10 Mind Blowing Heart Tattoo Behind Ear Ideas

Heart tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to get inked, and there are many different designs to choose from. One placement option that is often overlooked is the heart tattoo behind the ear. This location can be both subtle and sexy, and it offers a number of benefits that other locations simply can’t match.

First, the behind-the-ear location is relatively hidden, so your tattoo won’t be on display all the time.

Second, this location is easy to cover up if you need to, making it a great option for those who want a tattoo but don’t want it to be visible all the time.

And third, the behind-the-ear location is highly sensitive, so your tattoo will be more intense and intimate than if it were placed in another spot. If you’re looking for a unique and personal tattoo, the heart tattoo behind the ear is definitely worth considering.

Heart Tattoo Behind Ear

heart tattoo behind ear
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Behind the ear tattoo is increasingly becoming popular nowadays among modern collectors.

The tattoo art is visible yet can be kept out of sight and offers a range of designs that cater to each personality type in the world. Behind the ear tattoos may range from simple, minimalist tattoos or robust black ink used to create a sophisticated piece and bright coloured body art.

There are endless possibilities starting from dove tattoo, scissor tattoo, words tattoo, crown, tattoo, and butterfly tattoos to your Zodiac sign and adorable little animals. When choosing your design, you need to consider the size of the piece you want to get. Often excessive details can get lost in smaller tattoo designs and furthermore, you must always check the specialization of the tattoo artist before getting a heart behind the ear tattoo.

Express your unique personality with a heart tattoo behind your ear. Some other options for behind the ear tattoo are star tattoo designs, butterfly tattoos, dragon tattoos, crown tattoos, plant tattoos, heart tattoos, cross tattoos, words tattoos, anchor tattoos, olive branch tattoos, and more ear tattoos.

Heart Tattoo Behind Ear

heart tattoo behind ear ideas
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The heart is one of the most timeless and universal symbols, making it so popular as a tattoo option for the limited space behind the ear. The heart is an ultimate symbol that has a deeper meaning and represents love, When placed daintily behind the ear, it becomes a reminder to pay attention to what your heart says. It can also symbolize a tribute to your beloved, that they are still on your mind and heart. For girls, cute behind the ear heart tattoo ideas are in the hoopla, however, there are countless other ways to embrace the ear tattoo design to render it more unique and personal to you. This minimalist heart tattoo is drawn using black ink behind your ear. Most women might suffer some pain when getting this adorable piece, a heart tattoo, behind the ear, but you will find that this small tattoo is worth it.

This simple heart-shaped ink indeed wins the heart of tattoo lovers. Keep it clean with a finely drawn line tattoo like this heart tattoo placed behind your ear. Flaunt this heart tattoo to whoever you please, and hide it from those whom you don’t want to show. So, are you getting this remarkable piece behind the ear? Get this small tattoo! Meanwhile, go through other behind the ear tattoo designs. You can experiment with design and get a broken heart tattoo behind the ear, a small heart tattoo behind the ear, or a minimalist heart behind the ear tattoo.

Crescent-Star Tattoo Behind Ear

crescent-star tattoo behind ear
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Another dainty behind the ear tattoo you will adore! The crescent moon stands for fertility and motherhood and sometimes it may also represent creativity, growth, and manifestation. These moons are intimately associated with new phases in life, a new beginning, and new chapters. The stars inspire us to shine bright in times of darkness. And taken together, the small moon tattoo ideas, both designs encourage one to actualize one’s potential. The elements of this simple tattoo are drawn using black ink which renders it contrasting with your skin, so whenever you will tuck your hair back, it would come into the sight of those near you easily.

Nonetheless, the moon tattoo as an ear tattoo seems too cute to hide. You can decide to flaunt the half-moon tattoos whenever you want and tuck away whenever you please. Are you getting this simple yet elegant crescent star tattoo? Explore other tattoo options you can get behind the ear and choose the one that speaks to your heart! Read on! You can also choose to get a full moon, small butterfly, and other behind ear tattoos with meaningful designs.

Semicolon Tattoo Behind Ear

semicolon tattoo behind ear
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This straightforward design involves a semicolon punctuation mark, which is typically utilized as a message of solidarity and affirmation against depression, suicide, mental health issues, and other addictions. The tattoo was initially brought into popularity by Amy Bleuel who struggled with challenging personal circumstances, addiction, and depression. She got the tattoo to celebrate her survival after being aped and when her dad committed suicide. So, if you are that brave birdie, who is struggling with difficult waves, and is planning for new beginnings, you can use this ear tattoo to fuel your spirits and inspire yourself to live a long life with courage.

With this unusual and colourful ear tattoo, you too can become a part of a movement to prevent suicide. Instead of ending your life with a full stop, you choose to take a break, as this tattoo suggests, and continue your life again. This tattoo is drawn using colourful ink that will look amazing behind the ear tattoos. So, are you getting this inspiring and simple tattoo? Head on and explore more behind the ear simple tattoo designs!

Flower Tattoo Behind Ear

flower tattoo behind ear
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Flower tattoos symbolize many different things, such as in ancient times, they were a direct sign of god’s contentment while in modern times, flowers and heart tattoos symbolize the love between two souls. Flowers have always been a popular and prominent motif throughout tattooing history. This elegant flower stem tattoo indeed is simple and irresistible. The leaves in the tattoo represent the life cycle, how a leaf completes its life and dies, but the plant keeps on living, instead of brooding on its death.

