10 Gorgeous Bridges In Singapore That You Must Visit In 2020

Often marked as the most expensive city in the world and home to architectural wonders, the natural park, among other things, has certainly carved a niche for itself. You would have guessed by now that its Singapore, which we are talking about, although the tag of being the most expensive local brings with it a lot of hope for sightseeing, know anything about some other places in the city. Can be applied. Break the bank Yes, we are talking about some iconic and fantastic Bridge in singapore, Who strangely leave every traveler with their unique construction and appearance. A magnificent metropolis in every aspect, Singapore is home to many pieces of architecture that boast superb engineering. The multi-cultural city also serves as a grand daughter of many different cultures such as Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Western.

Top 10 Bridges in Singapore

If you were thinking that you can see some beautiful places, which are walking on the bridge or you can drive while in Singapore, here are some. Singapore has not just one but several bridges including suspension and vehicle bridges. Want to know more about them? Check it out here!

Top vehicle bridge in singapore

While the magnificent skyscrapers above the city provide a splendid presence, vehicle bridges in Singapore are also scattered all around as sightseers.

1. Elgin Bridge

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The architectural piece was built in the early 1800s and served as a footbridge primarily for Chinese traders and Indian traders in their early years. Distinguishing feature of the bridge are two cast iron lamps with medals on both sides, connecting both North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road roads. Crafted by an Italian designer Cavalry Rudolfo Noli, the medal features an inscription of a Singapore lion. The lamps light up in the evening and light the bridge and passage with different colors.
Length: 46 m
place: Along South Bridge, North Bridge Road, Singapore
Places to visit: National Gallery Singapore, Clarke Quay, Asian Civilization Museum

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2. Benjamin Shires Bridge

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Often cited as one of Singapore’s longest bridges, this architectural gem is also a popular vehicle flyover. Spanning an altitude of 29 meters and a distance of 1.8 km, the bridge has 8 lanes and a pair of two meter wide pedestrians. The bridge passes over the Kalang Basin and Marina Bay serving as a route for free movement of ships.
Length: 1.8 km, Altitude: 29 m
place: Shires Avenue, Singapore
Places to visit: Marina bay

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3. Esplanade Bridge

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As a big-time connection between Merleon Park in the south and Esplanade theaters in the north, Esplanade Bridge is one of the famous bridges in Singapore. The length of the bridge is 280 meters and the weight of pedestrians and vehicles was the same for a long time. Among the city’s famous arch bridges, the bridge has four lanes with pedestrians on either side.
Length: 280 m
place: Downtown Core, Marina Bay, Singapore
Places to visit: Marina Bay, Merillion Park

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4. Anderson Bridge

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Built back in 1910, this bridge is located near the Kavenag bridge. The feature of the bridge lies in its design. While the pedestrian railing is supported by several steel tied arcs, there are three arch ribs that demarcate the two lanes of traffic between them. At 70 meters in length and 28 meters in width, this old vaulted bridge is also laden with lanterns and makes its way into the list of iconic bridges in Singapore.
Length: 70 m, 28 m wide
place: Fullerton Road, Singapore
Places to visit: Clarke Quay, Marillion Park

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Top Pedestrian Bridges in Singapore

These famous foot bridges of Singapore serve as a major between the two places and also have an upper hand in enhancing the beauty of the city.

5. Jubilee Bridge

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This magnificent architecture rests on the Singapore River and thrills pedestrians throughout the day. Adjacent to the Esplanade Bridge, it can carry at least 2,000 people. The entire weight of the bridge rests on two main pillars and the structure itself does not require any vertical support. Remembered on 29 March 2015, the bridge deck is pivoted towards the spindle and provides untouched views of Marina Bay at night.
Length: 220 m
place: 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore
Places to visit: Marina Bay, Esplanade Theater, Marillion Park

