10 Mind Blowing New Beginnings Tattoo Symbols

New Beginnings Tattoo Symbols are often chosen to represent a major life event or significant change. Common New Beginnings Tattoo Symbols include: phoenixes, lotuses, trees, and tigers. New Beginnings Tattoo Symbols are often accompanied by other popular tattoo symbols such as stars, hearts, or kanji characters.

New Beginnings Tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but are commonly seen on the wrist, chest, or upper arm. If you are considering a New Beginnings Tattoo, be sure to consult with a professional tattoo artist to discuss the meaning and placement of your tattoo.

new beginnings tattoo symbols
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A new beginnings tattoo will always help us remember the joy and cheer in our lives.

Most of us often get sad and depressed as life becomes dreary and monotonous. However, there are surprises waiting in every corner and we need to learn to be ready for anything that life throws at us.

A new beginning in life can come in various forms. Someone may start a new school or enter a new job that they are very excited about. Some people might be getting married and happy about starting and sharing a whole life together. Others may be leaving a job and decide to roam around the world for a fresh start. Over the years, people have associated different things with a new beginning – whether it is a flower or a tree or a natural phenomenon. Therefore, if you want a beautiful tattoo that implies a new beginning, check out these awesome tattoo designs!

Lovely Sun And Moon Tattoo Ideas To Signify New Beginnings

lovely sun and moon tattoo ideas to signify new beginnings
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If you ask anyone, the rising sun is symbolic of a new day or a new beginning. After a whole night with just the moon, the rising sun shows us that we can also change just like the day. A sunrise can symbolize a new year or even a transformation in the form of a new dawn after a night with the soft light of the moon.

A lot of people also choose to get the lunar cycles of the moon tattooed on them as each stage of the moon symbolizes growth and development. Consequently, if you are inspired by the sun rise or the stages of the moon to embark on a new beginning, you should definitely get a symbolic tattoo.

Cute Rainbow Tattoo Designs For A New Beginning

cute rainbow tattoo designs for a new beginning
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The rainbow serves as a perfect reminder to most people that there is almost scope for hope and beauty in the world. The rainbow represents the fact that something wonderful always lies ahead even if the past is full of dark and dreary thunderstorms. Consequently, if you hold the belief that the rainbow is symbolic of transformation, growth and birth, then you should get a lovely rainbow tattoo. A rainbow tattoo is also a great piece of tattoo art since the tattoo artist can get creative with a lot of colors. Hence, you just have to accept the storm with an open heart to meet the rainbow on the other side.

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs

beautiful butterfly tattoo designs
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If you are on the search for the perfect idea for a new beginning tattoo, a butterfly might be an ideal fit. A butterfly is a sign from nature that anybody can change and arise again after a stunning rebirth. Butterflies symbolize change and rebirth as a cocoon develops into a lovely, colorful butterfly. This shows that the cocoon stage is just a phase in our life and we can also start a new life if we choose to welcome new adventures and journeys. In addition to that, butterfly tattoos also look stunning regardless of where you place it on your body. A lot of people choose to place it on their arm, wrist, below their ribs, shoulder, collar bone, back of the neck and ankle. You can also ask your tattoo artist to fill the figure with bright colors to signify a happy new beginning.

Stunning Phoenix Tattoos To Start A New Journey

stunning phoenix tattoos to start a new journey
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In many cultures around the world, the fantastical and mystical creature phoenix represents life and rebirth. It is a symbol of adjustment and adaptation as well as new beginnings. Even though a phoenix can be vanquished and defeated, it rises up again and takes on a new body in order to rise from its own ashes. Therefore, whenever you feel low and dejected about where your life is going, your phoenix tattoo will encourage you to keep moving forward and embrace new beginnings as they come.

If you are intrigued by the idea of a phoenix tattoo, here are some more tribal phoenix tattoo designs for you to check out!

Awesome Inguz Rune Tattoo Ideas

awesome inguz rune tattoo ideas
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If you are in the search for unique tattoos that symbolize new phases and personal transformation, you can get a tattoo of the symbol of Inguz rune. This symbol has meant a fresh start in a new life for people across ages and generations. It is also one of the most popular designs for new beginning tattoos. Hence, if you are looking for a small and minimal tattoo, you should get a tattoo of this sign which will symbolize hope and rebirth as we leave our past behind.

Amazing Birch Tree Tattoo Ideas For People Starting New Adventures

amazing birch tree tattoo ideas for people starting new adventures
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The birch tree has a deep meaning in Celtic as well as Native American culture. The Celtics look at the tree as a symbol of rebirth since the bark peels off and regrows again. The birch tree is also quite strong and is the first to grow again after a disaster. Consequently, the Celts worshipped the tree as a symbol of new life and included in their festivals as well.

You can get a large or a small birch tree based on your likes and preferences. While the wearer in the photo has gotten a small birch tree tattoo, you can definitely choose a bigger tattoo that can easily become a half sleeve tattoo. You can also choose to add colors to the tattoo or keep it monochromatic with black ink.

Lovely Daffodil Tattoo Ideas For New Beginnings

lovely daffodil tattoo ideas for new beginnings
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If you don’t like a large and complex tattoo design, you can look for ideas for meaningful small tattoos that signify new beginnings. Some small new beginning tattoo ideas can follow a floral motif or be a tiny flower tattoo as well. Daffodils are beautiful flowers that are also a symbol of new beginnings. We often gift daffodils to people who are starting a new job or are entering a new phase of their life. In addition to that, this flower also represents a new year as the spring season begins again after a terrible winter. If you generally prefer a minimal tattoo style, then you will love daffodil tattoos as these flowers are also visually aesthetic and beautiful.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design As New Beginnings Symbol Tattoo

lotus flower tattoo design as new beginnings symbol tattoo
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Just like daffodils, the lotus flower is also considered to signify new beginnings and renewal in some cultures. The lotus flower is also a symbol for strength and persistence. This flower takes birth in mud and water but it becomes a beautiful flower at the end. Consequently, if you are looking for a new beginning tattoo that will also be a beautiful piece of art, you can choose a lotus tattoo. You can choose some soft and pastel shades of pink to put on your tattoo and contrast it with a bright and dark shade of green. This will make your lotus tattoo look even more eye-catching and attractive.

In some Asian countries, cherry blossoms are also the symbol of new beginnings. Here are some awesome cherry blossom tattoo designs for your reference.

Ideas For Celtic Symbol For New Beginnings Tattoo

ideas for celtic symbol for new beginnings tattoo
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If you want a new beginning tattoo inspired by Celtic symbols, then you can choose the symbol in the picture above. Just like different cultures across the world had their own symbols for life and new beginnings, the Celtics also focused on spiritual enlightenment. For them, life moved on even after a broken heart and the dark times it brought with it. So if you are on the search for a simple tattoo that can express a lot, then this will be perfect for you.

Inspiring Dove Tattoos To Signify A New Beginning

inspiring dove tattoos to signify a new beginning
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The dove is a perfect symbol of new beginnings and a permanent reminder to the world about the importance of moving forward. The dove has been a universal symbol of peace and organizations around the world have used it to mean the end of the war. After all, wars bring nothing but inhumane destruction upon people. Consequently, politicians and statesmen try to bring an end to the war through their ideas and strategies. If they are successful, then the world can finally move on from the war and embrace a new beginning where the world is full of peace and harmony. If you also closely relate to the symbolism of the dove, then you can get a wonderful dove tattoo as well.

A lot of people want to get meaningful tattoos on their bodies. They want their tattoos to speak for them and express important aspects of their personality. Hence, if you are embarking on a new beginning, you should get a lovely tattoo to encourage you along the way.

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