10 Mind Blowing Hidden Tattoo Spots

Hidden tattoo spots are a great way to get a tattoo without having to worry about it being visible all the time. There are a few different places that you can consider when looking for hidden tattoo spots. One place is on the inside of your wrist. This spot is perfect for small tattoos that you want to be able to hide when necessary.

Another great hidden tattoo spot is on the back of your neck. This spot is perfect for larger tattoos or for those that you want to be able to show off when you want to. There are also a few other places that you can consider, such as behind your ear or even on your foot.

Hidden tattoo spots are a great way to get a tattoo without having to worry about it being visible all the time. There are a few different places that you can consider when looking for hidden tattoo spots. One place is on the inside of your wrist.

This spot is perfect for small tattoos that you want to be able to hide when necessary. Another great hidden tattoo spot is on the back of your neck. This spot is perfect for larger tattoos or for those that you want to be able to show off when you want to. There are also a few other places that you can consider, such as behind your ear

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So, finally, you have chosen the design you want to be tattooed on your body?

However, sadly, the decision isn’t finalized yet, as you need to do deep research and think a lot before getting your new ink such as the placement spot. For those who are not reluctant to flaunt their design to the world, they can get it anywhere on their body, such as hand, forearm, neck, and face.

If you want to keep the first tattoo a sweet secret for the rest of your life, you can get it on other spots which usually remain covered. You may choose from different options like secret finger tattoos, behind the ear tattoos breast tattoos, thigh tattoos, foot tattoos, hip tattoos, inner lip tattoo, chest tattoo, and more hidden tattoo places. If you are a bit confused about where to get your tattoo that remains away from others’ sight, you can explore our master list of top hidden tattoo spots. he options are without any limit when it comes to hiding a tattoo, such as on the back of the neck, on the bottom lip, on feet soles, under the breast, in between fingers, and so forth.

Explore this list of spots on your body where your tattoo can exist without interruption while you enjoy a degree of privacy. Read on for amazing hidden tattoo ideas!

Tattoo In Between Fingers

tattoo in between fingers
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When it comes to a secret spot for having a tattoo, placing it between the fingers is one of the best options. You can choose from bold tattoo designs to subtle and dainty ones to adorn your fingers. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner have contributed to the popularity of this unusual but cool placement option for hidden tattoos.

Getting an in-between finger tattoo can be a painful option owing to the thin skin of the spot, and the tattoo machine would be working on this fat-less, bony area, so it would definitely hurt the person. But, the spot is indeed great for those who want to keep their tattoo a secret. You can get your name, date, flower, or a beautiful word scribed here. Explore more hidden tattoo ideas.

Tattoo On The Inner Lip

tattoo on the inner lip
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There can be no further better option for a secret tattoo spot that the inner side of your lip. You don’t have to worry at all to conceal a tattoo on this spot. Such tattoos surged in popularity in the early 2010s when Kesha and Cyrus flaunted them. Another celebrity Kendall Jenner got a mouth tattoo spelling “cat” in 2016. Getting a tattoo on the inner lip can be fairly risky, so you must weigh the pros and cons of this idea before considering it.

Inner lip tattoos do not demand much expense, and most likely you will have to spend between $50 to $125. The cost of inking the tattoo depends on the tattoo art studio you choose. The worst or the best thing about inner lip tattoos is that they fade really quickly due to the quick turnover of cells in this area and it is quite a painful place. It can typically last about 1 to 5 years. So, if you are looking for a forever option, this tattoo won’t satisfy your requirement.

Tattoo On The Ankle

tattoo on the ankle
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Do you want to infuse life into each of your steps with a marvellous ankle tattoo? There are immense options available for you, then. A tattoo on the ankle is one of the hidden cute tattoo spots where you can easily conceal the design. You can select from different designs and colours that represent different meanings. Tattoos drawn using simple black ink and in a minimalist design are extremely popular among tattoo lovers. The best part about ankle tattoos is that you can choose to show them or hide them, whenever you please. Such tattoos enhance the charm of delicate, feminine feet, especially when they wear sandals.

Owing to the proximity of the ankle to the bone and lack of muscle in this area, the process of tattooing may hurt a bit. However, despite the pain, tattoo lovers opt to get this aesthetic addition to their bodies. Are you thinking of getting a cool tattoo on the ankle? Explore other hidden tattoo spots, that you consider getting your favourite design without bringing it to others’ attention. Read on!

Tattoo On The Back Of The Neck

tattoo on the back of the neck
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Tattoos etched on the exposed spots tend to fade and age faster while those on hidden areas tend to say longer. Tattoos drawn on the back of the neck are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Thanks to creative designs one can opt for in such a limited space as well as many celebrities have encouraged commoners to try this trend in different sizes and shapes.

If you want to hide it from outsiders, you can choose to have a smaller tattoo design on the back of your neck. You can choose from different bold tattoo options to delicate and subtle ones. Or you may also try etching your beloved memory, or a quote that inspires you. A delicate butterfly, simple geometrical shape, your initials, birds, wings, and so on, are remarkable tattoo options you can get on the back of your neck.

