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10 Most Popular Beaches In Peru That You’d Love To Check Out In 2020

Most Popular Beaches In Peru: Blessed with a rich history, culture, and unspoiled natural beauty, Peru is one of South America’s most popular tourist destinations. From sweeping landscapes to lush Amazon rainforests, tropical coastlines to glaciers, and high Andes mountain peaks, this country offers incredible diversity begging to be explored. Brimming with rolling surf, crystalline waters, and golden shores, the beaches in Peru are perhaps the ultimate spot of all the beach lovers. Coupled with its giant sand dunes, ancient rites, and scrumptious cuisine, Peru beaches are indeed a wonder and make this country one of the finest ones to explore.

10 Best Beaches In Peru

While most of the intrepid travelers visit Peru for hiking, biking, and other adventurous activities, the Peru beaches are no less. Fringed by luxurious places to stay, welcoming sunshine and dozens of seafood restaurants, these beaches have a lot to offer. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Mancora



Number one on the list is Mancora, a quaint seaside village that experiences sunshine, 365 days of the year. Mancora beach in Peru is a significant weekend gateway among the locals and foreigners, thanks to its powdery sand, warm waters, imagery blue skies.

There are plenty of local restaurants along the seashore, to relish authentic dishes of Peruvian culture. You can either choose to take a plunge in the warm waters or try surfing along with 3 meters (10 feet) waves. Not to miss, Mancora is also known for its thriving nightlife making it a perfect place for the night owls.

Where: Piura Region, on Peru’s northwest coast
Best Things to Do: Surfing, Swimming, watching the sunset and enjoying the nightlife
Best Time to Visit: May to November
Nearby Places to Stay: Arennas Máncora, The Wawa Hotel, Máncora Marina Hotel, Máncora Beach Bungalows, Blue Ocean and many more

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2. Punta Sal

Punta Sal


If you are traveling with your beloved partner and are looking for a perfect romantic destination, Punta Sal is an ideal option. Located along the Pacific coastline, this paradisiacal beach is a little heaven with a 6.5 kilometer stretch of the tranquil beach area.

Situated just one-hour drive from the town of Tumbes, Punta Sal is one of the best Peru beaches offering ample opportunities to lounge and relax. The jaw-dropping sea views, soft white sands, calm crystal waters and shady palm trees around, makes this beach perfect for a luxurious beach vacation.

Where: In the region of Tumbes, Northern Peru
Best Things to Do: Fishing, Swimming, Relaxing and Sunbathing
Best Time to Visit: June and October
Nearby Places to Stay: La Capitanna, Hotel Bucanero, Royal Decameron Punta Sal, Bungalows en Punta Sal and Qalma Punta Sal

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3. Playa De La Mina

Playa De La Mina


This hidden gem is rightfully crowded when compared to other northern Peru beaches. Get your camera ready as this gorgeous beach offers you the opportunity of capturing a glimpse of some sea lions relaxing on the seashore.

Adventure buffs who dreamt of overnight camping on the beachside can head to Playa de la Mina. The views of stars glittering in the night sky above you will bring complete joy to senses. The scenic views provide a nostalgic backdrop for your holiday selfies. Playa de la Mina is also the escape to the Paracas National Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is home to nature’s best terrains including deserts, ocean, and islands.

Where: Limite Reserva Nacional De Paracas, Via a La Mina, Peru
Best Things to Do: Swim in the sparkling azure waters, relax on the sand or simply soak yourself in the atmospheric beauty of this secluded beach
Best Time to Visit: All year round
Nearby Places to Stay: Hotel Paracas, Hotel San Agustin, La Hacienda Bahia Paracas, Hotel Emancipador, Aranwa Paracas Resort & Spa

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4. Playa Roja

Playa Roja


Utterly beautiful with a reddish color shore made up of microscopic pieces of volcanic rocks, Playa Roja is indisputably one of the most picturesque beaches along the Peruvian Coast. The amazing views of animals passing by including sea lions, dolphins, whales and various seabirds will surely leave you awestruck.

The pinkish color of the sands and the vistas of wildlife has made this beach a hot favorite among photography lovers. Although swimming is not allowed here, you and your partner can immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere for some blissful moments.

Where: Paracas, Peru
Best Things to Do: Photography and Sightseeing
Best Time to Visit: September to April
Nearby Places to Stay: Hotel Emancipador, Aranwa Paracas Resort & Spa, Hotel Paracas, Hotel San Agustin, La Hacienda Bahia Paracas and many more

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5. Miraflores



Perfect for surfing and swimming, Miraflores is one of the best urban beaches in Peru. Nestled in the downtown of Lima, this cosmopolitan beach is surrounded by plenty of high-end shopping malls and skyscrapers, making it favorite among people who love spending luxurious vacations. Apart from being extremely popular with surfers, the Miraflores beach is also for hosting water sports activities like parasailing and paragliding. Miraflores beach with a wide stretch of sand is dotted with brown rocky cliffs is one of most commercialized Peru beaches.

