10 Least-Cute Villagers That Need To Get Off Our Islands ASAP

The villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons range in personality, species, gift choices, and most of all, cuteness. Unfortunately, some of the villagers are not as cute as others. After all, not all of them can be as cute as Julian and Merengue.

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For some of the characters, it comes down to their personality, and they are either smug, a bit mean-looking, or even a bit creepy. For others, it comes down to their animation – either their combination of colors that don’t really work or their actual features. Then, there are those that are just strange-looking and can’t be ranked as cute at all.

10 Rasher

Rasher from Animal Crossing

An unfortunately cranky pig, Rasher looks a bit tough, and he has eyes that are somewhat shady-looking. He shows his teeth when he talks or sings and they are huge.

Somehow his pink hooves were meant to match the inside of his ears, but the maroon color of his body just makes the colors clash. He is definitely and notoriously the least-cute pig villager.

9 Coco

Coco from Animal Crossing

Coco is a “normal” rabbit villager and a fan favorite. She is also sitting in a close second place for the creepiest rabbit in Animal Crossing – only second to Zipper, the Bunny Day visitor.

Coco’s eyes and mouth are like three black holes looking into a void of nothingness. Because of these features, she also doesn’t change her expression. Instead, the black holes just get larger or smaller, depending on how she is “reacting.”

8 Rodney

Rodney in Animal Crossing

Rodney’s facial features and expression go well with his smug personality. Normally a pair of hamster-style buck teeth would be cute, but paired with his tired, unexpressive eyes, his teeth are slightly off-putting.

Most villagers have some form of hair and typically bangs, but Rodney only has bangs for some reason. And everyone, especially ACNH gamers who put in hours of work when the game came out, knows what it’s like to have bags under their eyes, but Rodney’s take the cake and he just looks generally sleepy and dopey.

7 Limberg

Limberg in Animal Crossing

Most notably the least-cute mouse, Limberg is an oddly-colored, pink-cheeked, middle-aged-looking mouse who seems a bit out of place in the game.

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He has a sort of 5 o’clock shadow that doesn’t encompass his mouth because his mouth is just a long thin line that turns up at the corners and pink freckles on his pink cheeks. But what really makes Limberg the least-cute are his eyebrows, which look like tiny, creepy smiles over his tiny eyes.

6 Prince

Prince in Animal Crossing

At first glance, Prince’s bright green coloring and dark green circle around his mouth make sense and somehow suit his character as a lazy frog villager.

But the oddly tan-colored mouth area topped off with the frowny yet wiggly smile doesn’t really fit and gets him a spot on the least-cute list. Apparently, what looks like the tan area surrounding his mouth are actually his lips, but the animation is a bit confusing here and it doesn’t really work.

5 Anchovy

Anchovy in Animal Crossing

Anchovy is a lazy bird villager with mostly orange-brown coloring and a white chin and belly. Sounds cute at first, but his odd haircut split right in the middle is somehow even too short for an animated character, and his thick but small eyebrows and unblinking eyes are a bit unsettling and don’t look cute at all. Instead, he usually looks angry or maybe he’s just staring blankly.

4 Cashmere

Cashmere in Animal Crossing

Cashmere is named for her expensive taste and perhaps for cashmere wool, but she is a sheep and the wool comes from a particular type of goat, so it’s a bit confusing. Unlike her eye for fashion, her green color isn’t very appealing and she looks more like a turtle than a sheep.

Her sleepy eyes are topped with hot pink eyelids that match her snooty personality, but they clash with the other colors that she sports and she can’t be said to be cute.

3 Benjamin

Benjamin in Animal Crossing

Without a doubt the most unfortunate-looking dog in the game, Benjamin has a lazy personality and tends to only care about bugs and food. He’s bright yellow and brings a sort of labrador retriever vibe to his character.

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He has big, downward-angled bushy eyebrows, orange-red beady eyes, and a weird arched pig-like nose. His features feel very intense for a dog with such a relaxed personality and he isn’t cute by most players’ standards.

2 Rizzo

Animal Crossing's Rizzo

Rizzo is a light blue mouse with purple hair and upside-down U’s for eyebrows. She’s a cranky villager and her eyes always look like she’s squinting at you out of suspicion or dislike.

Her purple hair is tied under her nose for whatever reason, which is silly but disorienting and even makes it sometimes look like a bandana rather than hair, in which case, why is it tied above her mouth?

1 Barold

Animal Crossing's Barold - two images side by side.

At first, Barold’s 5 o’clock shadow isn’t too odd-looking and makes sense for a lazy cub. But pairing his facial stubble with his bright pink oval-shaped mouth is where he loses cuteness points.

His lips look like he’s never used chapstick a day in his life and his beady eyes are a bit intense, although a bit endearing. The cherry on top is when he is surprised or worried and his eyes go from tiny black dots to creepy white circles.

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