10 Mind Blowing Butterfly Tattoos On Arm

Butterfly tattoos are a popular choice for arm tattoos. They can be small and delicate, or large and dramatic. Butterfly tattoos can also be very colorful or just black and white.

Butterfly tattoos can symbolize many things, such as transformation, hope, and new beginnings. If you are considering a butterfly tattoo, here are some things to keep in mind.

Butterfly tattoos can be placed on any part of the arm, but they are often seen on the upper arm, shoulder, or back.

Butterfly tattoos can be done in many different styles, such as realist, tribal, graphic, or watercolor. The size of the tattoo will also vary depending on the design.

Butterfly tattoos can take anywhere from one to five sessions to complete, and the healing process can take up to six weeks. Aftercare is also important to ensure that the tattoo heals properly. If you are considering a butterfly tattoo, be sure to do your research and find an experienced artist who can create the perfect design for you.

butterfly tattoos on arm
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The butterflies are known for their vibrant colors.

However, there is more to the butterfly tattoos than just being brightly coloured. The butterfly, which was once a caterpiller, turns out into this beautiful winged creature.

When it comes to butterfly tattoos, there are several meanings attached to it. The meanings of butterfly tattoos depend on a number of factors. Therefore, the parameters on which the meaning of a butterfly tattoo is based include the colour of the butterfly tattoo, its shape, the placement of the butterfly tattoo, and the size in which the tattoo artist has made the butterfly tattoo. Another factor that decides the meaning of the butterfly tattoos is the region of people who is getting the butterfly tattoo done on his body.

Having any body art that draws the attention of the public soon becomes a matter of discussion. Once its intruiguing features are noticed, people start talking about it, rather asking about the different features of the tattoo, why you have chosen such a tattoo design and the like. Since body body art has the power to draw eyeballs to your body part, it is suggested that you get a meaningful tattoo done that depicts your bold personality and matches your skin tone. Of all tattoo designs, the simple butterfly tattoos are a perfect piece to be inked on the preferred body part. Since there are numerous butterfly tattoo designs that can fill up empty space, it is recommended that you go through a list of realistic butterfly tattoos before picking one.

When you have a butterfly design as a tattoo placed on the perfect part of your body and consisting of the right bold patterns , it automatically attracts the attention of many as the tattoo highlights your personality. As mentioned earlier, there are several meanings attached to butterfly tattoo designs. According to the culture of the east, the butterflies depict joy amnd happiness. There is no doubt about the fact that these delicate insects bring in joy as they are filled with rarity and beauty. Again, people following the Aztec culture believe that butterflies bring in the soul of the dead warriors. In a nutshell, the Aztecs used to get butterfly tattoos in rememberance of people who have lost their souls eternally. Therefore, if you prefer the ethics and culture of the Aztec, you can get a butterfly tattoo on back of arm in memory of someone you have lost.

In general, the butterfly tattoo ideas symbolize impermanence, beauty, new beginnings, good luck and metamorphosis. Although it is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but none can deny the charm and beauty of these butterflies when inked perfectly on the body. Be it cute looking tiny tattoos or a large decorative one, the bright colors of the realistic butterfly tattoos are a great idea to gain more attention. When you want to add some femininity to your tattoo, the tattoo artists suggest getting a realistic butterfly tattoo.

Right after the birth, a butterfly does not take its original shape. First, it looks like a caterpillar filled with tentacles all over its body. Gradually, as time passes by, it develops into a beautiful creature with colourful butterfly wings. Since the butterflies undergo this change, a butterfly tatton can also symbolise metamorphosis. So, if there is anything that has changed your life completely, you can get a forearm butterfly tattoo done to make it memorable.

The meaning of butterfly tattoos also lies on the color that it uses to create the tattoo. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the colours of the butterfly’s wings as each colour is associated with a different meaning. A blue butterfly tattoo is commonly found. The turquiose or azure blue shade of the butterfly symbolises a gentle and carefree spirit that stands for creativity and adventure. Again, the blue butterflies are the ones that appear mostly during the spring time. Since spring is the beginning of the year’s seasons, one can get a blue butterfly hand tattoo to accentuate a new life or a new beginning. One tip for getting butterfly tattoos. When you are getting a butterfly tattoo on any part of the hand or the leg, make sure to keep it steady on the tattoo stand.

By now, you are already armed with the background knowledge about butterfly tattoos. It is time to dive into the list of butterfly tattoo ideas as given below.

Butterfly Tattoo With Moon At The Back

butterfly tattoo with moon at the back
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This is a small butterfly tattoo with a crescent moon inked on top of it. The entire tattoo is inked in black ink to give it the look of a realistic butterfly and moon. This minimal tattoo has an impactful meaning associated to it. Since two elements are combined together in this back tattoo, it is sure to grab the attention of many.

To understand the meaning of this black butterfly back tattoo, one has to travel back to the Celtic culture. In the Celtic culture, a black butterfly stands for the temporality of life. Coming to the crescent moon tattoo, it can convey an array of meanings. Generally, a crescent moon symbolises fertility and motherhood. Therefore, it can be rightly said that this butterfly tattoo on the back is an ideal design for women.