The tattoo becomes an inspiration for those who feel hopeless in life. Every time you will see this behind the ear tattoo piece, you will feel your spirits going up. The small tattoo is etched using black ink, so it would be visible whenever you pull your hair back. Nonetheless, it is immensely adorable that you would like to flaunt it to the world. So, are you feeling your heart has been hooked to this marvellous and simple tattoo piece? You can get it right away from a reliable tattoo artist. Explore other behind the ear tattoo ideas.

Red Butterfly Tattoo Behind Ear

red butterfly tattoo behind ear
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A butterfly is a splendid way to feel a connection with your inner self that’s both sincere and playful. You can get this marvellous tattoo which means multiple things. A red butterfly tattoo means passion and love, however, in Scotland, it can mean witches in disguise. Take the positive sense and choose to add a wholesome sort of love to your boring life. The colour red used to create this elegant tattoo symbolizes countless human sentiments, particularly passion feminine energy, or sexual desire. It also stands for life and blood: the two crucial elements for all creatures living on the Earth.

This red butterfly ear tattoo ideas symbolize rebirth, transformation, and finding happiness in challenging times, thus, the tattoo is often worn by women who have gone through traumatic experiences. You may even get it for the beautiful appearance of the tattoo itself. Tuck your hair back, and show this simple tattoo to the world with pride!

Double Heart Behind The Ear Tattoos

double heart behind the ear tattoos
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This is a wonderful tattoo choice for all those who are searching for a sweet and subtle place to get inked. The two hearts joined together is a subtle nod to the symbol of love. Folks looking for ear tattoo ideas can pick this particular tattoo design for showing off their adoration of tattoos. It is a cute little tattoo behind the ear.

Cute Butterfly Small Tattoo Behind The Ear

cute butterfly small tattoo behind the ear
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This minimalistic delicate tattoo is a versatile choice for all ink lovers. You might pair this with a small heart or even incorporate neck tattoos for women with this design. A simple tattoo like this one is a popular tattoo design among all genders. Get your own behind the ear tattoos right now!

Magical Rose Tattoo Behind Ear

magical rose tattoo behind ear
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This is another iconic tattoo behind ear design you can choose. Drawn using black ink, this tattoo is cute and dainty on the skin. Rose tattoo is a popular motif in the tattoo culture and has multiple meanings. Usually, it symbolizes affection, romanticism, and love. Their beautiful and delicate appearance is what renders them such a popular subject in the world of tattooing. There is an influx of choices when it comes to rose tattoos.

You can choose from simple and minimalist rose designs or go for a sophisticated, realistic rose ear tattoo for behind the ear tattoo. Rose emerge in various histories, and cultures, and may express various sentiments and feelings. You can get this artistic addition behind the ear and express your personality. You can choose to show this tiny tattoo design by tucking your hair back, or hide the ear tattoo simply and keep it a secret. Are you getting this magical tattoo behind your ear? Explore more behind the ear tattoo designs, and see what matches your taste. Read on to discover more ear tattoo designs!

Musical Notes Tattoo Behind Ear

musical notes tattoo behind ear
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Music is way beyond the melody or tune. It represents an innate aspect of the human culture. Music becomes a potential metaphor for life thus and is a popular tattoo motif loved by people worldwide. There are countless ways to represent music, including musical notes and instruments. This musical tattoo is a straightforward design that depicts the devotion of a person to music. If you are a creature who is addicted to music, you can choose to express your love for it with this small and dainty music note tattoo behind the ear. You can also choose to get your favourite song lyrics tattoo.

You can choose to hide this ear tattoo or reveal it. Drawn using black ink, this musical note tattoo design indeed seems irresistible, delicate, and subtly contains your passion for music. Being so small, this tattoo won’t come into the sight of others around you, unless you show it to them. So, what do you think about this cute ear tattoo? Getting this on? Head on and explore further behind the ear tattoo options!

Lavender Sprig Tattoo Behind Ear

lavender sprig tattoo behind ear
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Lavenders are unusually charming and their scent is even more alluring. Lavender is associated often with our pleasant emotions, so, this tattoo marvellously has positive connotations. In the world of tattooing, lavender comes to symbolize devotion, love, and purity. The tattoo design is drawn using a gentle hue of purple and green which marvellously encapsulates the delicateness and beauty of the flower. Purple colour is the shade of royalty and lavender flower tattoo thus, also means refinement, luxury, and elegance.

Since the flower is also used to alleviate anxiety, it can also represent calmness and silence. The small tattoo design behind the ear, indeed, looks fantastic and it will inspire you always to value silence and other noble values like purity and devotion. So, are you getting this tattoo? Read on to explore further small tattoos behind ear options and see what speaks to your heart!

You can choose from the following small tattoo and ear tattoo designs that are loved by many women:

  • An Angel Tattoo Behind The Ear.
  • Full Moon Tattoo Design.
  • A Small Elephant Tattoo.
  • Cross Tattoo Design Behind The Ear.
  • Scissor Tattoo Behind The Ear.
  • A Small Dove Tattoo Design.

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