10 Characters That Should Have Joined The Group

The group from That ’70s Show is immensely close, even if they have a lot of conflict throughout the series. However, this is what allows the audience to resonate with them so well, as it provides a true sense of realism in the process. The earlier seasons definitely paint a great picture of this the most. However, when the main characters leave, it is clear that it loses the same appeal.

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Perhaps this could have been averted if the show brought upon new members to join the group that actually would have made sense. Better yet, this even could have worked well when Eric and Michael were still there too. It is apparent that this show just has numerous characters that are stupendous and always so fun to watch on the screen. Perhaps giving them larger roles could have made this series even better, as there are clearly a ton of options from it that could have been awesome with the group.

10 Buddy

Buddy and Eric hanging out in That '70s Show

The connection between Eric and Buddy is quite strong from the very beginning of their lone episode together. It is a shame that Buddy does not stick around in the series, as he is definitely a very likable character.

His easy-going nature certainly meshes well with the rest of the group, so it is not too farfetched to state that he would be a good friend for them. Having someone a bit more sensible in the group would’ve been nice and could’ve added a different dynamic.

9 Brooke

Kelso and Brooke with her mom

Brooke is a character that is just spectacular. She is definitely the best partner who Michael dates in the series, and it is a shame that she does stick around much longer after she has their child.

Brooke certainly seems to mesh well with Donna, thanks to a shared bond over being intelligent. She also is definitely a strong influence on Michael, as he often uses her as inspiration to progress in the series. This is something that would have been awesome to explore more.

8 Mitch

Mitch in the circle on That '70s Show

Mitch has all the tools to be an excellent member of the friend group. He definitely is a character who is quick to having fun and even gets along very well with Kelso in the process. His rivalry with Eric though makes things difficult.

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However, it is clear that the rest of the group does not mind when he is around, even if he can be annoying at times. He fits well with them in terms of personality, so this really would make sense.

7 Rhonda

Rhonda and Fez in Eric's basement

It is a shame that Rhonda leaves the show after she and Fez split up. The two definitely have a funny relationship, but her character is so awesome that it would have been nice to see her branch out a bit more.

Although she and Jackie have vastly differing personalities, she does seem to get along well with Donna. Also, the guys definitely do not seem to have any issues with her, so a friendship between all of them does not seem out of the question during its run. It just doesn’t happen.

6 Melissa

Hyde and Melissa talking in Eric's basement

Melissa is a character who definitely seems to be into Hyde. The two have a connection with each other in her lone episode, even if she is a bit hard on him. In the end, it seems like a future relationship in the making.

Yet, this just does not happen, as her character is never seen again. It’s very disappointing, as she also possesses similar interests to Donna, so the two certainly could have benefitted from having a long friendship with each other.

5 Charlie

Charlie and the group at Eric's house

Charlie is a very funny character in the series, but sadly he passes away from tragically falling off the water tower. It is a shame, as this is somebody who definitely gets along very well with the group, even if he is a bit nerdier than them.

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However, it could have been so cool to see him successfully form himself a spot with the group, as he clearly is a kind person in the show. He deserves so much better than what the show gives him at the end of the day.

4 Laurie

Lisa Robin Kelly as Laurie Forman on That 70s Show

Although Laurie tends to lean towards being an antagonist, she could have been a fine addition to the friend group. Of course, she causes the eventual end of Jackie and Michael’s relationship, so this is definitely a hard obstacle.

However, given the fact that she is Eric’s sister and also spends a ton of time around them, it is disappointing that a friendship between them all just does not happen. She is not much older than them either.

3 Roy

Roy and Kelso working at the restaurant

Roy is somebody who certainly needs a strong group of friends in the series, as it is clear that he is struggling with loneliness. The show does not explore his close connection with Hyde nearly enough.

He also is just such a funny character that showcasing him with a bigger role really makes sense in theory. However, it just does not come to fruition, even though the potential is definitely there despite him being older.

2 Danielle

Fez and Danielle talking in salon

Danielle is another character who does not last long at all. It’s disappointing, as she definitely is very funny and does seem to have the type of personality that would work with this group.

However, her character becomes somebody who Fez and Michael fight over, rather than possessing actual substance. It’s a lame choice, as she clearly has the potential to be a fun part of the series, but the show puts her through the repetitive cliché that is always seen.

1 Leo

Leo from That '70s Show

Leo spends a lot of time with the group, but he is never truly a member of it. This is due to the fact that his character tends to go away for long periods of time and the show utilizes as his comic relief solely.

However, even with this being so, it is clear that there is a true connection between him and Hyde that warrants far more attention drawn to it. The rest of the group seems to enjoy his presence too, so it is a shame that the show never promotes him to a stronger role.

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