Small Butterfly Tattoo With Number

small butterfly tattoo with number
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If you are looking for a tattoo idea that is cute and delicate, this small butterfly tattoo is ideal for you. Since it is tiny, you can get this butterfly tattoo on any part of your body. However, a few perfect spots would be the wrist, ankle, neck, and waist.

Often, it has been noticed that people are not allowed to get a tattoo done in the professional field. For them, the idea of a small tattoo consisting of a black butterfly is apt. Not only is it cute, but also delicate and dainty. The numbers used in this tattoo make it all the more eye catching. Besides numbers, one can add any other detail to the tattoo according to one’s liking.

Abstract Butterfly Tattoo With Dot Work

abstract butterfly tattoo with dot work
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The idea of getting an abstract tattoo fascinates many. However, in an abstract art tattoo, the artist should focus more on the detail than on the design. Since abstract art tattoos are the talk of the town these days, the next tattoo is an abstract butterfly tattoo presented with dots in black ink. This can be a perfect butterfly tattoo on upper arm, provided the artist does it correctly.

Since this is an abstract tattoo, it may sometimes look like a scorpion. However, the wings attached to the sides of the tattoo make it more delicate. Also, it is the wings of the tattoo that give it a feminine look. As provided in the image, this tattoo is a broad one. It is recommended that you ask the artist to ink it on an area of your body that has enough space.

3D Monarch Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

3d monarch butterfly tattoo on shoulder
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Do you want to get a butterfly tattoo where the creature looks like an actual butterfly? We have granted your wish. Here is a colourful 3D butterfly tattoo in black, red and orange. The reddish hue of the butterfly makes the tattoo even more interesting. Generally, women prefer 3D butterfly tattoos as they stand for freedom. However, the butterfly tattoo meaning may differ from person to person. While inking a 3D butterfly, the artist has to be careful about the shading. This orange and red monarch butterfly tattoo can be done on the inner bicep as well.

Colourful Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

colourful semicolon butterfly tattoo
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If you are interested to get a butterfly tattoo that looks slightly different from the common ones, this semicolon butterfly tattoo is an ideal choice for you. The image of the semicolon butterfly shown here is done on the arm. The vibrant colours added to the butterfly tattoo make it more liberating. If you believe in freedom and independence, ask the artist to ink this butterfly tattoo with the semicolon.

The combination of the butterfly and the semicolon represent life and its resilience and strength. Also, it highlights the struggles and hardships that one experiences in life. To get a better effect of the tattoo on the skin, choose the side shot of the butterfly, so that the punctuation mark resembles the body of the butterfly.

Twin Blue Butterfly Tattoo

twin blue butterfly tattoo
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If you are lover of butterflies, how about getting a butterfly tattoo? Well, that’s not such a bad idea. An even better idea would be to get twin butterflies in the tattoo design. Using blue ink makes the tattoo appear more striking than ever before. Although the tiny images of butterflies here are done in the shoulders, one can get them in the arm as well.

While creating a blue butterfly tattoo, the artist should pay attention to the light shading as this is what makes the tattoo more lively. To make it look like monarch butterfly, use ink of only one colour and decorate the butterflies with fine lines.

Colourful Butterfly And Rose Tattoo

colourful butterfly and rose tattoo
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The combination of a butterfly and rose to create a beautiful tattoo signifies love, passion and transformation. This is not only a traditional design, but also has a classic emotion attached to it that enhances its feminism and grandeur. If you follow the Greek culture, here, butterfly is known by the name of psyche. Often, the Goddess of Love is denoted by the name of psyche in Greek culture. Therefore, choosing to get this tattoo done means welcoming gentleness and adoration.

Minimal Butterfly Bicep Tattoo

minimal butterfly bicep tattoo
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Often, people have the tendency to go for matching tattoos as they tend to look pretty. In this tattoo, you can see a simple and minimal tattoo that looks true-to-life. To get this tattoo done, the artist prefers using only black ink on the skin. If you notice the shading of this tattoo, you will find that the center has some light shading with black ink.

Half Butterfly Tattoo With Floral Design In Black

half butterfly tattoo with floral design in black
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Sometimes, people prefer quirky tattoo designs. If you belong to this category who has an inclination for out-of-the-box tattoo designs, this butterfly tattoo on the skin is apt for you. Since it has a floral design attached to the other half of the butterfly, it symbolises a strong connection with nature. Therefore, if you are a nature lover, this butterfly floral tattoo is your go-to tattoo design.

Ankle Butterfly Tattoo With Ferns and Petals

ankle butterfly tattoo with ferns and petals
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If you want to flaunt your ankle, wearing an anklet is not enough. Instead, beautify it with this ankle tattoo consisting of a floral butterfly. The design of the tattoo is not just exciting, but also unique. It has half portion of a butterfly. To give the tattoo the shape of a butterfly, the other half is adorned with ferns and petals. In between the ferns and petals, some tiny flowers are made to peek, thereby enhancing the cuteness of the tattoo.

The butterfly si a common tattoo design not only for the beauty with which it comes, but also for the different symbolisms and motifs that can be attached to them. Therefore, when you are determining to get a butterfly tattoo, pick a meaningful design that reciprocates your ideologies, thoughts and principles.

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