10 Mind Blowing Hand Tattoos For Girls

Hand tattoos are a growing trend, especially among young women. If you’re thinking of getting inked, here are some ideas to get you started.

One popular option is a delicate floral design. This can be something as simple as a single stem or a cluster of flowers. Many girls choose to get their hands tattooed with roses, which can represent love, appreciation, and strength.

Another popular choice is a quote or phrase. This can be something meaningful to you, such as your favorite song lyric or mantra. Hand tattoos are also a great way to show off your sense of humor – try placing a funny saying in a hidden spot that only your friends will see.

Or, go for something totally unique and get a portrait tattooed on your hand. This could be a loved one, your pet, or even yourself. Portrait tattoos can be both beautiful and personal.

No matter what you choose, hand tattoos are sure to make a statement. So go ahead and pick out the perfect design for you – it’s time to show the world what you’re made of.

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Tattoos are way more than shapes or symbols, we see through our eyes.

Instead, tattoos for girls are rather personal, intimate elements that carry profound meaning. Often people, get them to preserve the memories of their beloveds, special moments, and so on.

Hands are one of the most beautiful features of girls, and having an elegant upper wrist tattoo, bracelet wrist tattoo, cute ring tattoos, and outer wrist tattoos adds an aesthetic vibe to them, thus, enhancing their charm. Nowadays, girls can be spotted having an inspiring quote tattoo on their hands, a little paw tattoo, a floral tattoo, a henna tattoo, bracelet tattoos, a unique peacock tattoo design, a mandala tattoo, and so on. Although hand tattoos, wrist tattoos, shoulder tattoos, and neck tattoos, are not liked by many, the trend is seeing a shift, and the craze for hand tattoos is going up. Hand tattoos are attention-grabbing, however, not every girl would like to get her hands permanently inked with a cool tattoo design or wrist tattoo. So, if you want to hide your tattoo, you can consider other spots like behind the ear, on the thigh, on the back, and so on. Nonetheless, if you desire to flaunt and express your personality and style, hand tattoos, shoulder blade tattoo, or wrist tattoos would be an amazing choice you can make.

Here are some marvellous hand tattoos for girls ideas you can explore. The wrist tattoo options are boundless when it comes to hand tattoos for girls, such they can choose from bold styles to delicate designs like flower tattoos, henna tattoos, cat tattoos, bird wrist tattoo, moon tattoo, heart-shaped tattoo, butterfly wrist tattoos, Japanese wrist tattoo, owl tattoo tattoos, moon tattoos, and more. Read on to know some trendy hand tattoo designs for girls.

Colour Hand Tattoo For Girls

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Different elements used to create this cool hand tattoo that spans from the lower arm to the back of the palm are amazing. If mysterious tattoo designs please you the most, you can go for this hand tattoo design and get this charming addition to your hands. The design also employs elements etched in basic black ink to balance the vibrancy of colourful constituents. The tattoo uses rich purple, gradient blue, magenta, and bluish hues to enhance the liveliness of the design. It looks best on medium to fair skin tone. The design also features a cute dinosaur, which symbolizes strength and vigour. So, if you are fond of dinosaurs, florals, and bizarre elements this design shows, get it done right away. You can also go for some customization in the design to express your personality boldly yet in a subtle style at the same time. You can also get your wrist inked with this amazing design.

African Tribal Hand Tattoo For Girls

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Another bold hand tattoo design for girls. The design relies on abstract patterns inspired by African tribal tattoo designs. The design features a Mandal, which stands sacred in Buddhism and symbolizes the universe or cosmos. Are you a super fan of the African continent? The map can clearly express your love for its culture, as it uses a map of Africa in the centre as well. The map is surrounded by bold light beams radiating from its back. The black ink used to etch this bold body art piece renders the design an irresistible look. The African tribal tattoo spans the lower arm to the fingers and its lines, and symbols are a remarkable addition to one’s hands. Furthermore, it also uses mystifying archaic elements that reflect modern design choices as well. So, are you getting this bold yet modern hand tattoo design? Head on!

