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10 Mind Blowing Booty Tattoos Ideas

Booty tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, especially among millennials. While some people choose to get a small tattoo on their behind, others opt for more extensive designs that cover the entire area.

Booty tattoos can be a great way to express oneself, and they can also be a lot of fun. However, there are a few things to consider before getting one.

First, it is important to choose a design that is meaningful or significant to you.

Secondly, it is important to make sure that the tattoo is placed in an area that can be easily covered if necessary.

Finally, it is important to consult with a professional tattoo artist to ensure that the tattoo is applied properly and will heal properly.

Booty tattoos can be a great way to show off your personality, but it is important to do your research before getting one.

Booty tattoos

Booty Tattoos Ideas
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Getting a butt tattoo is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Butt tattoos are sexy, bold, and radiate the mind of a free-spirited persona. So much so that even celebs like Cardi B and Halsey have adopted this quirky body art to express themselves!

The meaning of butt tattoos could also be in fulfilling a hidden desire. Most people often reserve this place for a special message or a sexy design that they cannot possibly etch on any other body part. Not everyone will get to see this secret of yours, making your backside the right place for an expression of passion!

However, a bold demeanour is not the only criterion for this body art. Butt tattoos are less common due to the problematic process. Though the presence of fat and muscle in the buttocks makes tattooing relatively less painful, the real issue is with the healing process and aftercare. Wearing something loose and flowy to your appointment is a must. You cannot sit, lie down or exert any kind of pressure on the tattooed cheek for the first week or two. Butt tattoos take longer to heal because the skin is always covered, and require mindful measures to heal completely. But if you are cautious for the initial days, there is nothing that can stand between you from admiring your sexy butt forever! Ready to wear this extraordinary style on your butt? Keep reading to find the many ways you can get your butt tattooed!

Pretty Booty Cheek Tattoo Ideas

Pretty Booty Cheek Tattoo Ideas
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Butt tattoo ideas were first thought to be overtly feminine. Women’s bodies are generally curvy and voluptuous which makes a sexy tattoo on the ass really attractive. This butt tattoo features a cute floral scene with a number of colours on the entire butt. Here we have a bouquet full of different flowers and twigs that create an exotic image. The colour gradient is strikingly on point and also leaves some space without cramming up the whole area. You can try roses or add a butterfly or two to further enliven the scene with more colours.

Pretty Booty Cheek Tattoo Ideas
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Or you can ditch the flowers for peaches on your butt for a fruity take on this feminine idea. This booty tattoo is perfectly placed from the top of the butt to the side thighs and booming with colour. The nectarine branch gets realistic careful shades and glistens to get you a sexy ass tattoo to flaunt!

Small Booty Tattoo Ideas

Small Booty Tattoo Ideas
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If this is your first tattoo on the butt, it might be prudent to go for smaller designs that would not put you through many complications. This tattoo features a plain heart drawn in black that sits on the very centre of the butt. Heart tattoos, word tattoos, or a small flower can be good ideas to get your butt tattooed for the very first time.

Small Booty Tattoo
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Or you can take your fancy up by a notch with a more meaningful sign. This cute butt tattoo merges the magic of the world with that of the cosmos. The waves drawn in blue contrast with the stars and planets drawn in black, giving the body art an added glam factor. Girls, forget arms or chest. It is now time to get yourself and the gang a matching friendship tattoo on the backside!

Cheeky Tattoo Ideas On Booty

Cheeky Tattoo Ideas On Booty
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Unleash your kinky side with butt tattoos for it is just the right place for dirty talking! This booty tattoo exhibits a booty slapped in red. The artist adheres to traditional methods of inking with the bold black and floral cover. The apt use of colour creates a beautiful contrast for this booty on a booty tattoo design.

Cheeky Tattoo Ideas On Booty ideas
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What if you could ink clear instructions on your butt? This butt tattoo says what you might never, and that too in style! The set of teeth adds a hilarious twist to what could have been a sexy butt tattoo. This tattoo is fun, and might as well get you to tell a lot of bizarre stories in life.

Funny Tattoos On Butt Cheek

Funny Tattoos On Butt Cheek ideas
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The beauty of butt tattoos is that you can ink any cracked up joke and it is bound to get people wheezing. Our innocent Stitch here asks a simple question that every tattoo lover has heard at least once in their lives. But the placement of this tattoo gets you to the funny part. This black and grey comical tattoo is all you need if you are done being serious with your body art.