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6. Henderson Waves Bridge

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It is one of the highest bridges dominating the city’s landscape. Bridging the gulf between the two Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park, this architectural wonder spans 272 meters in length and is 8 meters in width. To distinguish the bridge from the others, it has wave-like steel curves that pull out the jute and give the bridge an extraordinary appearance. Beautifully illuminated during the night, the bridge is ideal for a casual walk or to hang out with loved ones
Length: 272 m, 8 m width
place: Henderson Road, Singapore
Places to visit: Telok Blangah Hill Park, Mount Faber Park, Kent Ridge Park

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7. Alakf Bridge

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This modern canvas of various colors is a great addition to the beauty of the city and is one of the most popular bridges in Singapore. Located near Robertson Quay and on the Singapore River, the bridge is built in the shape of a Tongyang. For all those who are in a dilemma as a Tongyang, this is a light boat that was used to transport goods. The structure was created in 1997 and the colors were injected into the frame in 2004 by Pacinta Abad, a Filipino artist. Another interesting aspect of the bridge is that it is adorned with 55 different colors.
Length: 55 m
place: 1 Havelock Rd, Singapore
Places to visit: Robertson Quay

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8. Helix Bridge

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Although Singapore is localized during the day, its true grandeur can only be detected during the night. Helix Bridge is one of the architectural marvels of the city, which is touched with brilliant lights at night. Ideal for an evening walk and panoramic photo shoot, the aqueduct spans the Singapore River and connects South Marina Bay. The curved architecture of the steel-framed structure is a treat to the eye and makes it one of the iconic bridges in Singapore.
Length: 280 m
place: Marina Bay, Singapore
Places to visit: Supertree Grove, Artspace Gardens, Marina Barrage

Famous Suspension Bridge in Singapore

If you are wondering how we do not mention suspension bridges in Singapore then in our defense we will say, we have saved the best for last.

9. Cavenagh Bridge

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It is one of the bridges in the city that has stood the test of time. The Cavenag Bridge is named after the last governor of Singapore and is currently functioning as a footbridge for locals and tourists. The total length of the bridge is about 80 meters and this structure looks heavenly at night when the lights decorate it.
Length: 80 m
place: 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore
Places to visit: Marina Bay, Esplanade Theater, Marillion Park

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10. McRitchie Tree Suspension Bridge

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It is one of the major spectacles in the city. The structure is 25 meters above ground level and is 250 meters in length. This walkway is the best way to explore the beauty of nature, providing beautiful views of the rainforest. During the day, one of the iconic bridges in Singapore involves the occasional experience while skywalking through this steel structure.
Length: 250 meters long
place: 601 Island Club Road, Singapore
Places to visit: Upper Peers Reservoir

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So, the next time you travel to Singapore, take a break from the usual places and explore these monumental pieces of architecture. With spectacular lighting and stunning views of the surrounding places, these bridges in Singapore will absorb you with their unique grandeur. Plan a trip immediately and give these extraordinary monuments the best tonic to try and enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Heaven in all aspects, these miracles are a feast for the soul.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bridges in Singapore

Q. How long is Henderson Waves Bridge?

a. The Henderson Waves Bridge is a 274-meter-long pedestrian bridge that stands at a height of 36 meters. It is also considered to be the highest foot bridge in Singapore.

Q. How can I get to Henderson Waves Bridge by car?

a. The wave shaped bridge easily takes MRT from Redhill station to Beef Telok Blangah Hills.

Q. Who built the Kavenag Bridge?

a. The bridge was designed by the Colonial Public Works Department and constructed by P&W Maclellan, Glasgow Engineers.

Q. Why is Helix Bridge famous?

a. The Helix Bridge is inspired by the structure of human DNA and is one of the most visited destinations in the city of Singapore.

Q. When was Helix bridge opened to the public?

a. This bridge, opened in 2010, is the only pedestrian bridge that connects Marina Center to Marina South in the Bay Area. The structure was designed and engineered by a team of architects from both Australia and Singapore.

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