10 Fantastic Outline Heart Tattoos

Outline heart tattoos are simple designs that consist of a small heart outline. These tattoos are usually placed on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. Outline heart tattoos are a popular choice for those who want a small and discreet tattoo. While these tattoos are often associated with love and relationships, they can also be used to symbolize other things, such as friendship or family. Outline heart tattoos are also a popular choice for couples who want to get matching tattoos. Whatever the meaning, outline heart tattoos are a beautiful and personal way to show your love for someone or something.

Outline Heart Tattoos

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Heart tattoos are among the most popular types of tattoo designs, especially among women.

They come in different styles and shapes. Each design carries a different meaning.

The colors used to design a heart tattoo also play a significant role in generating a specific meaning. For example, if it is a black heart tattoo, it signifies sorrow and grief. On the other hand, if the heart tattoo is designed using bright red color, it symbolizes love and friendship. Regardless of the colors or styles, heart tattoos look great on every individual. Getting a heart tattoo inked on your body is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Given below are some of the best ideas for a heart outline tattoo.

Heart outline Tattoo on Face

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Face tattoos have been in trend for quite a while now. Many celebrities of today’s world, like Post Malone and Lil Wayne, have face tattoos, and they have inspired other tattoo lovers to get inked on this part of the body. However, face tattoos can change your life in many ways, since once you get inked on your face, you cannot go back. It is a commitment for life, so ensure that you are fully confident before getting a face tattoo.

In the above image, we can see the outline of a heart drawn near the eyes of the woman. Face tattoos are easily recognizable even from a distance. Therefore, even if you get a small heart tattoo, it will still look good. The tattoo artist for this design has only used black ink to outline a heart. It looks adorable and attractive. If you are a fan of these kinds of minimalistic tattoos, then you should consider this design for your next heart tattoo.

Heart Outline Tattoo With Paws

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Paw print tattoos are yet another prevalent form of tattoo design, especially among all animal lovers. If you have a pet at your home, then this is the ideal design for you. However, paw print tattoos do not necessarily have to always be of your pet dog or cat, and they can represent any animal that you are fond of. In this image, the tattoo artist has created a large heart outline tattoo on the forearm of this individual.

To give this a more feminine look, he has paired it up with two paws and has colored the same with black ink. The small lines used to draw the outline and the colored paws beautifully contrast each other, and it looks incredible on the forearm of this person. You can also choose any color of your preference to draw the outline heart tattoo.

Tiny Heart Tattoo On Wrist

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A tiny heart outline tattoo can be a great design, especially for those who like minimalistic tattoos instead of the large dramatic ones. Just look how cute this tattoo looks on the wrist of this person in the image as mentioned above. These kinds of tattoos look great because of their simplistic nature. Although mainly popular among females, they will also look great on men. The artist has used nothing but black ink to create this design, and it looks adorable. They can be a great design, especially for those new to the world of tattooing. You can also color the heart with any bright color like pink or red if you want to give your design a more creative look.

Two Heart Tattoos

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This is one of the best ways to make your small heart outline tattoo look more exciting and unique. Here we can see two tiny hearts interconnected in a very aesthetic manner. These kinds of tattoos are pleasing to the eyes and deliver strong emotions of passion and love. Although the tattoo artist here has only used black ink to create this design, you can customize the same by using a combination of black and white ink. It will look undoubtedly look remarkable. If you are not a fan of black and white tattoos, then you can also choose any other contrasting colors to make the tattoo look more vibrant. Some of the most common places for these tattoos include the wrist, ankle, or neck.

Quotes and Heart Tattoo Designs

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One of the main reasons why the heart tattoo is so popular is it can be used in so many ways to depict different feelings and emotions. In the above image, we can see that the tattoo artist has combined the simple heart outline tattoo, with a short and sweet quote, that says, ‘Everything Happens For The Best’. These kinds of tattoos can tell a lot about the nature of the person wearing them. For example, just by looking at this design, it is easily interpretable that the person in the above image is very optimistic by nature, and likes to approach any difficult situation in a positive light. If you have any such favorite quotes of yours, you can also include them in your design.

Heart Outline Tattoo Drawing

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Here, we can see how beautifully the artist has turned a simple heart outline tattoo into an intricated design of body art. The fine lines used by the tattoo artist to draw these creative patterns are indeed incredible. The tattoo has been drawn on the foot of the individual and it looks very aesthetic. If you are a fan of such creative tattoo designs, then you should definitely refer to this one for your next tattoo design. You can also choose any color to make the tattoo look more beautiful. However, it is important to ensure that the colors chosen, go with the design of the tattoo, to deliver the desired meaning.

Broken Heart Tattoo

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Not all heart tattoos signify love positivity or passion. Some designs can also symbolize pain and heartbreak. One such similar design has been shown in the above-mentioned picture. Here we can see the design of a broken heart, stapled together. Although it is definitely a very unique design, it delivers negative emotions. If you see any person with these kinds of symbols, it is very likely that they have gone through a recent heartbreak and the tattoo is just a mere expression of grief. It acts as a constant reminder for the wearer, of the pain that he has gone through and how they have overcome it eventually. It might also act as a guard against all the steps that led to the heartbreak and how to prevent it from happening again. The tattoo is engraved on the forearm of the individual, and although it looks cute, it delivers an intense and melancholy feeling.

Anatomical Red Heart Tattoo

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Unlike the traditional small heart tattoos, the anatomical heart tattoo is more mechanical. It can be a sign of undying friendship that you share with another person, or it can also be a great way to show your soft and emotional side. These tattoos are often used to show that even if the person looks harsh and rude on the outside, he still has a beating heart like every other individual. In this image, we can see a detailed design of an anatomical red heart outline tattoo on the wrist of the individual. It looks unique, and the bright red color highlights the nerve endings in the heart perfectly. If you are looking for some fantastic heart tattoo ideas, this one is a must-have.

Cupid Arrow Tattoo

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Greek mythology describes Cupid to be the God of love and desire. It is said that he would shoot an arrow at his victims so that they fall hopelessly and passionately in love with each other. The cupid arrow is one of the most popular forms of tattoo designs, especially among lovers. It perfectly describes the deep and unbreakable love, two individuals share with each other. If you have any such person in your life, this can be a great tattoo design for you. You can also use this design as a couple’s tattoo. In this image, we can a tiny heart symbol that has been pierced with the Cupid arrow.

Small Heart Tattoo On Fingers

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This type of tattoo placement area is more common among girls. Finger tattoos look not only good but are also aesthetic. In this image, we can see a similar example, where the tattoo artist has created a cute and tiny heart outline tattoo in the innermost region of the person’s finger. One important thing to remember while getting a finger tattoo is that it can fade a lot more quickly than other tattoos. Therefore, you might need to do frequent touch-ups to keep the design intact.

If you are a newbie to the world of tattooing, then going for a heart outline tattoo can be a great choice for you. They not only look cute but are also very easy to design and do not involve much pain, typically. On that note, here are some more interesting examples of a heart outline tattoo.

  • Sacred Heart Tattoo Outline
  • Heart Tattoo Outline With Flowers
  • Realistic Heart Outline Tattoo
  • Shoulder Heart Outline Tattoo
  • Thigh Heart Outline Tattoo

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