10 Most Powerful 4th Gen Dual-Type Pokémon, Ranked

With the announcements of the upcoming and long-awaited Generation IV remakes, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, fans are revisiting fond memories of their time in the Sinnoh region. Home to some of the most popular Pokémon in the franchise, Sinnoh also boasts some powerful and intimidating creatures that will improve any team they’re on.

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Whether it’s because of their ideal type-combinations or strong and balanced stats, these Pokémon are not only dangerous foes on the battlefield but also consistent and reliable on any Gen IV playthrough. Most of these creatures are well-known to trainers familiar with the Sinnoh region, but others might come as a surprise.

10 Gastrodon

East Sea Gastrodon in battle

Gastrodon may not look like much at first sight. Upon closer inspection, however, this dual-type Water/Ground Pokémon proves just how good it is. Its type combination leaves it with four resistances and an immunity to Water.

Gastrodon does have two major flaws, though. First, it is four-times weak to the common Grass-type, which can be problematic. Secondly, it is extremely slow and it will never go first. However, thanks to its high HP, balanced Attack and Defense stats, both Physical and Special, and ideal type combination, Gastrodon becomes a valuable ally to have on any Sinnoh playthrough.

9 Roserade

Pokémon Roserade in the games

Introduced in Generation IV as an evolution for Gen III Pokémon Roselia, Roserade is probably Sinnoh’s strongest Grass-type. It may have poor HP and Physical Attack and Defense, but its Speed and, especially, its incredibly strong Special Attack and Special Defense make up for it.

It has four weaknesses, mostly due to its primary Grass-type, but it also boasts five resistances, providing a nice balance. Roserade doesn’t learn any new moves once evolved, though, so it’s vital to improve its movest with a couple of powerful TMs.

8 Gliscor


With one of the most playful and tongue-in-cheek designs in all of Pokémon, Gliscor is certainly one of the coolest Ground-type Pokémon. Gliscor has two immunities, to Ground and Electric, as well as resistances to Fighting, Poison, and Bug. With incredible Physical Defense and decent everything else – except for its truly terrible Special Attack – Gliscor is one of Gen IV’s most underrated Pokémon.

It has a dangerous flaw, though. Because of its dual Ground/Flying typing, Gliscor is four-times weak to Ice. However, if given an item like a Quick Claw, Gliscor can become a true threat in battle.

7 Drapion

Elite Four Aaron using Drapion in battle

Drapion is not entirely forgettable, but it’s not one of the most memorable Sinnoh Pokémon either. It’s a shame because, as a Pokémon, Drapion is tough as nails. Its two typings – Poison and Dark – perfectly compliment each other, leaving it with only one weakness to Ground, an immunity to Psychic, and four resistances.

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With high Physical Defense and Speed, Drapion becomes a dangerous threat that no one should underestimate. Indeed, Elite Four Aaron’s team may be easy to deal with, but once Drapion comes out, things turn slightly more complicated.

6 Spiritomb

Pokemon Spiritomb

Back when Generation IV first came out, Spiritomb’s dual Ghost/Dark team meant it had no weaknesses. Nowadays that’s no longer the case, but Spiritomb remains one of the franchise’s most unique and disturbing Pokémon. Currently weak only to Fairy, Spiritomb has immunities to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic, plus a resistance to Poison.

In the stat department, it isn’t the most impressive. It has awful Speed and HP but strong Defenses, meaning it can take a myriad of hits without suffering so much as a blow.

5 Togekiss


Togekiss always was a great Pokémon. The introduction of the Fairy-type, however, took it to the next level, turning it into a true weapon to be reckoned with. Its Physical Attack is abysmal, but the rest of its stats are impressive indeed, adding up to a remarkable base stat total of 545.

Togekiss has five weaknesses, but also two immunities and three resistances. It isn’t a perfect Pokémon, but between its Special bulk and wide learnset coverage that includes moves from nearly every type, Togekiss has more than enough power to rank among Sinnoh’s finest.

4 Staraptor

Staraptor Pokemon

Sinnoh’s de facto Flying-type, Staraptor is a staple in most Gen IV teams. Arguably the best of the eight regional birds – although Gen VIII’s Corviknight is also incredible – Staraptor is not only incredibly capable but also very accessible, with its initial form, Starly, available from the start of the games.

Staraptor has two immunities, two resistances, and three weaknesses, creating a decent battling balance. Thanks to its high Physical Attack, moves like Brave Bird can do devastating damage. Pair that with its impressive Speed and Staraptor becomes a terrifying threat for the enemy, and a valuable ally for the player.

3 Garchomp

Cynthia's Garchomp in the Pokemon anime

Gen IV’s Pseudo-Legendary, Garchomp is a star of the Sinnoh region. Fierce, dominant, and majestic, Garchomp is one of those Pokémon that has everything in its favor. Its design is memorable, its type combination inspired, and its stats menacing.

Being a Dragon/Ground Pokémon, Garchomp is four-times weak to Ice and carries weaknesses to Fairy and Dragon. It is immune to Electric, though, and has three resistances. Like other Pseudos, Garchomp has a base stat total of 600, with Attack as its most impressive skill. It can Mega Evolve, becoming even more powerful with an absurdly high 170 Attack. No wonder this creature is Champion Cynthia’s ace Pokémon.

2 The Starters

Empoleon, Torterra, and Infernape in a promotional image for Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

The three starter Pokémon rank as some of the most impressive Pokémon in their respective regions, and Sinnoh’s are not the exceptions. Empoleon, Infernape, and Torterra are a vital part of any playthrough and they can really make things easier for players.

Thanks to their unique and convenient type-combinations, these three Pokémon become immediate aces in any Sinnoh team. Indeed, many players found them so useful that they managed to beat the game using only them and maybe a couple of other Pokémon.

1 Lucario

The most popular Pokémon to come out of the Sinnoh region without a doubt, Lucario is one of the franchise’s most recognizable Pokémon, to the point where it’s even a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. games.

A dual-type Fighting/Steel, Lucario has three weaknesses, one immunity, and a staggering eight resistances, thanks to the overpowered Steel-type. With impressive Physical and Special attacking stats, Lucario hits extremely hard and reasonably fast. A staple of the franchise since its introduction, Lucario can Mega Evolve, becoming even stronger and faster.

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