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10 Common First Tattoo Mistakes That Everybody Should Avoid

Everyone wants their first tattoo to be perfect, but there are a few common mistakes that many newbies make. From poor placement to inadequate care, these missteps can easily be prevented with just a little foresight. Here are 10 common first tattoo mistakes that everybody should avoid.

First Tattoo Mistakes
First Tattoo Mistakes

1. Choosing the wrong size: Not every design works in every size. When choosing the perfect tattoo, it’s important to pay attention to the dimensions and make sure they match appropriately with the size of your body.

2. Choosing an unsuitable location: Tattoos look best placed in parts of the body where they won’t be rubbed or stretched when you move. For instance, tattoos on hands and feet often fade more quickly since they’re constantly in motion.

3. Taking too long before getting a touch-up: Touch-ups are essential for making sure that your ink looks exactly how you want it once it heals up completely — and this process can take months after a fresh tattoo session! Make sure to schedule regular touch-ups as needed, so that your artwork can last for years to come.

4. Hair removal: Whether it’s through waxing or shaving, removing hair from around your fresh ink can cause serious damage over time thanks to bacteria present on the skin’s surface. It’s best to just leave any surrounding hair alone until your tattoo is fully healed up!

5. Trying DIY healing products: Many mainstream lotions contain ingredients like alcohol that can lead to irritation and even infection — yikes! Stick with medical-grade products proven safe for treating tattoos during aftercare sessions instead whenever possible.

6. Overcleaning or undercleaning: Too much cleaning will strip away vital nutrients from your skin while too little cleaning will leave behind unwanted bacteria from flaky layers of dead skin cells that accumulate over time if not removed regularly — aim for an average of two times a day for optimal results!

7. Not protecting yourself from UV exposure: One of the biggest factors contributing towards fading tattoos is sun exposure — ultraviolet rays break down pigments much quicker than natural oils do on their own and will cause premature discoloration if left unchecked! Wear sunscreen religiously anytime you plan on heading out into bright light conditions (like at the beach) if you don’t want faded ink down the line!

8. Going too big too soon: It’s easy to get swept away by designs featuring intricate details or larger-than life motifs but remember; bigger isn’t always better when it comes tattoos –– start small at first if possible and then work up gradually over time as your skills progress –– both artistically as well as financially!

9 . Skimping on research beforehand: Don’t settle for shallow research when it comes finding quality artistry –– invest in some serious prep work before settling upon any one artist so that you know exactly what type of style fits with what kind of image ideas you have in mind (be prepared with examples!)

10 . Forgetting about maintenance longterm : While most people think about covering all costs involved with getting their first tattoo , few people realize how much upkeep is actually required beyond just protection from environmental factors . As such , don ‘t forget –– regularly moisturizing and hydrating your art -piece (as necessary according to advice given by experienced professionals ) will go a long way towards keeping its vibrant colors intact !

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