10 most sought after neighborhoods to live in CDMX this 2020

According to an analysis by Vivanuncios Real Estate Portal, it was shown that the central and western regions of the capital are the ones with the most demand.

living in In Mexico City Has always been a great choice for anyone looking for more and more work Occasions or Educational, In addition to being one Wide Range of Sports, Entertainment and Cultural. Therefore, more residents come every year Get free space for Sale or rent of real estate.

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In 2020 , Due to the epidemic, many economic activities stalled for months, Including real estate sector . However, it was observed that A. Since the colonies of Mexico City, users and their interest in the capital have received attention. Conquered List of the most sought-after places to rent and buy real estate.

according to Ebay real estate portal, Vivanuncios This year, the list of the most sought-after neighborhoods for a house for sale are: Polanco, San Pedro de los Pinos, Santa María la Ribera, Rome Norte, Del Valle Centro, Agrícola Oriental, Narvarte Poniente, Agrícola Pantitlán, Condesa and Granada Extension.

What are the 10 most sought after colonies?

  • Polanco: Located within the office of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor, it is one of the most pathetic areas of the capital and is ranked as one of the best areas. In this neighborhood, the estimated cost of a house is 19 million pesos and rent is 55 thousand pesos a month.
  • San Pedro de los Pinos: The neighborhood has a great housing tradition and is surrounded by other icons. Its location is an attraction that has encouraged buyers to consider it as an option in their plans. The house is about two million pesos.
  • Santa Maria La Ribera: It is located in the north of the city, in the cuauhtémoc mayor’s office and is characterized as one of the best investment options in the medium and long term, as you can find property from one lakh 600 thousand pesos.
  • Roma Norte: It is one of the best areas to live in due to offering homes in the residential and residential plus segments. Similarly, it preserves an atmosphere filled with culture and tradition. In this area you can find apartments with average cost of four lakh pesos and rents which run from 24 thousand.
  • Del Valle Centro: It is a privileged location, it is located in the office of the Benito Juárez mayor and has links with Avenida Insurgent and División del Norte, which offers great mobility at any point in the city center and south, a feature that adds extra value. Medium and generates long term real estate. The estimated cost of properties in this neighborhood is five million pesos and the rate of rent is 18 thousand pesos per month.
  • Agricola Oriental: Its major attraction is that it is close to the state of Mexico and the international airport, it has a direct connection with Mexico – the Puebla Highway, a location that will be essential to the plans of investors, workers and entrepreneurs once contingency is controlled is . The average cost of an apartment is one lakh 300 thousand pesos.
  • Narvere Poniente: Due to its great tradition and its location in the heart of the capital, it is classified as one of the best areas to live in the city, inspiring buyers and investors. The properties in the region have an estimated prices of four million pesos.
  • Agricola Pentitlan: According to user searches, the layout is one of the best areas to live in Mexico City, with many closed streets adapting to the friendly environment of homes and apartments. Apartment prices are about 850 thousand pesos.
  • Cuauhtémoc: One of the colonies with the most commercial, cultural and historical proposal, in the same way, with greater circulation throughout the region. For rent you can get options from 20 thousand pesos a month.
  • Condesa: It is one of the areas that provides the most entertainment and with its gradual re-opening of locations due to its extensive cultural and artistic offer it will resume as one of the best places to live. Currently, you can find housing options starting at an average of 28 thousand pesos and for sale you can find properties with an estimated price of around eight million.
  • Granada Detail: Located in the office of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor, it was thought that offices would be left with contingency, but more mixed models of work are currently concentrated. In the region, households reach seven million pesos.

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