10 Kasauli Villas That Might Want To Cancel Your 2020 Return Tickets!

Kasauli Villas: Developed with world-class comfort in mind, Kasauli Villa There are magnificent shelters with the backdrop of the mountains where tourists can truly experience the feeling of the mountainous regions. Staying in a villa like this is probably the best idea to enjoy your vacation to the fullest as a private villa is the perfect place to savor the feeling of peace and privacy that you always dreamed of on vacation.

Furthermore, the stunning sunrise and sunset view from your bedroom to the endless horizon will surprise you. The best thing about these villas in Kasauli is that they give you all the amenities, freedom to walk, and luxury spacious accommodation that most villas do not provide.

10 Best Kasauli Villas

Here is a list of some of the best villas in Kasauli where you can stay with your family or friends and relax during your Kasauli trip.

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1. Pine Crest Menage

This villa is a great place for anyone looking for affordable luxury accommodation in a modern fancy style. As the name itself suggests, this villa is especially for nature lovers as it is surrounded by cedar trees situated in the hill tops.
The villa provides excellent accommodation services for the guests with all necessary amenities. The best thing about this villa is that most places to see are located only in close proximity.

place: Pine Crest Mainz, Near Blossom Resort, Village Chabal, Jagjit Nagar, Kasauli – 173204, India.
cost: Rs 11000 per room for a single person depending on the crowd and weather.

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2. Sonnet Mainz

Sonnet Ménage is one of the most luxurious villas in Kasauli offering its visitors a luxurious and luxurious accommodation experience. The beautiful villa has 2 rooms equipped with the latest in modern amenities.
The villa is ideal for a maximum stay of 5-6 people. It provides an excellent mountain view and courtyard. Overall this is a unique villa, built on the hill to enjoy your stay the most.

place: Sonnet Mainz, Khetarpal Marg Kasauli, Kasauli – 173204, India
cost: Rs.9590 per person per night stay.

3. Homestead Villa

With contemporary style and modern classy décor, the Homestead Villa is an exquisite Kasauli villa that offers luxurious accommodation in hilly areas. This villa is unique due to its mind-blowing surroundings, breathtaking views and easy accessibility.
It has a front view of the garden with the most colorful flowers. Furthermore, this villa is the last location with most of the landmarks in proximity with all the furnished facilities.

place: Homestead Villa, Lower Mall, Kasauli – 173204, India
cost: Rupee. 5 Rs. 49 per person per night with minimum stay.

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4. Weatherside Villa

The Weatherside Villa is a great choice for offering 3 exceptional and luxurious rooms. Offering an excellent garden view, the Vilayati villa serves Asian breakfast in the morning.
The villa offers unique facilities like car rental service for those who want to see the amazing views of Kasauli. The nearest airport where you can easily reach the villa is Chandigarh Airport.

place: Mohan Meakin Road, Kasauli – 173212, India
cost: Rupee. 8000 per person per night stay.

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Meadow on the Ridge by the Vista Room

The meadow on the ridge by the Vista Room Villa features a peaceful location, mountain view and excellent luxurious interiors and decor that will give you a memorable holiday experience. Each villa offers complete privacy, comfort and the best quality of services to its visitors.
It is a special and classy place for families, honeymooners and corporate teams to enjoy a comfortable and satisfying holiday with all modern amenities.

place: V. Sahil, PO Jagjit Nagar, The Kothar, Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli – 173225, India.
cost: INR 4800 for one night stay.

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6. Royal Mansion 3BHK

With a total of 3 BHK villas, the villa guarantees a pleasant stay for all visitors. The villa consists of 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a maximum busy of 16 guests. All rooms of this luxurious villa are equipped with modern facilities.

Throwing stones at just one of the city’s popular attractions is a haven for rest and relaxation. Overall, the contemporary design and advanced features make it an ideal place to enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

place: Cottage, Jagjit Nagar Road, Near Baikunth Resort, Kasauli – 173201, India.
cost: 5769 INR for one room stay.

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Star perch from Vista room

Offering a Garden View, Star Basera Villa is one of the popular 3 bedroom villas that offer customers many facilities and excellent services. If you are looking for great comfort with complete privacy then this is the perfect option to stay.

