10 Great Uses of Coconut Oil Will Make You Pretty

10 Great Uses of Coconut Oil Will Make You PrettyUses of Coconut Oil Will Make You Pretty

Coconut oil is great multipurpose oil which is used a lot for beauty benefits. And who doesn’t want to get pretty right we all wish to be beautiful. Celebrity use coconut oil to make their skin and hair beautiful is the proof enough that why this oil is so magical. We will share ways to use coconut oil to enhance the beauty of your hair and skin.

Uses of coconut oil for hair care

1. Hair conditioner

Coconut oil is a great hair conditioner that helps to make the hair super nourished. This is why coconut oil is brilliant to be used for the dry damaged hair. It nourishes the dry cuticle and hair damage reduces effectively. Just apply coconut oil at night and wash in the morning. Try this 2 times in a day to get best results.

2. Hair potion for anti frizz

Frizzy hair is a problem for dry hair. To combat the frizz. Thus take 2-3 drops of coconut oil and just smear over the flyaways and they will be tamed. You may also apply some on the dry hair ends to moisturize them.

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3. Dandruff control

If dandruff is the main problem you are suffering from and you wish to find a natural cure then using coconut oil witll help you. Apply coconut oil on the scalp. Massage every other day at night then wash in the morning. Coconut oil will also combat the fungal infection when you mix 2 drops of neem oil in the coconut oil while massaging the scalp.

Uses of coconut oil for skin

4. Cure for dry skin

Only dry skinned people know how it feels when the skin is tight, stretchy and flaky. Application of coconut oil on the dry skin helps to heal the flakiness and nourish the dry skin effectively. It can be used on the facial skin, hand, legs and body as body lotion after the shower.

5. Body massage oil

Coconut oil has anti aging properties thus you should use coconut oil on your body to get the anti aging benefit and to keep the skin beautiful and radiant.

6. Lip Care

Dry peeling lips are painful but coconut oil can help you to relive the pain by repairing the dry lips. Use coconut oil at night to massage the lips before going to sleep and let the magic of coconut oil begin.

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7. Hand lotions

Use coconut oil as a hand cream to get the beautiful hands. Even if the oil is in solid state in the winters you can keep a small tub in your bag and use it whenever you feel hands are getting dry or after a hand wash.

8. Foot cream

An excellent foot cream can be made when you mix 1 teaspoonful of coconut oil with ¼ teaspoonful of camphor. Mix them and use on the feet to revive them at night. You will wake up with moisturized beautiful feet.

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9. Cuticle cream

To hydrate the dry cuticle, Use few drop of coconut oil and massage. This will wonderfully hydrate the cuticles.

10. Eyelashes

Regular application of coconut oil also thickens the eyelashes but that should be only applied at night with a Q tip.

So, Do you like using coconut oil for enhancing your skin and hair’s natural beauty. If you have some other beauty uses of coconut oil then do share with us.

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