Rose Hand Tattoo For Girls

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Roses are beautiful, simple, and sophisticated, all at the same time. And this complex nature of rose designs is what makes them so covetable for tattoo designs. A rose tattooed means love won or lost, and symbolizes an intense level of passion. The flower depicts a balance between emotion and beauty. People often like to get it on their hands, wrist, finger, shoulder, thigh, ribcage, leg, calf, and abdomen. This tattoo design is etched in dark black ink, and thus, it is visible on the hand. The colour of the rose plays an important role in the meaning of the element. For instance, a pink rose means a new love, innocence, etc., while a black rose tattoo symbolizes the loss of a beloved, in a manner that shows the compassion of the rose with the reminder of death or bleakness. You can get this prettier flower-like tattoo and flaunt your passion wildly!

Delicate Hand Tattoo For Girls

“wp-image-302508″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654914954_254_10-Best-Hand-Tattoo-For-Girls-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Delicate Hand Tattoo For Girls” width=”819″ height=”1024″ />
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Satiate your craving for a hand tattoo with these marvellous tattoo designs. It involves mandala sort of elements with dots to enhance the delicateness of this tattoo. Since the tattoo is etched in black ink, it would easily grab the attention of onlookers and gain confusing looks, such that someone may end up asking, “what does this tattoo symbolize”?

This mysterious tattoo is inspired by the mandala which is highly regarded in Buddhism and Hinduism and means cosmos or universe. This simple, elegant, yet sophisticated tattoo indeed seems a great choice for those who have been looking for a ḍelicate tattoo design for hands yet with bold implications at the same time.

The tattoo definitely oozes feminine charm and you can customize the design further to suit your taste and personality. So, are you planning to get this statement-making tattoo design? Read on to explore more hand tattoo designs for girls!

Beautiful Hand Tattoo For Girls

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Are you crazy about hand adornments and jewellery? These stunning tattoos for girls will satiate your taste that you would be wearing for life. Inked using basic black ink, this tattoo for girls design involves delicate and subtle elements, that make it a statement-making tattoo for girls.

The tattoo designs for girls on hand start from your wrist, and other elements are drawn on your fingers. Not messy at all and amazingly subtle, this tattoo design is indeed irresistible. So, are you getting this tattoo inked on your beautiful hands?

Head on, and explore more such amazing hand tattoos for women! This tattoo design will also look good as a shoulder tattoo, and neck tattoo.

Minimalistic Hand Tattoo For Girls

“wp-image-302510″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654914955_685_10-Best-Hand-Tattoo-For-Girls-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Minimalistic Hand Tattoo For Girls” width=”819″ height=”1024″ />
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Hands are a popular spot for tattoos, and that is for a solid reason. Those who like to flaunt their designs can do it overtly, love to get it here. Girls’ hands are smaller compared to men’s, so they make a fun spot to get a minimal or very dainty tattoo. Some like such tattoos on the side of their hand, while others prefer to get them on the back of their hand. Often these tattoo designs etched in black ink resemble jewellery.

This tattoo design uses minimalistic elements that render the owner a mysterious aura. Furthermore, these elements look immensely delicate and augment the beauty of hands while giving them an aesthetic aura. You must have heard “small is the new big” and this tattoo design encapsulates this idea perfectly.

So, has this one become your favourite yet? Check out other hand tattoos for women as well. Read on!

Mystery & Calmness Hand Tattoo For Girls

“wp-image-302511″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654914955_741_10-Best-Hand-Tattoo-For-Girls-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Mystery & Calmness Hand Tattoo For Girls” width=”820″ height=”1024″ />
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Mysteries are indeed alluring because gaining the knowledge about that gap in itself renders a rewarding experience. And calmness is one such intimate element associated with mystery. If you too are a mysterious personality or wish to add a mystical element, getting this hand tattoo can never be the wrong choice.