Where: Lima, Peru
Best Things to Do: Surfing, parasailing and swimming
Best Time to Visit: December to March
Nearby Places to Stay: Mariel Hotel & Apartments, Best Western Plus Urban Larco Hotel, Hotel Runcu, Belmond Miraflores Park, AC Hotel by Marriott, Hotel Antigua Miraflores

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6. Huanchaco



Located in the beautiful city of Trujillo, Huanchaco beach is one of the best beaches in Peru for a laid-back vacation. The beach has been listed under the world’s top five surfing sites in the world. Tourists often stop by this wonderful beach after exploring the ancient sites in this area and lounge on the long stretch of golden sand. The seafood served at the restaurants located off the seashore is to die for. Do try Peruvian ceviche, a traditional Peru dish made using lemon, fish, and potatoes as the main ingredients.

Where: Trujillo, Peru
Best Things to Do: Surfing, Photography and Swimming
Best Time to Visit: April to October
Nearby Places to Stay: Hostal Blue Moon Trujillo, Punta Huanchaco Hostel, Hotel Bracamonte and Awqa Concept Hotel

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7. Las Pocitas

Las Pocitas


Located just 10 minutes from south of Mancora beach, lies Las Pocitas, one of the beautiful beaches in Peru. The beach has many little pools of water inside the craters of the rocky stones and the height of the waves is very low, making it perfect for kids to splash around and play in.

Where: Mancora, Peru
Best Things to Do: The beach is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing
Best Time to Visit: December to February
Nearby Places to Stay: Hotel GrandMare & Bungalows, Arennas Mancora, Casa Mediterranea Mancora and Villas del Mar Máncora

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8. Lobitos



Fantastic waves reaching over 8 feet on a regular basis that break in different swell sizes and styles, makes Lobitos one of the best northern Peru beaches for surfing adrenaline junkies. This isolated beach is enveloped in a rugged Peruvian desert and has an empty coastline, making it an excellent place for people seeking solace and bliss.

Lobitos was once used to be an oil boom-town owned by a British oil company. It also served as a Peruvian military base, and hence you can still find ruins of many Victorian and military buildings here. Lobitos is a 45-minute ride from the town of Tallara.

Where: Lobitos District, Northern Peru
Best Things to Do: Surfing is probably the best thing to do here
Best Time to Visit: September to November
Nearby Places to Stay: Mangata Surf Hotel, La vista ecohouse Lobitos, Hotel Lobitos, La Casona de Lobitos and Lobitos Surf House and El Hueco Villas

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9. Cabo Blanco

Cabo Blanco


You must have heard or might even read the book called “The Old Man and The Sea” by Ernest Hemingway, an American author. It is believed that the author lived in Cabo Blanco for more than 10 years, during which he was inspired to write the book, which became famous all around the world.

Packed with rocky cliffs, blue seas, crazy waves and of course welcoming atmosphere has made Cabo Blanco a hot favorite among surfers. The place gets its name from the light colored nearby mountains which are breathtaking. You can even set up a camp anywhere on the beach, but make sure you take permission from the owner if you are near a house.

Where: Just 3 km northwest from El Alto, Talara, Piura, Peru
Best Things to Do: Surfing
Best Time to Visit: All year round
Nearby Places to Stay: Hotel “El Merlin” Cabo Blanco, Hospedaje “El Cabo Blanqueño”, Black Marlin Lodge & Restaurant and Hotel Nirvana Beach

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10. Los Organos

Los Organos


Located just around 15 minutes drive away from Mancora on the northern end of Peru, Los Organos is a remote and serene beach, perfect for tranquil seekers. One of the best things to do here besides admiring the joy of bliss is to catch a glimpse of sea turtles walking around the dock in search of food.

Marine life photographers also pay a visit to this Quiet and secluded beach to capture stunning images of majestic mammals like whales, dolphins and sea lions in their natural habitat. Not to miss, the local restaurants lined up around serve the best Peruvian dishes.

Where: Northern coast of Peru,
Best Things to Do: Whale watching, Sightseeing and Photography
Best Time to Visit: July to November
Nearby Places to Stay: Hotel Puerto Antiguo, Inkawasi, Los Organos Beach, El Gran Velero and Takaynamo Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Peru

Q. Do I need a visa to travel to Peru?

A. Citizens of America and Western Europe do not need a visa to travel to Peru. However, a valid passport is mandatory with a minimum validity of six months from the date of the entry.

Q. What time of year is best to visit Peru beaches?

A. Peru is a year-round destination. However, the period from May to October is considered best as there’s lots of sunshine, clear blue skies, and cooler nights.

Q. Can you drink tap water in Peru?

A. No, it’s not considered safe to drink tap water in Peru. It is also recommended to boil the water to its maximum temperature and then use it for drinking.

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