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10 Drugs That Will Become Generic In 2020

10 Drugs That Will Become Generic In 2020: One of the most significant issues people have when it comes to medications is that they are often expensive. This comes from certain medications costing more due to the expenses associated with research and development, not to mention promotion to make these products more visible to the public.

10 Drugs That Will Become Generic In 2020
10 Drugs That Will Become Generic In 2020

But generic drugs are always less expensive. These are drugs that are no longer eligible for patient protection benefits for drug companies. Generic drugs can be sold without all those elaborate expenses. Sometimes you can get a generic for less than 95 percent of the original brand name price.

Here’s a look at ten drugs that are expected to become available in generic forms in 2020. Be advised that these points are subject to change.


Generic Daliresp will become available in January. The medication is a PDE4 inhibitor that reduces lung inflammation, thus preventing COPD-related issues.


Noxafil is a medication for the treatment of fungal and yeast infections that will be available in a generic form in January. The antifungal treatment works in an oral pill form.


Delzicol is an NSAID specifically for patients with ulcerative colitis. The medication will prevent flare-ups relating to the condition from being likely to develop.


Chantix has become a popular medication from Pfizer for helping patients to stop smoking. The medication helps people to safely ease their way out of smoking and will not cause any sudden irritation or other concerns relating to nicotine withdrawal. Chantix will become generic in May, thus making it all the more enticing for those who want to finally stop smoking.


Ablavar is a medication from Lantheus Medical that is expected to go generic in May. The medicine Ablavar is a blood pool agent for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. Ablavar hasn’t been available since 2017 due to poor sales, but a generic version will be available soon, thus possibly making the drug more viable to patients with PVD.


Another drug that will become generic in May, Fortovase is an HIV protease inhibitor. The drug has been effective in controlling the growth of HIV infection. It does not cure the patient of the infection.


Dexilant will become available in a generic form in June. The medication is for gastroesophageal reflux disease. The product works as a proton pump inhibitor.


Desonate will become available in its generic form in August. The medication is a steroid for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.


Another drug that will be available in August as a generic, Ciprodex is a Novartis drug that treats ear infections. The product is a combination of steroids and antibiotics.


The antipsychotic medication Saphris will be available as a generic in December of 2020. The medication helps to treat acute mania that is associated with bipolar disorder.

All entries are subject to change. Details on the latest drugs that are available in generic forms can be found on the Food and Drug Administration’s website at fda.gov/drugs.

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