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10 Places To Visit For The Best Trip

Hong Kong is one of the most modern lands on Earth. It is a distinction between culture and technology, tradition and modernization. Hong Kong, apart from being heavily involved in commerce and finance, is also known for its amazing sceneries and attractions. There is so much that one can do in Hong Kong in April You can get the best Hong Kong experience.

Hong Kong is one of the most peaceful places. Apart from being a land of business, finance and commerce, Hong Kong is a wonderful tourist destination. There is so much you can do Hong Kong in April And one of the best holidays of your life.

10 places to explore in Hong Kong in April

Below are ten of the best places to visit or be in Hong Kong in April for the ultimate fun and excitement during this month.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland



Every child’s dreamland is Hong Kong Disneyland. Meet with your favorite Disney characters. Enjoy various Disney themed attractions and shop for original Disney merchandise at Disneyland Gift Shop.
Disneyland is located on a beautiful island, Lantus. The place is full of imagination and enthusiasm. The entire park is distributed over 7 lands and ensures that both children and adults have a gala time.

things to do

  • Meet and congratulate your favorite Disney artists and characters
  • Explore the park, do not forget to check out Adventureland, USA Performance and Grizzly Gulch.
  • Experience various adventure activities including water based fun, jungle cruises and more.

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2. Happy Valley Race Course

Race course


The Happy Valley Racecourse was first built in 1845. It is one of the most famous horse racing locations in the world. It is also a famous tourist attraction. Be sure to check out the Hong Kong Jockey Club Archive and Museum. During the racing season, the venue hosts eight races and is full of entertainment for all visitors. The F11 Photo Museum has a wide range of galleries and art spaces.

things to do

  • Take a tour of the F11 Photo Museum, a must for all photography lovers.
  • Take a walking tour to Hong Kong Cemetery, it is worth it, you can check the figures from WWI and WWII.
  • Dig into Amigo, this is the best restaurant in the city. Carved wooden beams and quirky interior will catch your quick attention.

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3. Ocean Park

amusement park


Hong Kong Ocean Park is more than just an amusement park. It is like a cross between a zoo, aquarium and theme park. It includes animal rides and attractions, an aquarium, and marine animal and mammalian parks.
This gorgeous theme park will provide an endless amount of adventure. Take a stroll across the park, enjoy on a roller coaster and watch the Grand Aquarium. While visiting this park, do not forget to take a look at the fascinating and rare exotic wildlife, you will just be amazed.

things to do

  • Check out the gorgeous aquarium for amazing marine life.
  • Witness rare and amazing wildlife in Ocean Park.
  • Click photos of the giant panda, you can find the rare red panda here.

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4. Big Buddha



Visit to see the statue of Big Buddha in Lantau Island up close. Once the island is reached by ferry, cable car services are available to take tourists to the statue of the Big Buddha on the hilltop. Cable cars offer beautiful views.
The “Big Buddha” stands at a height of 34 meters and is an absolute bliss to see. It took 12 odd years to build this Buddha statue. The entire setting is incredible and the lush green seas surrounding you will pull you towards peace.

things to do

  • 34 meters “Big Buddha” set in sea, island and lush green forest.
  • Visit the small village called Nong Ping to experience the best monastery.
  • Click photos because you don’t want to miss this scene in your life.

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5. braid

The peak


If you are not here, you have not seen the best version of Hong Kong. The Peak offers an amazing view of the grand harbor, majestic skyscrapers, ancient islands and the busy city.
Take a trip to Victoria Peak by tram or hiking. If you try hiking in search of adventure, however it can be a bit confusing. The view at the top is one of the best in Hong Kong because it gives an amazing view of Hong Kong’s horizon.

things to do

  • Visit the observation deck and take a 360-degree view of beautiful Hong Kong.
  • Ride the tram and check out the Peak Tower and Peak Galleria.
  • Go hiking and explore a mix of trails through the forest and regular roads.

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6. Dragon’s back

The hill


Dragon’s Back is one of the best urban mountaineering spots in the world. It is the best place for some photo snapping, on the great road and especially for those new to hiking.

things to do

  • Walk around the trail and see the beautiful nature.
  • This place is also an excellent picnic spot.
  • Put your camera to work, click amazing photos.

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7. Hong Kong Space Museum

Space Museum


It is a very famous planetarium with a space exhibition, digital planetarium projector show and lots of other space and astronomy related attractions. Hong Kong saw good tourists here in April.

things to do

  • Amazing place to explore and learn more about the universe.
  • Explore solar system and planetary models
  • A wonderful place for children to visit the educational field

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8. Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden



This Buddhist temple is made entirely of wood. It was designed in the Tang Dynasty style. It is a complex decorated with beautifully carved bonsai trees. Nan Lian Garden is a public park near Chi Lin Nunnery. It was also designed in the Tang Dynasty style. It has pagodas, pavilions and lotus ponds.

things to do

  • Explore the beautifully done wooden architecture, you will be surprised to see the beautiful work.
  • Let the soul see the beautiful lotus ponds.
  • The intricate and attractive services of the temple hall are said to have sculptures made of gold, clay and wood.

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9. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple


Wong Tai Sin Temple is newly built in Hong Kong city, the temple has managed to gain popularity in a short period of time. It is all amazing architecture. The temple is said to have been built to honor the Taoist deity Wong Tai Sin. When you pray whole in this temple, it brings good luck and chronic illness of physicians.

things to do

  • Explore the temple during the fall.
  • Fall in love with the beautiful structure and architecture.
  • Pray and welcome mental peace. You will fall in love with the relaxed atmosphere.

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10. Pottinger Street

Pottinger Street


Pottinger Street is a famous street in Hong Kong Central. Which is named after the first governor of Hong Kong. This street is one of the best places in Hong Kong to buy cheap party items and decors, costumes and souvenirs. When going back home, you definitely want to buy a lot for your family and friends. You will get everything here at super attractive price.

things to do

  • Explore a wide range of home decor and local costumes.
  • Do not miss the local street food, you will fall in love with the taste.
  • Click on the picture of busy streets and souvenirs.

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Hong Kong is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling places to be with friends and family. There is so much that one can do in Hong Kong in April. Apart from shopping, Hong Kong offers a lot of other forms of entertainment, each suited to the tastes and tastes. Plan a trip to Hong Kong immediately with your family and people.

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Frequently asked questions about Hong Kong in April

Q. Do foreign nationals need a visa to visit Hong Kong?

a. Hong Kong prominently grants visas on arrival; Visitors can travel to Hong Kong as a tourist based on their nationality for 180 days.

Q. Is April the right month to visit Hong Kong?

a. Honk Kong is a famous tourist destination and witnesses the rush of good tourists throughout the year. The month of April is a good time because the city does not have such a hot climate.

Q. How safe is local transportation for a commute?

a. Hong Kong offers excellent public transport options for its visitors. You can choose the mode of commutation based on your choice and distance. A wide array of options include taxis, trams, buses, trains and ferries.

Q. Do people in Hong Kong understand English?

a. The locals of Hong Kong speak English and understand it very well. With tourists, they prefer to communicate only in English. Public transport announcements are made in both English and Chinese.

Q. Is Hong Kong a great shopping destination or is it expensive?

a. To have a great shopping experience, travel to Hong Kong during the sale, you can get great deals.

Q. Do local stores accept credit cards?

a. Almost all Hong Kong shops accept all major plastic cards, making sure you carry enough cash for unavoidable transactions.

Q. Do I need to pay any sales tax for the purchase of items in Hing Kong?

a. There is no sales tax for the regular good, everything is tax-free. You are required to pay tax for alcohol and tobacco.

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