10 Big Inconsistencies, According To Reddit

When a show has many seasons, plotholes and errors are bound to crop up. This is true for Gilmore Girls in matters like Rory’s age and Kirk’s origin.

When successful shows run for multiple seasons and are lucky enough to have a spinoff or revival, inconsistencies and plotholes are bound to happen. A character’s past, likes, and dislikes can be forgotten in the midst of bigger storylines. But thanks to streaming services, Gilmore Girls fans have been binging the original series and the revival and noticing small contradictions.

While these inconsistencies do not make or break the series, they’re large enough for viewers to take to Reddit and complain about the things that don’t make sense. Things like ages, minor characters, and discontinued storylines have been on fans’ minds, and Reddit is the place where revelations have come to life.

10 Big Inconsistencies
10 Big Inconsistencies

10 Did Kirk Grow Up In Stars Hollow Or Not?

Kirk Gleason is just one part of Stars Hollow’s charm. He’s seemingly everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Like Miss Patty and Babette, Kirk is always in the know. He knows everyone and holds every job in town. Oddly enough, early in the first season, Kirk is not the Kirk that fans know and love today. He was called “Mick” and was apparently new in town! The cameras showed him and Miss Patty meeting for the first time in Doose’s Market. Episodes later, Mick was now Kirk and he was no longer new in town. Like so many others, he grew up in Stars Hollow and knew everyone.

9 Where Did Mr. Kim Come From?!

Throughout the entire original series of Gilmore Girls, it was assumed that Mr. Kim was out of the picture. Whether he was dead or lived elsewhere was unspoken, but he was never seen.

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Shockingly, he made an appearance out of nowhere in the reboot, A Year in the Life. He didn’t have a speaking role, but he waved to Lane and Rory while in town. It had to be one of the biggest question marks in the series. Why did the writers choose to introduce Mr. Kim now? What was the point if he had no storyline?

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8 Did Jackson Resign As Town Selectman?

In the fifth season, Jackson was sick and tired of Taylor Doose’s behavior and elite attitude in the town. He decided to run against him as town selectman and surprisingly won! It turned out that the entire town was tired of Taylor.

As soon as Jackson won, the reality of his new position set in. He had more responsibilities and had to deal with town issues that he wasn’t prepared for. Jackson realized he hated his new role but there was never a scene where he resigned. A few episodes later, Taylor is seen as the selectman once again. It was as if Jackson’s win never happened.

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7 Did Emily Send The Ice Cream Maker?

When Lorelai called off her wedding to Max, she had to deal with the aftermath of heartbreak and questions. Just as Lorelai was wrapping her head around being single again, a mysterious wedding gift appeared.

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It was an expensive ice cream maker (one that Sookie loved). Lorelai spent the episode making calls, trying to figure out who sent the gift, and just as fans were waiting for a name — none was given. An entire episode about a mysterious gift and the giver was never named. Some fans think it was Emily who sent the gift but it’s one of those things that bothers fans today.

6 Who Was Older, Luke Or Liz?

Luke and Liz’s relationship became more developed as time went on, especially when Liz and TJ moved near Stars Hollow. Whenever Liz was talking to Luke, she would refer to him as “big brother.” It was thus assumed that Luke was older than Liz.

Oddly enough, when Liz went back for her high school reunion it was said that she was a part of the class of ’84. But when viewers later see Luke’s track picture, it stated that he was also a part of the class of ’84… How was Luke older if they graduated high school at the same time?

5 Where Did Maise & Buddy Go?

When Luke and Lorelai began dating, he took her to a special place called Sniffy’s Tavern. As Lorelai said, Sniffy’s Tavern was his Luke’s Diner. It was a special place he went to from time to time because of his endearing relationship with the owners, Buddy and Maise. According to Luke, Buddy and Maise were like family to him. Now that Luke and Lorelai were a couple, fans were expecting Buddy and Maise to play a larger role in his life if they acted as parental figures for Luke. But after this episode, they were never seen or heard from again!

4 Is Anna Nardini A Con Artist?

There aren’t too many Gilmore Girls viewers who liked Anna Nardini. She didn’t just keep Luke’s daughter from him since birth but she tried keeping them apart and treated Luke like he was insignificant.

After rewatching the series, viewers caught on that Anna referred to herself as having “only child syndrome.” What doesn’t add up about her being an only child is that April said it was her uncle who did the DNA test… Did Anna forget she had a brother?

3 Was The Cell Phone Reception Always That Bad?

Throughout the original series, Lorelai and Rory used their cellphones throughout Stars Hollow without issue. When they didn’t have their cellphones on them, they would borrow a phone or resort to a payphone. Again, no issues with reception ever…

But in A Year in the Life, Rory panics about getting important phone calls because Stars Hollow never had great cell reception. She was seen standing on top of boxes in the corner of Doose’s Market just to talk on the phone. How did the small town’s cell reception get worse as things improved and advanced?

2 How Many Years Has Rory Been 16?

In the series pilot, Lorelai noted that Rory was 16 years old. But just five episodes later, Rory was celebrating her 16th birthday. While some fans are chalking this up to Lorelai jumping the gun and calling her daughter 16 before her birthday, it’s yet another inconsistency in the Gilmore house that bothered fans.

1 Did Trix Come Back From The Dead?

In the early episodes of the series, it was assumed that Richard’s mother, Lorelai the first (aka Trix), was dead because Richard and Emily always spoke of her in the past tense. According to one fan on Reddit, Richard said, “She was some woman, my mother.” But shockingly, Trix rose from the dead and made her first appearance in “The Third Lorelai.”

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