10 Other People Haley Could Have Ended Up With Other Than Dylan

Haley Dunphyhad plenty of relationships throughout Modern Family. As the bubbly popular girl, Haley had her choice of any suitor she wanted. However, her first love, Dylan, was always in the back of her mind. As fans know, Haley went on to marry Dylan and has twins with him, but it’s hard not to think about what could have been with old flames and familiar faces. 

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In seasons 8 and 9, it’s alluded that Haley could be bisexual. She talked to Alex about how she felt when she started flirting with a beautiful woman who fixed their tire at a feminist march. This happened again in “Lake Life” when someone on a jet ski invited the Dunphys to a party. Haley didn’t care what gender the person was; she just wanted to kiss them. Like Claire, most fans agree that Haley could have done better than Dylan. But who would that special someone be?

10 Andy Bailey

Andy is the fan-favorite. He and Haley were the perfect match because they each had qualities that the other didn’t. They inspired each other and learned from each other and shared mutual respect. It was Haley’s most mature relationship.

Furthermore, that Phil and Claire adored Andy. Claire is very picky when it comes to those who date her kids, but she never worried about Andy. He also worked with the family, which meant he was comfortable with the family dynamic. Sadly, Andy and Haley broke up when he moved back to Utah but fans can’t help but think that he was the one who got away. 

9 Tammy LaFontaine

Tammy LaFontaine sunbathing on modern family

The LaFontaines moved next door to the Dunphys in season 6. Tammy’s family was a little rough around the edges and they weren’t the ideal neighbors that Phil and Claire had hoped for. But however rough they appeared, the LaFontaines were nice people. 

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Like Haley, Tammy was the popular girl who knew the effect she had on boys. Tammy and Haley would have made a beautiful couple. The fact that they were neighbors meant they could hang out whenever they wanted. Partying and tanning outside were both of their hobbies, so this could have been a fun summer fling for Haley.

8 Zack Barbie 

Zack standing in home/Haley in pink fuzzy sweater looking wistful

In “Flip Flop,” the whole family comes together to try and sell the house that Cam and Claire just flipped. When Phil found Zack, a potential buyer, Haley found his social media profiles and encouraged the family to cater the home to him.

After doing some research on Zack, Haley developed a crush on him and showed up on viewing night to impress him. Zack ended up thinking Haley and her family were a bunch of weirdos but if their charms would have worked on Zack, they would have been a cute couple. 

7 Bill

Modern Family Alex and Bill

While it may seem wrong to pair Alex’s ex-boyfriend with Haley, it wouldn’t be the first time that the girls went after the same guy. After all, Alex ended the series with Haley’s ex-boyfriend, Arvin.

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Bill always seemed more of Haley’s speed than Alex’s. He was a handsome firefighter who wasn’t always the sharpest tool in the shed but he had a good heart. In a lot of ways, Bill is kind of like Dylan. They would have made a cute couple after he and Alex broke up. 

6 David

David the tutor tutoring haley in modern family

In season 2’s “Mother Tucker,” Claire sets Haley up with a tutor because she’s not doing well in school. Alex can’t tutor her because the girls would just start arguing and get nothing done. 

David was a nice young man who clearly had his head on straight but as soon as Claire left the two of them alone, they started kissing. Haley assured her mom that they only kissed when she got things right (which wasn’t often), but if she stuck with David, she may have been more dedicated to school.

5 Rainer Shine

Sure, Rainer was older than Haley and had his own issues he was working through but they were a good pair. They both cared about their image, loved to travel, and were inspired by each other. Rainer could have even gotten Haley connected to the world of TV if that was a route she wanted to take. Phil adored Rainer and wanted to be best friends with him, so he would have fit in with the family beautifully.

Haley and Rainer’s age difference and the fact that he had a teenage daughter were speed bumps for the couple but it’s nothing they couldn’t have worked out. Rainer was also more established and mature, which Haley desperately needed. 

4 Rhonda

Haley getting rhonda a drink on the gold course in modern family

When Haley was working at Jay’s country club, she met Rhonda, a widow on the hunt for her next husband. Haley and Rhonda immediately hit it off and talked about beauty tricks, champagne, and vacations. The more they got to know each other, the more it seemed like Haley was crushing on Rhonda. When Rhonda asked Haley to be her personal assistant, Haley quit her job on the spot to be with her.

Sadly, Rhonda realized that keeping Haley around was too much competition and she cut her loose. But it’s hard not to imagine these two as a power couple.

3 Sal

Halley and sal sitting next to each other on valentines day on modern family

Sal is one of Mitch and Cam’s best friends. She is over the top, assertive, and loves to party. Even becoming a mother didn’t slow her down. Thanks to their love of having a good time, Sal and Haley would have been perfect together.

Fans finally saw the two interact when they spent Valentine’s Day with Mitch and Cam. Seeing them have so much fun together while simultaneously going through breakups proved that they could have been each other’s rebound. Dating each other while getting over their former boyfriends could have been what was missing all along for these two ladies. 

2 Sienna

Sienna talking to alex and luke on moden family

Sienna was the new girl in school in “A Fair to Remember.” She was friends with Alex but Alex was terrified that Sienna realized how uncool she was at school. She tried her best to come off suave and confident but Alex was anything but. Along the way, Luke started trailing Alex and Sienna because he had a crush on her.

However, the perfect gal for Sienna would have been Haley. They’re both popular and easygoing, plus it would have been comical to have all the Dunphy kids pining after the same girl. 

1 Barry 

Barry talking to mitch and cam in the hot tub in modern family

Barry was in one episode in season 2 but his entire presence screamed Haley Dunphy. Mitch and Cam thought Barry was a renter from upstairs. He was peaceful, handsome, and incredibly friendly. But as time went on, the couple realized that Barry was a squatter living in Lily’s playhouse in the backyard.

Seeing as both Barry and Haley live by the seat of their pants, they could have been a fun couple. The only problem is that it’s doubtful that Claire, Mitch, and Cam would allow Haley to date someone who was homeless with no job.

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