The villa offers accommodation with a view to the sun and balcony as well as a terrace to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset. The rooms come with a spacious bathroom with living room and dining area.

place: Village: Jagjit Nagar, Tehsil Kasauli District. Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli-173204, India.
cost: INR 10,517 depending on season and availability.

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8. Vanya Villa by Vista Room

This Vanya villa is the perfect gateway to enrich your entire travel experience. Each room in this villa has plenty of light and a balcony view of the lush green pine forest. The villa has 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms with all modern and furnished facilities.

Likewise, the ideal location of this villa provides a breathtaking view of the garden and shared lounge. This villa is full of luxury which will surely provide you a comfortable and memorable stay.

place: Lower Jagjit Nagar, Dadouwala Road, Kasauli – 173204, India
cost: INR 12,184 for one bedroom villa.

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9. Padam Hill by Vista Room

Featuring a living room, dining area and an outdoor play areas, Padam Hill Villa offers its visitors an ultimate holiday experience. It is a great place to stay due to its luxurious and wonderful interior of the British Raj days.

There are plenty to play indoor and outdoor games to enjoy the beauty of the hills while doing activities. In addition, most of the city’s popular attractions are located in close proximity, so you can explore other locations with in-house transport facilities of this amazing villa.

place: Parwanoo Kasauli Road, Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli – 173204, India.
cost: INR 9904 or more per stay (subject to availability)

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10. Saffron Stays Hill View

Saffron Stay Hill View Villa tops the most luxurious villa in Kesrauli. This luxury villa offers accommodation with a great view of Mountain Hill. In addition, the air-conditioned space has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with all modern amenities.
You can have a wonderful nature experience as well as a complementary nature trip. It is an excellent option for travelers looking for peace and relaxation with world-class services.

place: Jagjit Nagar Road Hillview, Near Baikunth Resorts, Kasauli – 173201, India
cost: Starting at INR 16,103 per room.

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These are some of the villas of Kasauli which are set against the beautiful backdrop of the mountains. Therefore, plan your trip to Kasauli to enjoy beautiful views of nature with views of sunrise and sunset from the terrace balcony. so what are you waiting for? Just pack your luggage and enjoy a luxurious villa in Kasauli.

Frequently asked questions about Kasauli Villas

Q. Which are the best villas to stay in Kasauli with good scenery?

a. The Pine Crest Menage, Homestead Villas and Wayside Villas are the best villas to stay in for a few days as per the reviews from the guests visiting the villa.

Q. What is the average cost of living in a villa in Kasauli?

a. According to the average cost of living in a villa in Kasauli, Rs. 9791 per night depending on availability and weather subject.

Q. What is the best time to visit Kasauli?

a. The best time to visit Kasauli is from April to June and then from September to November to enjoy the scenic views from the villa at the hill station.

Q. For how many days should one go to Kasauli?

a. Kasauli is a small town at the bottom of the Himalayan Mountains. Therefore, we believe that a minimum of 2-3 days rest is comfortable for staying in a villa in the mountains.

Q. What is the best mode of transport to reach Kasauli and how long does it take to reach the best mode?

a. The best means of transport is by road. The best way to reach Kasauli is Chandigarh via roadways. Thanks to the well-connected and maintained roads, you can reach Kasauli within an hour from Chandigarh.

Q. When you are visiting Kasauli, what are the top attractions to visit?

a. The top attractions when you visit Kasauli are Timber Trail, Monkey Point, Mall Road, Sunset Point, and Lovers Lane, Gurdwara Sri Guru Nanak Ji, Baptist Church, Sri Baba Balak Nath Temple and Christ Church. These are the top 8 attractions when you reach Kasauli.

Q. What foods can you expect when you come to Kasauli?

a. When you visit Kasauli you can try the local and traditional cuisine of Himachal Pradesh. Siddu, kadhi, poppy pudding, madara, etc. You can also try herbal teas which are popular in Himachal like ginger tea infused with cinnamon and spices. In addition, locally made wines are among the popular beverages.

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