Tattoo On The Collarbone

tattoo on the collarbone
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For a tattoo artist, our body is a limitless canvas and the collarbone spot is an amazing but often overlooked area for getting new ink. There’s something unusually charming about the clavicle, and it provides different placement choices, often few. You can choose to get a marvellous collarbone tattoo that can extend down your arm or chest. The options to get a tattoo on this great place for hidden tattoos are many starting from subtle and delicate collarbone tattoo designs to bold and expressive tattoo choices.

Minimalist and smaller tattoos are gaining much hype and they are trendy for a reason. You can choose to get a simple flower design, a bird tattoo, an angel wing, an antique ship tattoo, a lion tattoo, or get a quote that inspires you. You can easily hide this visible tattoo etched using black ink and may even choose to flaunt it by wearing a low cut top, to get noticed by others whenever you want.

Tattoo On The Side Of Breast

tattoo on the side of breast
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When talking about tattoos and the latest trends, breast tattoos top the list. Further and further women are opting to get inked at this intimate tattoo placement spot. There are different options to choose from such as rose side breast tattoo, dove side breast tattoo, phases of moon side breast tattoo, geometric designs under breast tattoo, and more. Women are experimenting with this location and they are getting immense popularity. You can choose to ink a tattoo from different shapes and sizes in this desirable tattoo spot of a women’s body.

When getting a tattoo on your breast, you should consider the tattoo idea, size, colour, shape, and proportion. Furthermore, also consider the different designs available at the tattoo studio you have chosen. The tattooing process on the rib cage and under the breast may hurt a bit, however, it will beautifully enhance your curves. This tattoo would however be visible in certain clothes, like when you would be wearing a bikini on a beach. Nonetheless, you can conceal it by wearing full-sized clothes like a shirt. Discover more hidden tattoo spots for your new ink and see what matches your style. Read on for small tattoos for men ideas, simple tattoos for men and girls ideas, etc!

Tattoo Above Breast

tattoo above breast
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Whether you are looking for a tattoo option to highlight your cleavage or simply crave a stunning yet elegant tattoo design, a tattoo above the breast is a tattoo placement worth noting. A woman can choose from various shapes, sizes, and designs, such as flower breast tattoos, rose tattoos, breast quote tattoos, tribal breast tattoos, and more. Since the breast is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, you will likely suffer severe pain owing to many nerve endings in this area.

The most trending above-the-breast tattoo options you can choose from are rose breast tattoos that symbolize passion and love, butterfly breast tattoo which stands for rebirth and transformation, and wing breast tattoo which stands for liberty and freedom. If you are seeking to experiment with tattoo locations, you can choose this sexy spot!

Tattoo In The Ear

tattoo in the ear
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Tattoos anywhere hurt to some extent. Getting it in the ear is extremely painful. Despite the pain, these tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and the trend is still rising. Inner ear tattoos may be used to compliment your stunning piercing and can also be linked with the behind-the-ear tattoo. Since the inner year has thin skin, these getting ink there will hurt a lot. Furthermore, the time taken to finish a design in the ear is longer than the tattoos created on other spots owing to the small size of the area.

There is countless assortment to choose from when it comes to getting an inner ear tattoo, such as you can get a minimalist starry night tattoo, a cute snail tattoo, a dainty rose tattoo, a little bunny tattoo, a sea wave tattoo, and so on. So, are you mustering the guts to get a tattoo on this daunting yet cool spot? Explore more hidden tattoo spots! You can also get a tattoo behind your ear, on the chest, on the back of neck, and more.

Tattoo Inside The Arm

tattoo inside the arm
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Have you always craved a snazzy tattoo, however, do you wish it to be discreet? There can be no further choice than an inner arm tattoo. You can experiment with various sorts of designs on this canvas that provides ample space. The inner arm is one of the best-hidden tattoo spots. The best part about this spot is that you can choose to hide a tattoo or flaunt it whenever you want. However, this small tattoo drawn with visible ink would be noticeable in a strapless ensemble, easily.

This is one of the unique hidden tattoo spots. Whatever be your reason for choosing this place to get a tattoo, you must bear in mind that, the area is immensely sensitive and may hurt in the process. Some of the trendy inner arm and bicep tattoos you can try are inner arm quotes tattoos, small, meaningful word tattoos, realism inner arm tattoos, tribal inner arm tattoos, and more.

Tattoo On The Upper Thigh

tattoo on the upper thigh
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The placement you choose for getting a tattoo shown in this Instagram post can make a statement or it can also become a special thing for the person. The place is a marvellous option to hide your favourite design or you may also choose to flaunt it and draw attention to your thighs and lower part of the body. You can choose from bold and large designs or simple and elegant. Thighs are one of the most painful tattoo areas owing to muscle and thick skin.

The design you choose can make your legs look larger or even slimmer, which can draw attention to the location. You may choose to keep it a little secret with a cover or reveal, as the inner thigh is not a location where it won’t come into public notice every day. You can also go for butt tattoo ideas, or hip tattoo ideas for placement options apart from a thigh tattoo, which would remain hidden in most ensembles, thus, rendering it a perfect spot for a hidden tattoo.

Some of the best hidden tattoo spots for guys are thigh, butt, inner arm, inner lip, back, and finger. More ideas are as follows:

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