship and trust are integral to a successful relationship, especially a polyamorous one. Daryl, Michonne, and Rick are such closely bonded friends that they may be one of the strongest potential relationships in The Walking Dead Universe.

Daryl and Michonne bonded quickly earlier in the series, often going out on hunts or runs together, in which Michonne shamelessly teased him. Not only are they all similar people with similar views on leadership and morals, but they genuinely all enjoy each other’s company, and already see themselves as a family unit.

1 Connie x Daryl x Carol

connie daryl carol the walking dead

Admittedly, there is friction in The Walking Dead fandom between Caryl (Carol and Daryl) and Donnie (Daryl and Connie) shippers, both sides arguing which woman would be the better partner for fan-favorite Daryl Dixon. Honestly, the three might actually do better together.

Daryl and Carol are loners. They don’t talk much and they don’t open up to people other than each other. Connie, on the other hand, is not loud and obnoxious, but she is emotionally open and wholeheartedly welcomes Daryl into her family. The two loners might need someone like Connie to remind them to soften their rough edges and allow someone into their circle.

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