Funny Tattoos On Butt Cheek ideas
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An alternate way to craft your funny butt tattoos would be to simply take the philosophical route. This is a wise comment, but the placement and Calvin cramming up his nostrils does not really help with the wisdom. This blackwork butt tattoo is perfect if you are searching for a fun idea with meaning.

Weird Butt Tattoo Designs

Weird Butt Tattoo Designs
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If you are still here, we get that you enjoy brainless tattoo ideas on the butt. But this time it has got to get weird. How many times have you stared at a perfect ass? Well, how about it stares back? A strange presentation of heart tattoos, this heart design is filled with eyes that watch nothing and everything all at the same time. The barbed wire and red colour add a significant depth to the visual aesthetics of the design.

Weird Butt Tattoo Designs ideas
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Need life advice from a butt? Well, here is one anyway. Inked words in weird fonts can be less painful on the butt. Guys looking for getting butt tattoos can easily try one of these funny tattoo ideas and have a cool show of your backside and get your loved ones ROFL!

Full Butt Tattoo Ideas For Women

Full Butt Tattoo Ideas For Women
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If you are feeling brave and want to go all-in with your butt tattoos, feel free to extend your design to the side of the thigh and get an elaborate tattoo that not everyone can pull off. This butt tattoo features a full-fledged octopus with its tentacles. The design is crafted with fine line outlines that only stress the detailing. This clutter-free butt tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves an elaborate design on skin that does not go over the top either.

Full Butt Tattoo Ideas For Women ideas
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This huge butt tattoo alludes to neo-tribal ways with all the abstract flowy lines. The ornamentation starts on the back but spreads on the entire butt. If you do not have a particular tattoo motif on your mind, wear these sexy abstract patterns and watch them shape your body in the best possible ways.

Butt Tattoos With Greek Motif

Butt Tattoos With Greek Motif
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Greek influences have a huge impact on the tattoo industry for their deep cultural meaning. Here, the artist inks the well-known Ouroboros symbol in black and grey ink. The symbol showcases a serpent swallowing its own tail and is known to symbolise wholeness or infinity.

Butt Tattoos With Greek Motif ideas
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Similarly, this side butt tattoo etches Medusa with her serpent-laced hair. The approach is minimal while drawing a detailed portrait and makes the most of this placement. These butt tattoo designs are perfect for women who have an affinity for Greek mythology and wish to flaunt it through body art.

Butt Tattoos With Lettering For Women

Butt Tattoos With Lettering For Women
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Lettering designs are some of the most frequently opted for ideas when it comes to butt tattoos. It can be as simple as a word or a full quote that resonates with you. This butt tattoo strikes a balance between cheeky and serious with the font. The old English font in black sure does look intense on the skin but is then toned down with the sparkles.

Butt Tattoos With Lettering For Women ideas
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Similarly, this butt tattoo prints a simple quote following the curve of booty cheeks. The design looks good owing to its simple approach and monochrome colour gradient. You can use colours and lean on a more feminine style of expression. Choose words that are cute and can exhibit the side of you that you try to keep hidden.

Traditional Tattoo On Butt

Traditional Tattoo On Butt
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If you have any knowledge of Japanese Irezumi you would know how often they pick a full back tattoo design, including the butt and thigh area well within the canvas. This idea allows the tattoo artist more liberty to draw an elaborate design without having to shrink the motif. Either a part of a whole or an individual fragment, Irezumi on the butt is a beauty that rules the heart of tattoo snobs. This butt tattoo shows how waves are inked in Japanese tattoo traditions. The black and grey ensemble is remarkably on point and highlights the high and low of the wave with equal precision.

Traditional Tattoo On Butt ideas
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American traditional tattoos also hold a significant position when it comes to inking the butt. This traditional tiger design ticks all the quintessential characteristics of traditional body art with vibrant colours, bold outlines, and minimal shading. You can experiment with pin-up girls or a flower in the traditional way for more cute tattoo ideas.

Detailed Butt Tattoo Ideas

Detailed Butt Tattoo Ideas
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Butt tattoos feel incomplete if there is no mention of mandala art. This butt tattoo swaps cute tattoos for elegance. The mandala covers the booty cheek with an intricate network of patterns, shading and dot work. A mandala design sure looks feminine but will require you to sit like a rock to get through such heavy details.

The tattoo world is surely blessed with the spike in the popularity of butt tattoos. Men or women, butt tattoos will look rad if you know how to carry them. Now that you know the A-Z of butt tattoos, book an appointment and join the cool gang of butt tattooers. If you are still clueless about where to start, these tattoo ideas might help you visualise things better:

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