10 New Years Resolutions for Your Small Business in 2021

New Years Resolutions: Small businesses have to continuously grow and change to keep up with the market. The new year is an opportunity for you to evaluate and make goals. Members of the online small business community have lots of ideas for improving the new year. If you do not currently have a 2021 resolution for your business, here are some options.

Test your performance on Instagram

If you want to make an impact on Instagram in 2021, you need to know where you are starting the form. So how can you measure your performance so far? Mandy Patterson gives tips in this Sprout social blog post.

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10 New Years Resolutions for Your Small Business in 2021 1

Automate Your PPC Advertising Campaigns

Want to save time in your business this year? If you still want to make an impact through advertising, there are aspects that you can automate. In this post, Neil Patel outlines four tools that you can use to help with this goal.

Implement robotic cyber security protocol

Every business should focus on cyber security. If your company experiences a breach, it can cause major losses. Therefore safety is paramount. To implement the strong protocol in 2021, outline the suggestions made by Itai Ellisur in this smallbiztechnology.com post.

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Earn money on Tiktok

Many entrepreneurs are already using TicketLock for marketing. But you can actually use it as a revenue stream as well – if you’re ready to get creative. Adeyemi Adisa discussed the concept in this PlatterOfGold post. And members of the Bizsugar community discussed more here.

Achieve personal goals while running a company

Running a successful business does not mean setting aside all your personal goals. If your goal is to enjoy the best of both worlds in the new year, then you need to find balance. Ivan Vidjaya discovered the concept in this Noobopenur post.

Create a display dashboard for your content team

To manage your content effectively, you need to get everyone on your team on the same page. But this is not always easy if you have different locations or freelancers who are working remotely. This is why a display dashboard is so important. Ann Smarty examines the concept further in this Content Marketing Institute post.

Combat fake review online

Online reviews can have a big impact on your business. But negative people can do a ton of harm, especially when they are fake. This is a growing problem for many businesses. So check out this search engine watch post by Norman Rohr on how to combat them.

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Do remote company culture work for you

Many companies were forced into a remote work model this year. And while many have gained some benefits, the company’s culture has sometimes suffered. If you plan to continue this model in 2021, then read this Strela social media post by Rachel Strela. Then see what the Bizsugar members are saying here.

Learn about growth opportunities through venture capital

Venture capital can provide businesses with access to critical res. But you need to research the options before jumping. If you want to grow your business quickly in 2021, learning about the concept can be a worthwhile goal. Learn more in Brooke Chaplin’s short Biz Daily Post.

Build a strong brand to stir in your favor

Many people want to start a side hustle in the new year. Whether you already own a business that wants to diversify revenue or is interested in starting something new, branding is important. In this post from Crowdspring, Katie Lundin offers suggestions for building a strong brand for your new side.

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