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10 Cryptocurrencies to Watch For In 2020

10 Cryptocurrencies to Watch For In 2020

Cryptocurrencies have been evolving and growing in popularity in recent times. 2020 will be an exciting time in the cryptocurrency industry, as more options are coming along. But some currencies deserve to be noted in 2020 for many reasons, as this report will reveal.



With Bitcoin taking up a majority of the currency market, it will be critical to watch for. But the added use of websites accepting this as a payment option should help to boost its value as time moves along.


NEO is known for being China’s first open- solution. Much of the work entails producing smart contracts and a fully decentralized platform for the convenience of one’s work.


Western Union is expected to incorporate Ripple in its money transfer services in the future. The effort would make it easier for money transferred while also reducing the expenses involved with getting things handled on time.


The recently halved Litecoin is expected to be an attractive investment in the future. Litecoin provides a simple approach for production. With more than three-quarters of all Litecoins having been mined, there will be a higher demand for the currency as people start to become invested in the solution.


Ethereum is often referred to as that “other” currency, but its popularity cannot be ignored. The Ethereum platform is used as the primary one in the decentralized app industry. The setup helps with producing more coins that are unique and valuable for many purposes. Expected Ethereum to grow in popularity over time.


With privacy being a concern in the crypto field, there will be a need to find more affordable currencies. Monero will provide a right way for people to get money as they see fit. Monero offers a fully private setup for work that does not entail anything too specific or otherwise complicated.


Nextcoin is a choice for investing that provides a simple email exchange system with a unique blockchain setup. The currency offers double-rate attack protection, thus making it a safe option for the future.


Many people are looking for cryptocurrencies that provide a simplified approach to investing without complications. Qash is a choice that will provide support for transfers to paper currencies. This should provide an improved approach to currency trading that works in moments.


On the surface, Cardano does not look like it is worth much. But the planned expansion of the Cardano system to Asia will help the currency to become more visible and unique for potential investors.


This option has not been officially released just yet, but Facebook is hoping to get it out in the future. Libra would provide a stable coin setup that is fully backed by Facebook. This includes support from all the res that Facebook has to work with.

All of these cryptocurrencies are expected to be big deals in the future. These should provide extra values that are very appealing and unique.

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