10 Most Powerful 8th-Gen Dual-Type Pokémon, Ranked

Generation VIII introduced 89 new Pokémon, but not all of them were immediate hits. Indeed, there are some very forgettable mons in Galar, mainly thanks to their uninspired designs. Still, the Pokémon that are memorable are also objectively great thanks to a combination of original lore and inspiration, strong stats, and amazing type combinations.

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Not all Pokémon have all three, though. The Galarian fossils are bound to make a splash in the competitive scene, yet almost no one can say they loved the Pokémon’s designs when they first saw them. Even so, and after almost a year of getting used to, Galarian mons are now part of the Pokémon family and fans welcome them with open arms.

10 Centiskorch

centiskorch pokemon sword and shield gigantamax

Fire/Bug is an interesting type combination. It makes Centiskorch four-times weak to the common Rock-type but also takes away Bug’s vulnerability to Fire and Fire’s to Ground, leaving it with only two further weaknesses, Flying and Water. Centiskorch also resists six other types, which always comes in handy.

Apparently based on a combination between a centipede and a radiator, Centiskorch is one of the few Pokémon to have a Gigantamax form. It has excellent HP and Attack, but average everything else. Nevertheless, it’s still a worthy ally for any Galarian playthrough.

9 Coalossal

Coalossal sitting on the ground surrounded by construction workers

Speaking of Rock-types, Coalossal has to be one of the coolest. Resembling a kaiju with a mountain of lava coming out of its top, Coalossal is nothing short of unforgettable. Like Centiskorch, it also has a Gingantamax form, basically becoming a giant, walking volcano.

It’s a blessing that Coalossal has incredibly high HP and Defense because its abysmal Speed means it’ll never move first. Quad weaknesses to both Ground and Water take away any possibilities it has of making it in competitive, but Coalossal should still provide ample support in any Sword & Shield journey.

8 Dracozolt

Pokédex entry for Dracozolt in Pokémon Shield

One of four Galarian fossils, Dracozolt can be quite offputting at first sight. It is, after all, the combination of two separate creatures, the Pokémon version of Frankenstein’s monster. Still, once one gets used to its strange and disproportionate form, one can appreciate Dracozolt’s true power.

A dual Electric-Dragon type, Dracozolt has four weaknesses that it compensated by having six resistances. On top of that, Dracozolt has reasonably balanced stats, with Attack and Defense as the obvious stars. Dracozolt and its fossil siblings may be based on the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, a series of misassembled sculptures displayed at the Crystal Palace Park.

7 Galarian Weezing

Galarian Weezing as seen in Pokémon Go

Ever since their introduction in Generation VII, regional variants have become one of the franchise’s most successful innovations. Of the ones introduced in Sword & Shield, none are as inspired or daring as Weezing’s Poison/Fairy combo. Granting it immunity to Dragon and resistances to five more types, Weezing’s unique typing leaves it with only three weaknesses.

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Its Speed is nothing to brag about but it has excellent Defense and fairly decent Attack and Special Attack. Weezing can become an even powerful threat if it has Misty Surge as its hidden ability. It allows it to summon Misty Terrain, which enhances Fairy-type moves while halving Dragon-type’s.

6 Grimmsnarl

pokemon grimmsnarl

Taking inspiration from a plethora of fantasy creatures like goblins, imps, ogres, and trolls, Grimmsnarl is Impidimp’s final form. With incredibly high Attack and above-average HP and Special Attack, Grimmsnarl is an offensive beast. It has below-average Defense and Speed, though, which do hurt its stat total.

Thanks to its Dark/Fairy type, Grimmsnarl is immune to both Psychic and Dragon, and resistant to both Ghost and Dark. It’s still weak to Fairy, though, plus Poison and Steel. Even so, Grimmsnarl can still be a powerful friend for any Pokémon team and the fact it also has a Gigantamax form is just the cherry on top of the Dark/Fairy cake.

5 Dragapult

Pokemon Sword and SHield Dragapult

As Galar’s Pseudo-Legendary, Dragapult has a base stat total of 600. It has ridiculously high Speed, very high Attack, and high Special Attack. The rest of its stats are very balanced, which makes it an instant threat in battle. Dragapult isn’t perfect, though. It has five weaknesses, although it also has two immunities and six resistances, meaning it can be very successful if used properly.

In Galar, Dragapult is the ghost of an extinct, ancient water-dwelling Pokémon. In real life, it seems to have several inspirations including the Diplocaulus – an extinct amphibian – and a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, as well as catapults and trebuchets.

4 Duraludon

A player encounters a wild Duraludon on Route 10 in a Snowstorm in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Thanks to its unique Steel/Dragon combination, Duraludon loses all of the Dragon-type’s weaknesses, staying with only two of the Steel-type: Ground and Fighting. Immune to Poison, Duraludon has a staggering nine resistances, confirming just how overpowered Steel truly is.

Duraludon has very high Special Attack and Physical Defense, which compensates its truly terrible Special Defense. Possibly based on The Shard, the UK’s tallest building, Duraludon has a Gigantamax form and serves as the ace Pokémon of Galar’s final Gym Leader, Raihan.

3 Toxtricity

Another of Galar’s impressive Electric-types, Toxtricity’s marriage of Electric and Poison truly takes it to a superior level. It has two forms, Amped and Low Key, – although only color changes in each one – plus a Gigantamax one where it is capable of creating a massive electric mass in the shape of a guitar.

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Four-times weak to Ground and with an extra vulnerability to Psychic, Toxtricity boasts eight resistances that balance it out nicely. It’s also an offensive Pokémon with impressive Attack, both Special and Physical. Toxtricity seems to be based on a lizard combined with a punk rock guitarist.

2 Corviknight

Pokemon Sword and Shield Corviknight

One of the strongest regional birds, Corviknight is the final evolution of Rookidee. With a design that seemingly takes inspiration from ravens and black knights from medieval tales, Corviknight is a menacing-looking creature that’s nevertheless a vital part of Galarian life.

Corviknight has only two weaknesses, boasts two immunities, and has a whopping eight resistances. Coupled with a base stat total of 495, where Defense definitely stands out, Corviknight becomes a very worthy Pokémon and a staple of nearly every Galarian team.

1 Dracovish

A player uses Dracovish in a fight in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Another Galarian fossil, Dracovish, like Dracozolt, is quite unappealing. Its large head, wide, open mouth, and curved, unbalanced body make it one of the ugliest Pokémon in existence. Thanks in large part to its dual Water/Dragon-type, though, Dracovish is a star.

Dracovish is weak to only Fairy and Dragon. It has three resistances and no immunities. Its high Physical Defense makes it a powerful tank, while its above-average Attack helps in turning it into an effective offense. Overall, Dracovish is the perfect example of a Pokémon that’s much more than the literal sum of its parts.

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