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Lifestyle flooring: 10 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Solution

Lifestyle flooring: 10 Most Popular Eco-Friendly Flooring Solution

Looking for an eco-friendly flooring solution? Thanks to advancements within flooring production, you’ll find a great choice of environmentally friendly floors available. 

All of the best flooring companies such as Lifestyle Flooring UK, now stock a wide variety of eco-friendly floors. So, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, here you’ll discover more about the different eco-friendly floors on offer.

Lifestyle flooring
Lifestyle flooring

Cork Flooring

Although not the most popular choice, cork flooring is becoming more common thanks to its eco-friendly design. The materials used to make these floors are taken from the cork oak tree. What makes it so environmentally friendly, is that the trees aren’t killed to get the materials required. Instead, it is simply the bark that is used, and this can be harvested throughout the year from living trees.

As well as being great for the environment, cork flooring is also naturally soft. This makes it an ideal choice for homes with young children. These floors are also much better at insulating both heat and sound. As cork features anti-bacterial properties, it’s also one of the more hygienic flooring solutions. Most cork floors last anywhere from 10-30 years, giving you a great low-cost investment. 

Woollen carpets

Carpets have remained a popular flooring choice for decades, but they haven’t always been created with eco-friendliness in mind. Traditional carpets tend to contain volatile organic compounds which can be harmful to your health. However, woollen carpets don’t tend to include these volatile compounds and they’re also considered a more environmentally friendly choice.

Wool is also a natural re renowned for its comfort. So, if you invest in a woollen carpet, you’ll be helping the environment while also adding a soft, comfortable and safe flooring solution to the home. 


Another flooring option gradually gaining in popularity, is bamboo. This grass-like plant actually shares many characteristics with real wood. It is considered one of the most sustainable types of flooring, taken from natural vegetation. You’ll find these floors come in a range of colour options and they’re especially great for creating a minimalistic design. As an additional benefit, you’ll also find them really easy to maintain and install. 

Reclaimed Hardwood

Solid wood floors aren’t typically associated as being environmentally friendly. However, if you opt for reclaimed flooring, they are much more eco-friendly than you might realise. This is because the wood is taken from old buildings and structures, rather than being taken from trees. So, it’s recycled meaning fewer trees need to be cut down. 

You’ll find a great range of reclaimed wood flooring available. Not only are these floors eco-friendly, but they are constructed from solid wood. So, you’ll benefit from solid wood flooring that’s ultimately better for the environment.  


Created from a mixture of linseed oil, cork dust, wood and tree resins, Linoleum floors are another eco-friendly choice. They have been sold for years, but it is only recently they have started to boom in popularity thanks to their environmentally friendly designs. 

You’ll receive much the same benefits from these floors as you would from cork. They are typically water-resistant as well as fire resistant and highly durable. You’ll find these floors often come in a range of bright colour options too, enabling you to give the home a bolder makeover.


Laminate flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring on the market. Like other flooring types, this one has been designed to be much eco-friendlier in recent years. You’ll find brands such as Quick-Step, offer great value eco-friendly flooring. The brand has been awarded the EU Ecolabel for its excellent environmentally friendly designs. 

You’ll find hundreds of different designs available, with many offering a realistic real wood effect.

Glass tiles

Finally, one of the more unusual eco-friendly flooring types is glass tiles. These are perhaps the least common types of flooring available, but they do come with excellent benefits. They can easily be recycled and are created from recycled glass bottles. It tends to be a popular option for use in the bathroom and kitchen. Just some of the benefits of glass tile flooring include a waterproof design, easy maintenance and easy installation. 

As you can see, there are lots of great eco-friendly flooring options available. Most manufacturers will advertise the fact their floors are environmentally friendly so you shouldn’t have to look too far to find them. 

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