The word “mystery” scribed in the handwriting is accompanied by bold, floating, curvy lines on the left hand. While the right-hand features the word “calmness” scribed in the handwriting of the tattoo artist again and is accompanied by a delicate yet bold mandala pattern while featuring lines and curves simultaneously.

You can get this tattoo to come across as a mystifying personality in front of others. So, are you thinking of adorning your hand with this design?

The small wrist tattoo and hand tattoo feature a mandala flower design that symbolizes eternity, balance, and perfection.

The meaning of this element may differ as well often, depending on the design. Explore further to discover more hand tattoo ideas for girls!

Dreamy Text Hand Tattoo For Girls

“wp-image-302512″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654914955_589_10-Best-Hand-Tattoo-For-Girls-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Dreamy Text Hand Tattoo For Girls” width=”827″ height=”1024″ />
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Tattoos reflect someone’s personality in addition to making a style statement. While extroverts may crave and get colourful large tattoos, introverts and girls often gravitate toward delicate and minimalistic designs when it comes to tattoos for hands. If you too have been lately scrounging for a plain yet gorgeous tattoo design, consider this remarkable option which includes a text on the wrist and foliage and another element on the fingers.

All the elements have been intricately designed to add a mystifying vibe to the design. The leaves represent the life cycle, as although the leaf ceases to live, life still goes on. Several folks prefer this design as it shows how we all undergo different phases of life and live through the hard times bravely.

While the text is scribed in a simple and minimalistic font face, “HAVEN” means a place of refuge or safety. So, if you are someone, who is kind to others and supports them in difficult times, you can decide to get the design etched on your hands. Isn’t it a great way to wear your kindness? Indeed, explore more hand tattoo designs. Read further!

Twinkly Hand Tattoo For Girls

“wp-image-302513″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654914955_427_10-Best-Hand-Tattoo-For-Girls-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Twinkly Hand Tattoo For Girls” width=”780″ height=”891″ />
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Stars are in themselves mesmerizing beyond words. We tend to gaze at stars, dream big, make fancies, and simply wonder at the aura they ooze. These minimalist constellations and twinkling star designs render this design tremendously beautiful.

The design features delicateness in its elements which are etched using black ink on the fingers. These little tattoo elements tucked on the fingers are done in a minimal style which dictates nothing but elegance and simplicity. The design will always inspire you to radiate positivity and become a light in others’ lives.

The dots and lines add a vibe of playfulness to the design. All in all, this small star tattoo design adds a graceful look to your hands. The tattoo will encourage you to add sparkle to your life and achieve great feats. You don’t need diamonds to shine and glow upon the world!

Minimalistic Plant Hand Tattoo For Girls

“wp-image-302514″ src=”https://www.tipsclear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1654914956_887_10-Best-Hand-Tattoo-For-Girls-Ideas-That-Will-Blow.jpg” alt=”Minimalistic Plant Hand Tattoo For Girls” width=”819″ height=”1024″ />
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Are you a nature lover and adore small tattoo ideas or meaningful tattoos? Then, this tattoo design will surely appeal to you. Minimalist tattoos say more with less.

The tattoo design here uses fine lines etched with black ink. If you crave a delicate yet elegant tattoo, then this hand tattoo is a marvellous choice. Plant and foliage designs are surely growing in popularity owing to their irresistible looks and fantastic meanings. Leaves used in the design represent the life cycle, that is how a leaf dies, and a plant still goes on to live.

So, this tattoo for girls on hand will inspire you to accept death and difficult circumstances and overcome them with courage. Plant tattoo designs are also preferred for aesthetic reasons. Make sure you choose a skilled tattoo artist to get a clean hand tattoo and wrist tattoo design.

Other hand tattoo sketches and wrist tattoo designs for girls you can consider are:

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  • Japanese wrist tattoos.
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