10 Funny Florida Man Headlines That Will Have You Giggling

The Florida man headlines are a popular meme that took social media by storm in 2013. Indeed, nobody makes headlines like the world-famous Florida man. The Sunshine State is known for its colorful lawbreakers committing many bizarre crimes. These crimes are so out of this world that they make the funniest headlines. The stories are often exciting, but the headlines always steal the show. The funny headlines usually include the words “Florida man” followed by a crime out of a 1980s teen comedy. Eventually, the Florida man headlines found their way to social media and the rest is history.

10 Funny Florida Man Headlines That Will Have You Giggling

1. Florida Man Arrested for Trying To Get Alligator Drunk



Florida men have a tough time staying away from alligators. In 2019, the Martin County sheriff’s office arrested Timonthy Kepke after he tried getting an alligator drunk. Apparently, Kepke was trying to get the alligator to loosen up and chill out. Of course, the drunken alligator bit Kepke. Never mess with an intoxicated alligator in Flordia.

2. Florida Man Tries To Evade Arrest by Cartwheeling Away From Cops



In most police chases, the criminal escapes in a daring car chase. Well, this Florida man took a slightly different approach. First, the man stopped a truck on the road by doing a back flip. Then, police arrived on the scene and attempted to arrest him. The Flordia man wiggled out and did a cartwheel to evade police. He didn’t get away.

3. Florida Man Arrested for Calling 911 After Kitten Denied Entry Into Strip Club

exotic shorthair


In 2012, a Flordia man became irate when a strip club wouldn’t let him enter with his kitten. He felt his kitten had every right to enjoy the gentlemen’s club. The club wouldn’t let him in, so he phoned 911 several times. Eventually, police officers arrived on the scene but not to help the man or his kitty. Instead, the police arrested the Flordia man for multiple charges, including making the 911 calls.

4. Florida Man Driving With Clown Mannequin Had Live Grenade in His Pickup Truck

bozo the clown

YouTube/Antenna TV

Louis Branson probably thought he found an easy way to use the carpool lane in Florida. Police pulled over Branson in his pickup truck and found a live grenade, drug paraphernalia, and illegal substances. Somehow, the grenade isn’t the most unusual part. Branson was driving around with a clown mannequin in his passenger seat.

5. Trash Talking: Florid Man Captures Alligator With Bin



Not every Florida Man is breaking the law with some strange crime. A few of them are saving the world one alligator at a time. In Central Florida, an army veteran Eugene Bozzi captured an aggressive alligator using only a trash bin. Ironically, he should use the bin to capture other Florida men.

6. Florida Man Trapped in Unlocked Closet for Two