10 Habits Of People Whose Houses Are Always Clean

Whether we like to clean up or not, sometimes it is necessary. In our article, we tell you how to keep your house clean efficiently and effortlessly.

Spend 15 minutes a day cleaning

It just seems that 15 minutes per day is not enough. But if you spend this time every day to sweep the apartment, wipe the dust, or disassemble the mess on the table, it will be much easier to keep clean. You will not have to spend the whole weekend to get rid of the garbage, which has accumulated during the week.

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Make a bed every day

It seems to be obvious that the bed needs to be made. However, in the morning, being late for work, this elementary rule is easy to forget. Perhaps you will be motivated by the idea that having spent an extra minute, you will return to a clean apartment? In addition, if you spontaneously invite your acquaintances, you will not have to worry that they will accidentally witness the mess.

 Allocate household duties

Logically, it is more difficult for one person to cope with all household chores than a family. In allocating responsibilities, you can assume that who is better able to do it. For example, the wife can cook and do laundry, while the husband can clean and go shopping. It is also worth entrusting children with household chores, taking into account their age. For example, ask a child to water the flowers, wash the dishes or take out the garbage.

Disassemble the closet every season

Revising the closet from time to time is useful, it helps to get rid of unnecessary clothes and make room for new ones. And to look into the closet, where everything is neat, much nicer than to dig through a pile of clothes and try to find the right one.

It is better to think beforehand about what to wear

As a rule, the situation of “nothing to wear” is faced by those who do not think over images in advance. It turns out that your favorite sweater has long needed washing, and the shirt needs ironing, which you do not want to do in the morning. And this brings us back to a situation where we have to rummage through the closet, hastily try on things (which then remain scattered on the bed) and eventually go to work in a boring T-shirt and jeans. So it’s worth at least thinking in the evening what you’re going to wear, or better, make a rough plan for a few days.

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Buy liquid soap instead of the usual

Normal soap sprays ugly in the soapbox over time, it has to be cleaned from time to time. There are no problems with liquid soap.

Use a kitchen stand

Sugar, salt, tea and other bulk products that you use several times a day, it is convenient to store in a special stand with a curb.If something falls apart, it will get not on the table, but in the stand, from which it is easier to shake the rubbish in the sink. In addition, it is safe, because dust and sand may damage your appliances, and in this case, will repair appliance Capital.


Make a list of products in advance, so you don’t have to buy anything extra in the store, so you won’t find a moldy piece of cheese or a rotten tomato in your fridge. It is also worth thinking about the day of washing or general cleaning. Sometimes there is a temptation to start the washing machine as soon as there are dirty things in the house. But it is better to take a specific day and even time for washing, and the rest of the time to rest easy, not thinking about the need to load the machine. The same applies to repairs. Walk around the house and write down everything that needs to be repaired. Highlight those items that you can repair by yourself, and in those cases where professionals are needed, carefully select a contractor. For example, sliding door replacement in Doral may help you.

Do not put off the cleaning for later

Do you know what prostration is? It is a tendency to postpone even important things. When it comes to housekeeping, many people face the desire to postpone cleaning until tomorrow. But the longer you delay, the thicker the layer of dust and the larger the stack of dirty plates in the sink. So it’s better to make it a rule to clean regularly and wash the dishes immediately after a meal.

Think positively

Yes, cleaning is not the most exciting thing in life, but you can find pluses in it too. It’s nice to be in a clean house, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to find the right thing, because everything is in its place, in addition, it’s a great physical activity – and extra activity, especially if you work in the office, will not hurt.

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