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10 Cool E-Boy Outfits to Rock in 2022

Eboy Outfit

Social media has thrown new trends around the world every year, and one of the biggest we’ve seen is the e-boy. Hailing from TikTok, alternative fashion incorporates the grunge-inspired pieces of the 90s and 2000s with the hottest styles of the season. With hairstyles from KPop stars like BTS to influencers like Chase Hudson, this nonconforming aesthetic is easily recognizable and a lot of fun to replicate. There are many different options to try, from black nail polish to chunky chains and layered clothing. If you’re interested in some of the hottest TikTok looks or want to experiment with your aesthetic, here’s how you can rock the e-boy style.

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1. Cuffed pants or jeans with socks

Show off your ankles effortlessly by tightening your pants. The jeans and socks combo works well with a wide variety of tops and outerwear and is easy to replicate. Wear this look with a pair of baggy jeans, rolled up to mid-calf or slightly below. Add socks that resonate with you and a set of chunky sneakers. On the top half, wear a tucked or loose oversized sweater or t-shirt with a black belt. This is a simple and cool set that you can wear on casual days.

Eboy Outfit Cuffed Pants

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2. Layer t-shirts, shirts and sweaters

When the weather turns cold and it’s time to start layering, why not consider a long sleeve shirt and t-shirt combination? This look is inspired by the 90s grunge movement and the skateboarding scene of the 2000s, but the revamp is just a little cooler. To get an e-boy style, pair a striped top with a black t-shirt. You can also exchange it for an oversized sweater in the color of your choice. Add accessories such as a silver chain or two and a chunky beanie for a finishing touch. It’s a great option for transitional seasons and the colder months – what a way to look stylish and stay toasty warm.

Layer t-shirts, shirts and sweaters

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3. Vertical Striped Shirts

Unleash your inner Harry Styles or K-Pop star with a stylish vertical striped shirt. This button features a funky stripe and looks fantastic paired with a black t-shirt or on its own. Show off your chest by unbuttoning a few top buttons – it’s a great idea to add a few necklaces or sunglasses chains that hang down from the shoulders and below. There are no rules for which shirt shades to try – popular options include black, burgundy and burnt orange. For a classic twist on the fresh ensemble, throw on dark jeans and chunky black combat boots to elongate your figure.

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Vertical striped shirts

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4. Chain and padlock necklaces

Protect your heart and secure it in style with these padlock chains and necklaces. Layering these chunky accessories adds dimension to your outfit and helps make your eyes look a little brighter. Choose something in gold, silver or a bold color – let your inner expression shine through. When it comes to length, pick something that sits a little lower than your collarbones – feel free to layer several different sizes for optimal depth. Adding a padlock to the end of the chain represents safety and promotes health and safety.

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Chain and padlock necklaces

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5. Black and white sneakers

One of the classic pieces of the grunge movement was the black and white high-top sneaker. From Chuck Taylors to Vans, there are so many comfortable and stylish sneakers and shoes to try. E-boys often wear high-top Converse basketball shoes, which look great with cuffed jeans or black pants. Try this look with a t-shirt and long sleeve combo, complete with a beanie or silver accessories. Add white laces to create unity with the shoe and keep the sneakers bright white with regular maintenance.

Black and white sneakers

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6. Wallet Chains

The e-boy trend takes pieces from a wide variety of fashion trends from the past, and one of the biggest we’ve seen is the wallet chain. Hanging from the belt, this silver accessory adds an extra dimension, with touches of punk aesthetics. No matter what length or length you want the chain to be, it’s an accessory you can play around with to see what works best for you. To style it, tie it up with a pair of black jeans and wear it with a striped shirt or sweater to complete the ensemble.

Wallet chains

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7. Denim Jackets

One trend that has remained a fashion leader is the cool denim jacket. This effortless and timeless outerwear looks amazing on everyone, and it’s a must-have for e-boys. There are different jackets to try such as sheepskin lined, oversized, distressed and many more. When styling the outfit, go for a simple layering process – a burgundy turtleneck, black jeans and dangling chains. If the weather is nice, a plain gray t-shirt and a pair of black and white sneakers will keep you cool. From a date at the cinema to a video on TikTok, you’re ready to wear this iconic garment.

Denim jackets

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8. Black nail polish

Sporty black nail polish is one of the most popular choices among TikTok’s sexiest guys, and it’s an easy trend to replicate. Whether you want to paint a single nail or every finger, this is an instant way to rough up your ensemble. As for manicures, make sure your nails are the same length and look neat – this will keep your fingertips tidy and ready for dark polish. Not only is it a bit of fun, but it’s also a great way to express your creativity and love of style.

black nail polish

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9. Eboy Face Heart Stamps

This cute trend is adored by e-girls and popular on TikTok, and now it is becoming a favorite among e-boys. A small stamp is the easiest way to replicate the shape of the heart on your face – you can place them on the apple of your cheeks or the highest point of your cheekbones. It helps lift the face and emphasizes your eyes. If you prefer to draw the designs by hand, find a fine point eyeliner pen and let your creativity shine. This 18th century inspired beauty trend looks great on everyone, so why not give it a try?

Face Heart Stamps

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10. Eboy hairstyle

What was once known as a curtain hairstyle in the 90s has become a huge trend for e-boys. Seen on the likes of BTS and TikTok stars Jimin, the hairstyle features a pointed part and long hair draped down either side of the cheeks. When replicating the style, start by sectioning the two front sections of hair and bleaching them. This lets you dye it any color you want – common options include green, orange and red. Add dry shampoo on non-wash days for extra scalp volume and dimension. Keep the length of your locks at the highest point of your cheekbones. It makes your face look more defined and chisels your jawline.

Eboy Hairstyle


What is an e-boy?

An e-boy is usually a male version of the popular internet style trend, e-girls. The aesthetic was made popular on social media apps like TikTok and is a stage style subculture that originated in the 2000s, anime, KPop, and 90s skater culture. typical of an e-boy includes dark clothes, skater-inspired pieces, nail polish, and chain jewelry. The hair is often parted in the middle and bleached or dyed bright colors like green or blue. Famous e-boys on TikTok include Chase Hudson and Noen Eubanks.

How to be an e-boy?

To become an e-boy, you will need a few essential parts. The style is derived from the skater culture and scene aesthetic of the 2000s and 2010s – opt for items such as oversized band tees, striped long sleeve shirts and black jeans. For your hair, a popular e-boy style takes inspiration from the 90s and KPop stars. Part your hair in the middle and create a curtain with the strands. To finish the look, paint your nails black and wear chain necklaces or add a single dangling earring. For your shoes, a pair of black and white sneakers with socks will complete the look.


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