10 Edgy Line Up Haircuts for Men in 2022

Align haircuts for men

An inline haircut – also known as an up edge or an up shape – is one of the most striking styles for men. This is because the eye is drawn to the unnatural shapes it creates. Your stylist will use clippers to shave straight lines or sharp angles in your hair. These lines can be at the hairline, parting or temples. The range is a versatile look that gives some personality and edge to an otherwise simple cut, like a fade or a buzz cut.

1. Slick Back + Line Up

A range will take your slick hairstyle to the next level. That’s because it gives an already sleek look an even neater finish. The range will remove any shorter hairs that may not stay in place with your smooth back, as well as stray hairs on your temples. The addition of a line parting also adds a cool disconnected feel to the smooth back.

Pompadour with Line Up

2. Quiff + Alignment

Banana is another great pairing for an a-line haircut. In this case, the line-up extends from front to back rather than through the hairline. This allows the carrot itself – the upturned front part of the hair – to take center stage. Adding a line means that the sides of your hair will be shaved to create a striking finish that adds movement and drama to the banana.

Quiff with alignment

3. Pompadour + Programming

The pompadour is a hairstyle from the 1950s that has remained popular ever since. Since this is already a dramatic hairstyle, it looks great when paired with an equally eye-catching range. The combination of a smooth, gravity-defying pompadour with sharp edges and a hair parting gives this retro look a bold modern edge.

Pompadour with Line Up

4. Afro + Line-Up

The standard range is a classic partner for afro or shaved afro hair. This is because the clean, clean edge of the hairline and the straight angle at the temples contrast well with the curls. Add a high or medium fade to the combination to catch the eye and make your face look longer and slimmer.

Afro with Line Up

5. Fringe + Alignment

The range is so versatile that it can even be combined with bangs. One of the most original interpretations of the style is to use the range to create an asymmetrical finish. Start with side-swept bangs with a clean edge, then ask your stylist to shave in-line with a clipper on one side. Add a taper fade for a new layered look.

Fringe with Line Up

6. False Hawk + Programming

A line-up – paired with a fade – can be used to create the faux hawk effect. The faux hawk mimics the mohawk by increasing the volume of the hair in the front and top of the head, then using products to shape it into an upright column. Instead of completely shaving off the rest of the hair, the hairstylist instead adds a line-up. It runs along the parting and hairline to create parting and disconnect the faux hawk section from the faded sides. The result is a more relaxed version of an iconic hairstyle.

Fake Hawk with alignment

7. Bowl Cut + Alignment

Not only is the bowl cut on trend, but it’s also the perfect partner for a range. The range adds a new disconnected feel to the bowl cut, giving it a fresh twist. The resulting hairstyle has an unusual, edgy finish that will grab attention while being flattering on most men’s face shapes – especially large foreheads.

Bowl cut with alignment

8. Drop Fade + Alignment

One of the best ways to make a crossfade stand out is to add a line-up. When creating the look, the hairstylist will follow the curve of the fade, shaving more of the hair to create a visible line on the side of your head. While some guys keep the style simple by stopping at this point, others get more creative. One idea is to have the barber shave a different section of the hairline to create a double-edged look.

Drop Fade with Alignment

9. Short Fringe + Line Up

Give a new attitude to short bangs by pairing it with a line-up. Like other hairstyles online, the look works best when your hair has lots of texture and direction. This creates contrast with the clean, straight line. Your stylist can define your bangs even more by shaving the angles on each side. Short bangs with a line-up can also be combined with a high fade.

Short Fringe With Line Up

10. Buzz Cut + Alignment

The buzz cut is one of the simplest hairstyles for men. If you’re looking to add more of your personality to the look, consider a range. There are several ways to combine the buzz cut with a line-up. Your hairstylist might give you a straight right-to-left hairline or create an unusual angled effect. Alternatively, many men with trendy cuts prefer the sides of their hair to do the talking. In this case, the line detail can be shaved off at the temples or eyes.

Buzz Cut with Line Up


How much does a range haircut cost?

A haircut ranges between $20 and $50 depending on which barber or hairstylist you choose.

What is a range haircut?

A range haircut is when your barber will create straight lines in your hair with clippers to add a distinctive look to your hairstyle.


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